Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cold fusion - hot news again

Cold fusion, whose history begins from the announcement of Fleischman and Pons 1989, is gradually making its way through the thick walls of arrogant dogmatism and prejudices, and - expressing it less diplomatically - of collective academic stupidity. The name of Frank Gordon is associated with the breakthrough experiment. Congratulations to the pioneers.

There are popular articles in Nature and New Scientist. Unfortunately these articles articles are not accessible to everyone, including me. The article Cold Fusion - Extraordinary Evidence, Cold fusion is real should be however available to any one.

For few weeks ago I revised the earlier model of cold fusion. The model explains nicely the selection rules of cold fusion and also the observed transmutations in terms of exotic states of nuclei for which the color bonds connecting A≤4 nuclei to nuclear string can be also charged. This makes possible neutral variant of deuteron nucleus making possible to overcome the Coulomb wall.

It seems that the emission of highly energetic charged particles which cannot be due to chemical reactions and could emerge from cold fusion has been demonstrated beyond doubt by Frank Gordon's team using detectors known as CR-39 plastics of size scale of coin used already earlier in hot fusion research. The method is both cheap and simple. The idea is that travelling charged particles shatter the bonds of the plastic's polymers leaving pits or tracks in the plastic. Under the conditions claimed to make cold fusion possible (1 deuterium per 1 Pd nucleus making in TGD based model possible the phase transition of D to its neutral variant by the emission of exotic dark W boson with interaction range of order atomic radius) tracks and pits appear during short period of time to the detector.

For details see the new chapter Nuclear String Hypothesis of "p-Adic Length Scale Hypothesis and Dark Matter Hierarchy". The older model is discussed in the chapter TGD and Nuclear Physics.

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Great news, Matti. I will take a look at the articles, especially because I have not given much thought to this issue.