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Negentropic entanglement and the role of neural transmitters

Soon after starting to develop TGD inspired theory of consciousness, I somehow ended up to an email correspondence with Gene Johnson who insistently emailed me links to abstracts about neuroscience. I read the classic Bible about brain by Kandel et al [2] and tried to make sense of it in my own conceptual framework. This was of course hopeless task since I had only the notions of quantum jump and self. The feeling that something very simple -about which I do not and perhaps cannot ever have a slightest clue- must be behind this incredible complexity made the situation really frustrating. The deeper meaning of EEG, nerve pulse neurotransmitters, hormones- actually of entire brain chemistry and also biochemistry- remained a total mystery.

Development of ideas After required number of years however some concrete ideas began to emerge.

  1. The notion of magnetic body with fractal onionlike structure meant a decisive step of progress. Also the hierarchy of Planck constants and dark matter as controller of visible matter in living systems emerged. The function of EEG as communication and control tool of magnetic body using biological body as a motor instrument and sensory receptor looked very natural. This led also to a proposal that there is an entire hierarchy of EEGs and their variants. After several trials a vision about nerve pulses as concomitants of quantum level communications emerged as also a vision about DNA as topological quantum computer based on the flux tubes connecting DNA nucleotides with the lipid layers of cell membrane emerged and providing a function for the intronic portions of genome as carriers of quantum computer programs [1].

  2. Also a vision about the biochemical role of dark matter evolved. In particular, phase transitions reducing Planck constant for a magnetic flux tube would induce its contraction and force biomolecules near to each other. This would explain the miracles of DNA replication, translation, and transcription and quite generally the processes known as aggregation of proteins. The reconnection of magnetic flux tubes changing the topology of the biological Indra's net would be also a central mechanism.

  3. The model of nerve pulse and the vision about living matter as a kind of dynamical Indra's net led to a first clear idea about the role of neural transmitters. Transmitters are classified to inhibitory or excitatory depending on whether they increase or reduce the magnitude of the membrane potential. This property is however a property of the receptor rather than that of the transmitter. The same transmitter can have both excitatory and inhibitory receptors although often either receptor type dominates. The proposal was that neural transmitters are associated with the ends of the links of the 4-dimensional web connecting neurons to each other. Neurotransmitter attaches to the plug defined by the receptor connecting the communication wire from presynaptic neuron to the flux tube leading to the passive portion of postsynpatic DNA strand acting as sensory receptor. This would make possible rapid communications to DNA. The corresponding active portion of DNA strand could then respond by generating an activity at the level of cell membrane. This conforms with the general idea that proteins represent only one particular outcome of the gene expression. This left open the question whether the excitatory-inhibitory dichotomy could have some deeper meaning.

  4. Also it became clear the emotions and information are closely related and that peptides acting both as neurotransmitters and hormones are crucial for emotions [3]. I proposed that emotions are "entropic" qualia. Although I realized the importance of negentropic entanglement I did not have time or I was not able to realize how far reaching this notion actually is.

Is genome a fractal counterpart of brain?

Fractality replaces standard reductionism in TGD Universe. An old idea inspired by p-adic length scale hypothesis is that the binary structures associated with p-adic scales L(k) propto 2k/2 and L(k+2) define a fractal hierarchy. Brain hemispheres would represent one example of this kind of pair, lipid layers of the cell mebrane second one, and DNA double strand third one. Just for fun one could assume that the structure and functions of brain hemispheres have fractal analogs at the level of DNA double strand and vice versa and look what kind of questions this inspires.

  1. Could the identical structures of DNA strands correspond to the anatomical similarity of right and left brain and could the functional asymmetry of the strands correspond to the laterizalization of brain function? Could the genome act as the brain of cell? Could various brain areas have counterparts at the level of DNA? Could the hydrogen bonds between nucleotides serve as the counterpart of corpus callosum? Could the splitting of these bonds during transcription and replication correspond to what happens to a split brain patient?

  2. Before continuing it must be made clear that the global identification of right-left dichotomy with holistic-reductionistic dichotomy is wrong. One can however consider its local variant with holism and reductionism assigned do the pairs of right and left brain areas. For instance, emotional right (left) brain (amygdala) would be reductionistic (holistic, negentropic) and intellectual right (left) would be holistic (reductionistic, entropic). The practical reason to the division to the entropic and negentropic pieces could relate to the metabolism. The entropic regions could provide the binding energy as a usable energy to the positive energy negentropic entanglement. Good is not possible without Evil! There are no winners without loosers! Right brain is specialized in spatial thinking and left brain to verbal thinking and arithmetics: the geometry-algebra division of mathematics! Right brain is not so good in motor actions as left brain as any right-handed person knows. Right brain is however better in tactile sensing: right handed persons tend to use left hand for touching objects to get an idea about their shape. Also this can be understood in holistic-reductionistic picture.

  3. Apart from reflex actions almost all activities of the body seem to be controlled to a high degree by brain. Could also the activitites of cell be regarded as motor actions of the genome acting as the brain of cell receiving sensory imput from the cell membrane? Could one identify the analogs of sensory areas receiving information from cell membrane, processing, and sending it to the association areas? Could the analogs associative areas be identified as intronic portions of DNA performing topological quantum computations and communicating the outcome to the higher motor areas at the intronic portions of the of the complementary strand, wherefrom they would be communicated to the primary motor areas identifiable as the regions of DNA expressing themselves either chemically (RNA and proteins), as activitites generated directly at the level of cell membrane, or electromagnetically? For instance, could neurotransmitter in the receptor generate the feed of sensory input to the genome inducing the change of the membrane potential as the counterpart of motor action. Could prokaryotes without introns be analogous to brain with only primary sensory and motor areas or to mere ladder-like nervous system?

One could argue that the analogy between DNA are brain fails because second DNA strand is completely passive whereas both brain hemispheres express themselves via motor actions. This is not the case! Both DNA strand has regions expressing themselves but the transcription takes place in opposite directions. Hence DNA strands have motor and sensory areas as also brain does, and the natural guess is that primary motor areas correspond to the areas expressing themselves in terms of RNA, proteins, and possibly also as actions at the level of cell membrane. Primary sensory areas would correspond to to regions complementary to the primary motor regions.

  1. What right brain sings-left brain talks metaphor could mean in this picture? Pitch-rhythm dichotomy is more technical expression for this dichotomy. Function providing local data and its Fourier transform providing global data is more abstract representation for this dichotomy and Uncertainty Principle for momentum and position relates closely to these two representations of information. This dichotomy could reflect the presence of two different natural time scales and millisecond time scale for nerve pulses and .1 second time scale for moments of sensory experience are the natural candidates.

    If so, this dichotomy could directly reflect the different time scales assignable to u and d type quarks (1 millisecond) and to electron (100 ms) and reduce to the level of elementary particle physics. This dichotomy would also have fractally scaled up variants made possible by the hierarchy of Planck constants. The analog of Fourier transform would be the negentropic unentanglement of sub-CDs (assignable to quarks) to single mental image inside electron's CD. The analog of function itself would be a collection of sub-CDs representing separate unentangled mental images assignable to individual nerge pulses in millisecond time scale. Also the topological quantum computations assigned to the intronic portions correspond to different time scales due and reflect quark-lepton dichotomy. The quarks in question could be the quarks assigned to the ends of flux tubes in the model of DNA as topological quantum computer.

  2. This raises some questions. Could the gene expressions of the two strands somehow reflect this dichotomy? For instance, could the flux tube structures assignable to the aminoacid sequences correspond to the millisecond and 100 ms scales assignable to quarks and electron have the property that also the functioning of these proteins is characterized by these typical time scales? The time scales of protein folding indeed appear in two typical ranges beginning from ms [5] and 100 ms respectively [4]. There are also short proteins for which the folding takes place in microsecond time scales which might relate to the CD of proton.

What can one say about the function of neurotransmitters?

Can one say anything interesting about the the function of neurotransmitters if one combines this highly speculative picture- which can be defended only by the belief on fractality as universal principle- with the idea that bound state and negentropic entanglement make possible the fusion of mental images.

  1. Suppose that the fusion of neuronal mental images is required to build higher level mental images that we experience. Suppose that neuronal mental images involve DNA in an essential manner. Suppose that magnetic flux tubes serve as correlates for the entanglement so that the transmission of nerve pulse from pre-synaptic neuron to post-synaptic one creates a flux tube connection between neurons possibly extending to the genome of the post-synaptic neuron. The transmitter at the end of flux tube attached to the receptor acting as a plug would build this connection to some part of DNA specialized to receive particular kind of sensory data from a particular region of cell membrane with complementary strand activating as a response a motor function inducing gene expression at cell membrane level. Gene expression as build-up of proteins would not be necessary and is also too slow for neural activities.

  2. Suppose that the entanglement between neurons generated in this process is always negentropic as the interpretation as the idea about neural correlate for a conscious association suggests. One could also ask whether the neurons could entangled entropically and whether the entropic-inhibitory association could make sense. This does not lead to anything interesting and entropic entanglement between neurons should be regarded as a pathological condition. Note that neuron-neuron entanglemement would be naturally time-like and in this case only negentropic entanglement might be meaningful.

    1. To gain some perspective consider the activation of cell in general by some external perturbation from the resting state to the active state (here I have learned a lot from email correspondence with Vladimir Mateev) In the resting state the proteins inside cell are passive -or rather, forced to be passive- as one might expect on basis of the general vision about homeostasis. The unfolded proteins and unfolded portions of the folded proteins are connected by hydrogen bonds to ordered water so that the folding occurring otherwise spontaneously is prevented. One can say that the cellular winter prevails. The situation is however nearly critical and if external perturbation occurs cell liberates metabolic energy melting the ice and spring comes. Also the outer surfaces of globular proteins are hydrogen bonded and when the ordered water melts, spontaneous melting of the protein takes place leading to a partial unfolding.

      The resulting folded proteins and partially unfolded globular proteins interact by forming aggregates and this activity would naturally involve hbar reducing phase transitions and flux tube reconnections. In TGD based model the mechanism of both folding and melting would be the liberation of metabolic energy destroying the hydrogen bonds and the energy for this comes from the ATP containing positive energy negentropic bond between O=s of phosphates.

    2. Similar situation could prevail at the cell membrane. One can imagine that cell membrane is like a particle at the bottom of a small potential well. At the other side there is a deep well representing the generation of nerve pulse and at the other side a high wall corresponding to hyper-polarization requiring energy. Both polarization and hyperpolarization are prevented by the freezing of protein activities needed to induce them. The flux tubes connecting the presynaptic neuron and receptor and possibly genome are always negentropic and their formation can as such serve as the signal leading to the partial melting of the ordered water making possible to generate action leading to either depolarization or hyperpolarization. The signal could be just the additional metabolic energy making it possible for these transitions to occur.

    3. This picture does not require any communications from the receptor to the genome and in the simplest situation the resulting action could be seen as the analog of a reflex action. These communications could of course be present and the negentropic entanglement could make it easier to induce depolarization also now. Also the question whether excitatory-inhibitory dichotomy for the receptors has some deeper meaning apart from taking the neuron nearer to or farther from criticality for firing remains unanswered.


  1. The chapter DNA as Topological Quantum Computer of "Genes and Memes".
  2. E. R. Kandel, J. H. Schwartz, T. M. Jessel (1991), Principles of Neural Science. Prentice-Hall International Inc..
  3. C. B. Pert (1997), Molecules of Emotion, Simon and Schuster Inc..
  4. T. E. Creighton (1993), Proteins: Structures and Molecular Properties. W.H. Freeman and Company. New York.
  5. Protein folding.

For background see the chapter TGD Inspired Model for Nerve Pulse.


Ulla said...

You could not make it a bit easier :) This is quite a bit for a simpleminded biologist :)

1. The DNA is a topological map, it has a 'head' and a 'foot'. This map can be followed through the whole body, so that the cell, the organs, the spine also has 'heads' and 'foots'. The spine is quite autonomous, and can handle for instanse our automatizised locomotion. We can go for a walk and the brain is completely free.

2. We have not enough of DNA. It will do only for the brain,leaving all of the rest outside. This cannot be the case, of course. So the genome have a multitask, that maybe can be seen as a fractality.

3. The nervous system has several 'transmission lines'. a) glutamate - GABA axis, that can be said to be the gas - brake system.
b) modulators that give the information into the wave. These are all the other neurotransmitters. They are also grouped in synergistic - antagonistic pairs or triplets.

4. The inhibition is not just a brake. It is part of the synchronisation too. It is located very much in the dendritic part,or the computative, analog part of the neuron, and the small interneurons.

5.The greater part of the synchronisation comes from the third part in the synapse, the connective tissue, glias. It adjust the gas among others. This is analog part too, and this part listen also to the rest of the body, not only neurons or transmitters. It is very fast 10* faster than the neurons. My hypothese is that this part is meridian part.

6. This leaves the question open. What is the brain good for? And my answer is - inhibition. This picture is quite clearly seen in the consciousness. It was Presman that opened my eyes for this possibility. And the inhibition is synchronization too, as we saw.

7. The brain gives more power to the motoral part of nerve output. It can calculate, and entangle different patterns, but also simple organisms can do that.

8. The brain creates its own universe entanglements. It creates a self that is aware of itself. This is needed to protect the individ, so he can take care.

9. Animalian cells are often round, especially more primitive ones. The head is round, the torus is quite round, legs can be drawn as ovals etc. The sphere is very important as pattern. I have a feeling it must have to do with p-adics. At least it has to do with the Golden Mean.

10. One very clear picture I have seen. The left side of our body is more universal, more sensitive to pain. In over 95% of people this is the case. This fits nicely with the model of Persinger.

I have too pondered on the analogy chromosome (not only DNA) as a topological man.


This text I met btw. on - But they forgot to tell the writers name.

Also see
It is the question - is form a reason for the function, that Wilhelm Schjelderup once asked, that all the time rings in my ears.

I must read your text thoroughly before I say anything more.

Ulla said...

There is one comment more. The fish stim that acts synchroniously. It must act as an organism, so that when one corner of the stim see a danger or a food the whole stim changes its direction at once. This signal is electromagnetic. In human body there are also the same kind of signal, seen as DC-potential. This signal travels outside the nervous system in the connective tissue and is a self - organizating signal.

It would be interesting to know what that mitogen signal would be, that negative energy signal. For pray it is quite easy to say it is geomagnetic, also maybe healing, but in the body? Is it geomagnetic or cellular or maybe both?

Ulla said...

Anonymous said...

Matti's idea suggests that palindromic sequenses of DNA should be of special interest.

Also, the non-coding areas of DNA (97% "junk") share common characteristics with human languages like Zipfs law and Shannon redundancy:

Ulla said...

In fact, there is a palindromic chromosome. Guess which one! Of course the Y-chromosome :)

That's why (?) men usually are simpleminded :)

This is not always the case, of course. This blogs author is usually not so simpleminded :)

DNA is proteincoding sequences. One should talk of the chromosome when talking of fractals? Intones are mostly regulatory perhaps, codes for RNAs.

Ulla said...

This is not so easy. Excerpts:
Quantum information can be negative
What could negative knowledge possibly mean? "If I tell it to you, you will know less," explained Dr Andreas Winter. Even the most ignorant cannot know less than nothing. After all, negative knowledge makes no sense. But, although this may be true in the everyday world we are accustomed to, it has been discovered that negative knowledge does exist in the quantum world.

In the classical case, partial information must always be positive, but we find that in the quantum world this physical quantity can be negative.

"In the quantum world, we can know too much," added Dr Oppenheim, "and it is in these situations where one finds negative knowledge." Negative knowledge (or more precisely – ‘negative information’) turns out to be precisely the right amount to cancel the fact that we know too much.

‘qubits’ which are quantum particles like electrons or atoms. While classical bits can only be in the state 0 or 1, qubits can be both in the 0 or 1 state at the same time. Partial quantum information Entanglement: Entangled and bound.
Bound entanglement represents an irreversible form of quantum correlation: bound-entangled states require entanglement for their preparation, but no pure-state entanglement can be extracted from them. Hiding (information) in an isolated corner of the state space can make a big difference. demonstrate experimentally the distillation of maximally entangled states from non-maximally entangled inputs. Using partial polarizers.

store two 'entangled' photon states in a memory consisting of a cloud of cold atoms,

Ulla said...

New technique allows study of protein folding, dynamics in living cells

Long polymer chains dance the conga
March 16, 2010
This must be highly relevant for the nerve fiber.

The Gruebele Group:

Ulla said...

Well, I continue my monologue, and hope you don't mind. Otherwise you can say STOP. Don't forget that.

First some confirmations:
1. When you talk about fractals as an onionlike structure, it is the whole man that is reflected as a mirror on every body part, organ, cell, chromosome etc. Mostly in rounded shapes.
The onionlike structure remind me of the auras, but they go outside the body too. In what way have the auras inspired you?

2. This fractality needs a hierarchy on many planes. You talk of p-adic and hierarchy of Planck's constants. How many hierarchial steps are there in your model for say a cell? Or a hand:)

In my mind the fractals are triangular at base, like the quarks. This is the square root of thermodynamics?

3. Introns are carriers of quantum computer programs. Is that hardwares? The function is regulation. The environment is deciding the regulation too in 1:1.

4. Phase transitions reducing Planck's constant for a flux tube, happens in chemical reduction?
This is too a compression, a density packing, a braiding,and a analog to time. This gives patterns in the matter that is further used as a computation tool. This means that the material structure is secondary?

5. Polarization, I want you to say something about it too. Harmony laws and symmetry laws.

6. When you talk of flux tubes in the neuron and DNA in one end, it means a very long flux tube. Also in neurons the nucleus is the part containing DNA. And in the dendritic part a modulation of the signal takes place, and a computation, often an inhibition. I think the big flux tube is only for the postnuclear part in the axon. The fusion of many signals maybe creates it? But the fusion happens in the dendrite, mostly.

7. Microtubulis and microfibrils, connective tissue, myeline, what is their role in TGD-model? I thought it was the computative part. And the counterwise transport in neurons?

8. Neural transmitters associated with the other end. But transmitters can be so many things. The most important is Ca++, or H+, for emotions partly peptides. I think the receptor would be a more natural end link. Maybe a metal associated to the receptor?

9. The function of carbon rings, purines, pyrimidines?

Ulla said...

From advertising is known that the goal of catcing the attention needs another type of language than the eg. message. That's why they use colors, patterns, odors, sounds etc. that connects to the emotional part. This attention do the computation unconsciously. I would think of this as the qualias. It is a sum from all the senses, inkl. the sixth sense. Emotions can be a result of this computation, as some kind of cognition. Emotions are also negentropic to some extent? But emotions can also give rise to the computation. In some way this is done p-adically?

The information is then added as intelligens, using another kind of language ( in advetrising words) giving the goal, meaning, source. This is done by reals?

The strong force is made by emotions, and emotions are needed also for the intelligence to work. Creations need always emotions, and that's why they can be called entropic. But emotions are cognitions too. They have an hierarchy. Maybe some different spacetime sheat? Is it the emotions that do the leakage between the shhets? The phase transitions?

The emotions are too modulated by information? how can p-adics change reals? Intelligence is entropic and negentropic too?

Emotions are inducing an arousal, that catch our attention. That means that something (= a qualia?) must first induce an emotion.

Happy to see Gibbs free energy there. Something has been catced from my discussion?

The selection is different from attention. It is the result of p-adic + real computation? What do the selection of one chromosomal string before the other? Or one DNA before the other? Some p-adic computation? The epigenetics then?

DNA express themselves chemically and electromagnetically. This is the same thing. You mean the effects?

An active cell has much protudings (motor actions)of protoplasma feets, a big nucleus and produce much proteines (motor actions). This is a stage not in balance? A high negativity and a risk for mutations. Eats the telomeres. (Is the negativity doing it, when the electrons are sprouting out?) Free radicals? Kinases damaged?

What induce the pairings? Max. negentropy?

Proteinprod. according to the hierarchial talk-level? This is density level and time - level too? Giving rise to different size of proteins (1:10:100)?

Ulla said...

The fusion of neuronal images required to build experiences?

But the awareness is something else. It needs arousal first, production of energy? This is what Libets finding is about.

I would like to think of it as a Higgs mechanism analog, or a stirring of the (un)consciousness Sea as Jung said. You need energy (from emotions) that give rise to conscious 'energy tops' that can be made aware, or conscious as we usually say. This can be said to come from a 'singularity' or a 'Sea' as H-bonds, water-associations, LTP, entropic entanglements, as some kind os synchronicity correlation. In quantum computation they talk of entanglement 'families' that is stable in spite of entropy. I guess it is some kind of 'self'.

New learning and creativity is always entropic entanglements? This is no pathology at all, at least in moderate amounts. It depends on the age.

All this text is highly entropic :) But maybe something entangled comes out of it? :)

Ulla said...

This question anonymous had, about palindromic DNA, is interesting too. Just for fun I looked at it. A palindromic sequence is a DNA sequence that is the same whether read 5' (five-prime) to 3' (three prime) on one DNA strand or 5' to 3' on the complementary DNA strand with which it forms a DNA double helix. First detection 1974.
Palindromes are found in most genomes, recognition sites, for recombination etc.:
- hairpin loops (as in tRNA),
- nucleotid order in 4 basepairs at least.
- bacterial BIMEs
- eukaryotic DNA, in contrast to prokaryotic DNA, has-many large palindromic regions, which may contain up to several thousand basepairs.

The linear rDNA molecule is actually a giant palindrome with its two halves virtually identical -> symmetry.
Give structural strength to the transcribed RNA by hydrogen bonding in the hairpin loops.

Also in proteins, as some low-complexity region, and for helical pairing.

Methylation is another source, and genomic demethylation in tumor progression.

Palindromes in DNA (inverted repeats with little or no spacer) are genetically unstable structures because they can form cruciforms in the DNA, thereby disrupting normal processes such as replication, transcription, and repair. Palindromes are rare in normal cells. However, they are common in tumor cells and are associated with gene amplification, and are generated as by-product of DNA double-strand break (DSB) repair?

Hairpins can prime new DNA-synthesis and are destabilizing. Telomer stability, highly conserved genes and for example, it is clear that the presence of a GC base pair on the loop side provides an unexpected amount of stability.

Associated with translocations and mutations. Recombination repair halted.

The role of the palindrome is likely to be the juxtaposition of the directly repeated sequences by intra-strand base-pairing. Prevent a cruciform structure; prevent the replication of long palindromes. These observations lead to the proposal that cells may have evolved a post-replicative mechanism for the elimination and/or repair of large DNA secondary structures.

Doubling Up: How a DNA Sequence Becomes a Palindrome

Ulla said...

About the y-chromosome.

Of the 15 genes and transcript families that have been identified in the arms of the palindromes, non of which have been identified in the spacers, seven transcript families are non-coding transcriptional units and six of the eight palindromes comprise of protein-coding genes, all of which are specifically and exclusively expressed to the testes.

That's why Eve was created before Adam in the Paradise :)

Once again the human thought has gone quite contrary to reality :)

Ulla said...

To your knowledge, the link
TGD Inspired Model for Nerve Pulse. did not work.

Matti Pitkänen said...

Thank you. Corrected.

Ulla said...

That paper is so compact, but one question out of many.

You say: This view conforms with Huxley's vision about brain as a filter inhibiting conscious experiences. p 5. Is this from his Nobel lecture?

This wiev has come forth from many other studies. Presman, Gariaev, Bergström etc.

You talk of neurotransmitters as informational molecules, but it is the tension and frequency, possibly amplitude they deliver. In many cases the molecule isn't transmitted at all, although that word is usually used.

If the nerve pulse is an oscillatory Josephson current, it is modulated by neurotransmitters, then can you see it as a possibility that magnetism and infrasound from outside could also modulate that signal, and possibly change it (disturb the information) and in that way give hallucinations? In this case the transmitters are not at all engaged? In this way the experiments by Persinger would also be explained. No transmitters needed?

Could an elevated ironcontent in the brain make this process more probable? Or a lowered protection against noise (less myelin).

In schizophrenics are also another situation. Can this chaotic disturbance come from their own brains, generated in ongoing, not inhibited circuits, at least partly, and in that way be too high and so the natural protection would fail. The same is seen for healers, prayers etc. where the magnetic field can be 100 nT (Sidorov) (normal in pct-pulsations and Schuman res. 0,05 - 0,1).

In schamanic traditions are also said that after being struck by lightning and survived, they often became schamans. The lightning changed their brains resistance, so it conducted better. The same is seen in MS-patients, possibly also in sensitized pain, that is 'learned'. Then is the problem of LTP in memories, what it is in reality.

Also firewalking that is often used in schamanic tradition could overcome this inhibitory capacity. Murphy also said that the inhibitory capacity is lowered very much in enlightment.

So there is left two ways to come to this hallucinatory state/ altered consciousness state, that is through lowered use of circuits in the brain (as in sleep), or through overload, chaos. Your great experience would also fit the latter, as mine 'hallucinations'.

Kundalini comes from the body, usually, but there is also a path from the brain down into the body. So in princip, we should be able to think us healthy. Maybe the 'talk cure' is just about that.

It is this force that make the life worth living, seen in the values of love, relations, wisdom, enlightment. Perhaps that's why psychotic patients often don't take their medicine, because that world is so much nicer. Also drug abuse have its roots here. It's about values.

Sorry, I said one question, but it becomes many by force. I can't help it:)

Ulla said...

A link with much information.

water fuel

Ulla said...

I meant this video

Ulla said...

DOI 10.1080/15368370500379574
Living systems cannot be thermal systems, but instead are coherent systems.

This is another way to say the same thing. Living systems have MNP.

Permanent nonvanishing electromagnetic fields are shown to be present but trapped in the coherent systems... of bound water is analyzed. Circulation of ions is shown to be driven by the Josephson effect. Ion cyclotron resonance briefly is discussed.

The meridian channels are described as soliton channels (light trapped in chimeral proteins?), see pic.

Photon Sucking as an Essential Principle of Biological Regulation from 'Biophotonics and Coherent Systems in Biology', DOI 10.1007/978-0-387-28417-0

A system of electrical controls “parallel” to the processes of molecular biochemistry, with pi-stacks in chromosomes and a biological charge transfer with remarkable long-range fields over tissue interfaces and organs appear to play a role in embryonic development.

Remarkably, some of these effects are only found at ultra-low AC magnetic intensities, on the order of .05 μT. This is approximately 10^3 below accepted levels determined by engineering estimates. Such strikingly low magnetic intensities imply the existence of physically equivalent endogenous weak electric field oscillations. (microtubulis?)

this response, i.e., its absorption, transmission, and emission (ATE) of the organism, markedly differs from the behavior expected if one treats the organism as a simple dissipative conductive body. Measurements performed with mealworm beetles indicated that the normal living organisms absorb and use some energy of the near electric field
(meridians are also shown to selectively accumulate energyfrequencies from outside)

These channels follow along the lines known in traditional Chinese medicine as “meridians.” They appear in the range from 3.4 to 5 μm, and they are based on an extraordinarily high optical coherence. Similar observations have been reported about plants. A basic physical analysis of these phenomena points to a wide range of electromagnetic interactions that may cover almost the whole electromagnetic spectrum. They are characterized by excitation temperatures far from equilibrium, containing coherent states, and moving between the absolute maximum entropy and absolute minimum number of degrees of freedom. The results may provide new insights into the principles of electromagnetic regulation of biological systems.

Meridians are entropic too, also nerves. They are both. The modulation is the information and the 40 Hz is the negentropic bondings, as entanglements, the 'weaver' in the brain. Without 'weaver' the information cannot be interpreted? The cells have also their own 'weavers'.

This is so interesting, but why do you not answer? I know the questions are good. Are you still angry? I have begged you to forgive me, and I can do it publicly here. I'm only a human with many shortcomings. Please, Matti, forgive me, forgive me, you have to forgive me. I am so sorry.

Matti Pitkänen said...

Thank you for information, Ulla. I am sorry but I do not time to continually check for comments in my blog. It is also unfair that you send messages to my blog creating the impression that we have some personal affair.

Ulla said...

I understand you are busy, but I feel myself so hostily treated. I have begged you to forgive me, and when it looked as you was still angry I thought I would do it properly. Maybe the message did not reach you? Have the message reached you now?

I want you to forgive me. I want to be able to talk. I want it badly.

You know yourself that the distance between us is too long in many ways for any affair :)
But what should I think? Look at what you have said! I do know you and I don't want to talk in a formal way. I am your friend, for Gods sake.

It is not my fault that nobody else (almost) writes here. I feel bothered, but this is so interesting. Now I study Ca, Fe and Li cyclotrone frequencies :)

Matti Pitkänen said...

Message has reached me. The problem is that you cannot take this as non-personally and you are also trying to build a kind of science super hero image about me. I refuse to take this kind of Hollywood role. I am not angry, I just do not have time for endless email flood. The process I call "updating" is a distillation process that requires all my attention.

Try also to understand my psychological situation. I have an enormously important message for the humankind and I am surrounded by complete idiots who have managed to close every communication channel except my homepage. I have no time for prattling about what to do during the next vacation.

Ulla said...

Well, I was to Turku today, and had lot of time to think. You are right, I cannot take it in a non-personal way. All I see is my very good points that you leave without response. I cannot know why, only guess. And I guess your answer was no, you haven't forgiven me. It makes me very sad. My thought is that you use silence as punishment.

But you are wrong about that science super hero image :) I know quite well what you are. Just look at what you have written. Nothing bad in that. I have my own bagage.

I just think TGD is marvelous, and I think I can make it living. Why can't you use my talents? I'm no idiot. Here is a 'peikko' hidden.

You mess me with someone else. I'm not 'prattling' about what to do next vacation. The 'suspicion' of a personal affair came from the same source? Tell I'm sorry. It is my childhood and youth yelling at me. My loneliness. My 'ghosts' as I call them. They can be very load :) Gabor has met them too :) maybe not as intensely as you :)

You need not have to answer my questions. I'm pretty sure I am right.

Don't take yourself too seriously. The vacations are important :) There was an anonymous here that said: Life is more than a theory. A single work can never be more than life. I have said the same to you many times. Relax, calm down, have fun. It is not away from your theory, on the contrary.

If you read what you have written yourself you see who is talking of a super hero :) It is not me :)

I promise I will not send you endless e-mails. Maybe it wasn't the mails that was the reason? But the questions come by force, I can't help it. Most of them are left without an answer anyway.

Now everyone looks at LHC. Interesting!

Sorry for this. You know it is very difficult to me.

Matti Pitkänen said...

Ulla, I appreciate you willingness to learn new things and see the trouble of finding links to web. It is however not good that single participant drowns the entire blog to her comments and demands a continual attention: think of a similar situation in coffee table. It would also help a lot of comments were restricted to the topic discussed.

I am just trying to do carry out my mission as well as possible, and my humble request is that I would be allowed to do this. Name cult has practically paralyzed my original field (theoretical particle physics), and my comment was related to your activities related to this (there is no need to go to details here). I hope that you take the point.

Ulla said...

It was not my meaning to drown your blog, I wanted to get a debate instead, because there must be a debate if your theory will be accepted. It is ripe for it.

And I tried to have relevant comments, although some isn't :) But look at other blogs, a lot of nonrelevant comments. It is not so bad. The important bits are your articles, not my babble.

You complain nobody understand, and when someone understand a little it is not good either. How do you think TGD will ever be understood? It doesn't happen overnight, and not by accident. And it needs someone to continue it.

And it doesn't have to be a name cult, only a person, an individ, a EGO. A story.

This is exactly what Kea tried to tell you. But I shall try to take your point. That means also a STOP. I hope you understand what you do?

No forgiveness...
Sometimes I am an idiot. Why would I wait for something like that from you?
Well, I do.