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The experimental work of William Tiller about intentional imprinting of electronic devices

Phantom DNA is fourth anomalous effect in which the notion of magnetic body provides understanding (other three effects have been discussed in three previous postings). In phantom DNA effect [1] there is an elastic scattering of the coherent laser radiation from irradiated DNA. When one removes the DNA from the chamber containing it, and irradiates it by laser light, a weak pattern of scattered light is still produced: as if there were a kind of phantom DNA there. The pattern can last for months.

For years ago I considered an explanation of the effect based on dropping of part of DNA to larger space-time sheets characterized by larger value of p-adic prime and remaining in the vessel as visible DNA is removed . A variant of this explanation inspired by the dark matter hierarchy is that the anomalous scattering takes place on dark DNA at wormhole flux tubes remaining in the vessel. The DNA strands would simply lose their magnetic bodies which could be stealed by clusters of water molecules so that they become able to mimic DNA molecules as far as their magnetic bodies are considered.

The most science fictive possibility is that the flux tubes connect the vessel boundaries to the removed DNA by wormhole flux tubes which are very long and correspond to a large value of hbar. In this case the scattering would involve a phase transition increasing the value of Planck constant and a travel of photons to the removed DNA and back followed by a phase transition to ordinary photons.

Similar explanation works also in the case of homeopathy and allows to understand why the classic experiments of Benveniste could not be replicated when experimenters did not know which bottles contained the treated water. In this case the molecules dissolved in water would lose their magnetic bodies as a consequence of the shaking of the homeopathic remedy and one can say that clusters of water molecules would steal their magnetic coats. This would allow them to mimic the behavior of molecules and their presence would allow the immune system would develop a resistance against real molecules. This of course works only if the cyclotron radiation from the magnetic body is responsible for the biological effects. It is known that em radiation at low frequencies is indeed responsible for the ability of molecules to recognize each other. The generation of cyclotron radiation requires metabolic energy and the magnetic flux tubes connecting the experimenter to the treated bottle of water (correlates for directed attention) could have served as bridges along which metabolic energy could be transferred by using topological light rays (MEs serving as TGD counterparts of Alfwen waves). Experimentalists certainly did have strong desire to have successful experiments and this helped to realize the transfer of the metabolic energy.

If this is the correct explanation of phantom DNA effect and homeopathy, homeopathy and phantom DNA effect would provide fundamental research tools for studying the physics of the magnetic bodies of bio-molecules. Since dark matter characterized by large values of Planck constants is expected to reside at the magnetic bodies, also the study of dark matter would become possible using these methods.

For details see the chapter The Notion of Wave-Genome and DNA as Topological Quantum Computer of "Genes and Memes".


[1] P. P. Gariaev, V. I. Chudin, G. G. Komissarov, A. A. Berezin , A. A. Vasiliev (1991), Holographic Associative Memory of Biological Systems}, Proceedings SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering. Optical Memory and Neural Networks. v.1621, p. 280- 291. USA.

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