Monday, October 12, 2009

Does TGD allow the counterpart of space-time super-symmetry?

The question whether TGD allows space-time super-symmetry or something akin to it has been a longstanding problem. A considerable progress in the respect became possible with the better understanding of the modified Dirac equation. At the same time I learned from Tommaso Dorigo's blog about almost 15 year old striking eeγγ+missing transversal energy event detected by CDF collaboration for which an explanation in terms super-symmetry has been proposed.

p-Adic length scale hypothesis assuming that the mass formulas for particles and sparticles are same but p-adic length scale is possibly different, combined with kinematical constraints fixes the masses of TGD counterparts of selectron, higgsino, and Z^0-gluino to be 131 GeV (just at the upper bound allowed kinematically), 45.6 GeV, and 91.2 GeV (Z^0 mass) respectively. The masses are consistent with the bounds predicted by the MSSM inspired model.

Instead of typing 6 pages of text in html format I just give a link to the pdf file Does TGD allow the counterpart of space-time supersymmetry?

For a background see the chapter p-Adic Mass Calculations: New Physics of the book "p-Adic Length Scale Hypothesis And Dark Matter Hierarchy".

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