Monday, December 08, 2008

About top quark mass again

In his latest blog posting of Tommaso Dorigo summarizes the latest measurement of top quark mass by CDF. Top quark is experimentally in a unique position since toponium does not exist and top quark mass is that of free top. Therefore top quark mass provides a stringent test for TGD based mass calculations based on p-adic thermodynamics.
  1. The prediction for top quark mass depends on second order contributions to electron mass and top mass parameterized by numbers Yt and Yt varying in the interval [0,1). This contribution is of order one per cent. Once Ye is fixed, the CP2 size (and mass scale) is fixed completely from electron mass.
  2. The prediction for top quark mass is 167.8 GeV for Yt=Ye=0 (vanishing second order corrections) and 169.1 GeV for Yt=1 and Ye=0 (maximal possible mass for top). The prediction is reduced for Ye>0 since CP2 mass scale is reduced.
  3. The experimental estimate for mt remained for a long time somewhat higher than the prediction of TGD. The previous experimental average value was m(t)=169.1 GeV with the allowed range being [164.7, 175.5] GeV (see the blog posting of Tommaso Dorigo). The fine tuning Ye=0,Yt=1 giving 169.1 GeV is somewhat un-natural.
  4. The most recent value obtained by CDF reported in detail by Tommaso Dorigo is mt=165.1+/- 3.3+/- 3.1 GeV. This represents lower bound for the mass consistent for Ye=Yt=0. The prediction increases for Yt>0. Clearly, TGD passes the stringent test posed by the top quark mass.
For details see the chapters p-Adic Mass Calculations: Elementary Particle Masses (Table 3) and p-Adic Mass Calculations: Hadron Masses (Table 1). of "p-Adic Length Scale Hypothesis and Hierarchy of Planck Constants".

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