Sunday, June 03, 2007

Planetary Bohr orbitology and life

During afternoon walk it occurred to me that the quantization of planetary orbits could increase dramatically the probability for the existence of planets with same orbital radius and orbital period as Earth has. Since distance to the Sun determines the temperature of the planet, this might increase the portion of those planets in the Universe that support life as we identify it.

The reason is that by Equivalence principle Bohr radius r0= GM/v02 does not depend on the mass of the planet. The orbital radii are given by r(n)= n2r0 and velocities by v(n)=v0/n, with v0= 2-11 the favored value of v0. Orbital periods are given by T(n)= n3r0/v0. Earth corresponds to n=3. There are quite a lot of stars having mass differing not too much from the solar mass.

The mass of Earth affects the surface gravitation of the planet and is also an important factor. The radius of Earth determines also Schumann resonance near 10 Hz known to be important for living systems. f=10 Hz is the most important clock frequency in living matter and corresponds to the secondary p-adic time scale associated with Mersenne prime M127 assignable to electron. Hence it would seem that the radius of Earth is an important factor.

Whether Bohr quantization poses constraints also on the masses of planets remains to be seen: the atom like character of planets and stars suggested by the simple models based on Bohr quantization supports this expectation (see this). The dark part of astrophysical objects would consist of shells with radii corresponding to p-adic length scales and thus coming as octaves of basic length in the simplest model. Titius-Bode law would reflect this shell structure for the primordial dark Sun which has expanded to planetary system via phase transitions decreasing the value of v0 and in this manner guaranteing cosmic expansion of solar system in average sense.

To sum up, standardization is absolutely essential for life (consider only metabolic currency of .5 eV predicted to be universal in TGD Universe): Bohr quantization would guarantee standardization also in astrophysical scales.

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