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Infinite primes and algebraic Brahman=Atman identity

The hierarchy of infinite primes (and of integers and rationals) was the first mathematical notion stimulated by TGD inspired theory of consciousness. The construction recipe is equivalent with a repeated second quantization of super-symmetric arithmetic quantum field theory with bosons and fermions labeled by primes such that the many particle states of previous level become the elementary particles of new level. The hierarchy of space-time sheets with many particle states of space-time sheet becoming elementary particles at the next level of hierarchy and also the hierarchy of n:th order logics are also possible correlates for this hierarchy. For instance, the description of proton as an elementary fermion would be in a well defined sense exact in TGD Universe.

This construction leads also to a number theoretic generalization of space-time point since given real number has infinitely rich number theoretical structure not visible at the level of the real norm of the number a due to the existence of real units expressible in terms of ratios of infinite integers. This number theoretical anatomy suggest kind of number theoretical Brahman=Atman principle stating that the set consisting of number theoretic variants of single point of the imbedding space (equivalent in real sense) is able to represent the points of the world of classical worlds or even quantum states of the Universe . Also a formulation in terms of number theoretic holography is possible.

Just for fun and to test these ideas one can consider a model for the representation of the configuration space spinor fields in terms of algebraic holography. I have considered guesses for this kind of map earlier and it is interesting to find whether additional constraints coming from zero energy ontology and finite measurement resolution might give. The identification of quantum corrections as insertion of zero energy states in time scale below measurement resolution to positive or negative energy part of zero energy state and the identification of number theoretic braid as a space-time correlate for the finite measurement resolution give considerable additional constraints.

  1. The fundamental representation space consists of wave functions in the Cartesian po wer U8 of space U of real units associated with any point of H. That there are 8 real units rather than one is somewhat disturbing: this point will be discussed below. Real units are ratios of infinite integers having interpretation as positive and negative energy states of a super-symmetric arithmetic QFT at some level of hierarchy of second quantizations. Real units have vanishing net quantum numbers so that only zero energy states defining the basis for configuration space spinor fields should be mapped to them. In the general case quantum superpositions of these basis states should be mapped to the quantum superpositions of real units. The first guess is that real units represent a basis for configuration space spinor fields constructed by applying bosonic and fermionic generators of appropriate super Kac-Moody type algebra to the vacuum state.

  2. What can one say about this map bringing in mind Gödel numbering? Each pair of bosonic and corresponding fermionic generator at the lowest level must be mapped to its own finite prime. If this map is specified, the map is fixed at the higher levels of the hierarchy. There exists an infinite number of this kind of correspondences. To achieve some uniqueness, one should have some natural ordering which one might hope to reflect real physics. The irreps of the (non-simple) Lie group involved can be ordered almost uniquely. For simple group this ordering would be with respect to the sum N=NF+NF,c of the numbers NF resp. NF,c of the fundamental representation resp. its conjugate appearing in the minimal tensor product giving the irrep. The generalization to non-simple case should use the sum of the integers Ni for different factors for factor groups. Groups themselves could be ordered by some criterion, say dimension. The states of a given representation could be mapped to subsequent finite primes in an order respecting some natural ordering of the states by the values of quantum numbers from negative to positive (say spin for SU(2) and color isospin and hypercharge for SU(3)). This would require the ordering of the Cartesian factors of non-simple group, ordering of quantum numbers for each simple group, and ordering of values of each quantum number from positive to negative.

  3. The presence of conformal weights brings in an additional complication. One cannot use conformal as a primary orderer since the number of SO(3)×SU(3) irreps in the super-canonical sector is infinite. The requirement that the probabilities predicted by p-adic thermodynamics are rational numbers or equivalently that there is a length scale cutoff, implies a cutoff in conformal weight. The vision about M-matrix forces to conclude that different values of the total conformal weight n for the quantum state correspond to summands in a direct sum of HFFs. If so, the introduction of the conformal weight would mean for a given summand only the assignment n conformal weights to a given Lie-algebra generator. For each representation of the Lie group one would have n copies ordered with respect to the value of n and mapped to primes in this order.

  4. Cognitive representations associated with the points in a subset, call it P, of the discrete intersection of p-adic and real space-time sheets, defining number theoretic braids, would be in question. Large number of partonic surfaces can be involved and only few of them need to contribute to P in the measurement resolution used. The fixing of P means measurement of N positions of H and each point carries fermion or anti-fermion numbers. A more general situation corresponds to plane wave type state obtained as superposition of these states. The condition of rationality or at least algebraicity means that discrete variants of plane waves are in question.

  5. By the finiteness of the measurement resolution configuration space spinor field decomposes into a product of two parts or in more general case, to their superposition. The part Y+, which is above measurement resolution, is representable using the information contained by P, coded by the product of second quantized induced spinor field at points of P, and provided by physical experiments. Configuration space örbital" degrees of freedom should not contribute since these points are fixed in H.

  6. The second part of the configuration space spinor field, call it Y-, corresponds to the information below the measurement resolution and assignable with the complement of P and mappable to the structure of real units associated with the points of P. This part has vanishing net quantum numbers and is a superposition over the elements of the basis of CH spinor fields and mapped to a quantum superposition of real units. The representation of Y- as a Schrödinger amplitude in the space of real units could be highly unique. Algebraic holography principle would state that the information below measurement resolution is mapped to a Schrödinger amplitude in space of real units associated with the points of P.

  7. This would be also a representation for perceiver-external world duality. The correlation function in which P appears would code for the information appearing in M-matrix representing the laws of physics as seen by conscious entity about external world as an outsider. The quantum superposition of real units would represent the purely subjective information about the part of universe below measurement resolution.

  8. The condition that Y represents a state with vanishing quantum numbers gives additional constraints. The interpretation inspired by finite measurement resolution is that the coordinate h associated with Y corresponds to a zero energy insertion to a positive or negative energy state localizable to a causal diamond inside the upper or lower half of the causal diamond of observer. Below measurement resolution for imbedding space coordinates Y(h) would correspond to a nonlocal operator creating a zero energy state. This would mean that Brahman=Atman would apply to the mini-worlds below the measurement resolution rather than to entire Universe but by algebraic fractality of HFFs this would would not be a dramatic loss.

There is an objection against this picture. One obtains an 8-plet of arithmetic zero energy states rather than one state only. What this strange 8-fold way could mean?

  1. The crucial observation is that hyper-finite factor of type II1 (HFF) creates states for which center of mass degrees of freedom of 3-surface in H are fixed. One should somehow generalize the operators creating local HFF states to fields in H, and an octonionic generalization of conformal field suggests itself. I have indeed proposed a quantum octonionic generalization of HFF extending to an HFF valued field Y in 8-D quantum octonionic space with the property that maximal quantum commutative sub-space corresponds to hyper-octonions . This construction raises X4 Ì M8 and by number theoretic compactification also X4 Ì H in a unique position since non-associativity of hyper-octonions does not allow to identify the algebra of HFF valued fields in M8 with HFF itself.

  2. The value of Y in the space of quantum octonions restricted to a maximal commutative subspace can be expressed in terms of 8 HFF valued coefficients of hyper-octonion units. By the hyper-octonionic generalization of conformal invariance all these 8 coefficients must represent zero energy HFF states. The restriction of Y to a given point of P would give a state, which has 8 HFF valued components and Brahman=Atman identity would map these components to U8 associated with P. One might perhaps say that 8 zero energy states are needed in order to code the information about the H positions of points P.

For background see the chapter Was von Neumann right after all? of "Towards S-matrix". See also the article "Topological Geometrodynamics: an Overall View".

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