Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New anomaly in CDF

Jester told about Another Anomaly from CDF. For 18 months ago I spent a quite hectic period with the first CDF anomaly, which turned out to have TGD inspired interpretation in terms of a production of meson like states from from color octet excitations of tau leptons (see for instance this blog posting). Color excitations of leptons and of quarks represent a basic prediction of quantum TGD and already earlier evidence for colored excitations of electron (already at seventies!) and muon had emerged. Since the facts did not fit the standard model and its standard extensions, they were forgotten again, as so many times before. To paraphrase Wheeler: Phenomenon exists only if it is understood phenomenon!

The period ended up with a beautiful model for the anomaly. Also an amusing episode telling much about the intellectual and ethical standards of the decision makes of Helsinki University took place. I lost the possibility to use university computer for my web page (this had been the only positive gesture towards my work) and they even refused to guide visitors to the new URL!

The data relating to the new anomaly is from the same experiment as those for 18 months ago. The cross section for the production of charged particles is three orders of magnitude higher than the QCD prediction at transversal momenta about 100 GeV. In A note on the CDF high-pt charged particle excess it shown that the results cannot be understood in QCD framework. It is also found that the cross section for producing single charge particle is essentially the same than for producing a jet so that the jet should consist of essentially single charged particle. Possible explanations for the findings are discussed and the high value of production cross section is found to be very difficult to understand.

TGD model is based on the production of tau-pions in the strong non-orthogonal magnetic and electric fields of colliding quarks. The subsequent decays of neutral tau-pion coherent state would produce charged tau-pions. The final outcome is mostly muons. This mechanism is not something coming out from standard Feynman diagrammatics but has a justification in terms of anomaly argument: the production amplitude -essentially Fourier component of the instanton density E.B for the electromagnetic field of colliding quarks- is fixed completely from anomaly considerations. I do not have time to work with this but my bet is that the explanation is same as for the former CDF anomaly.

The presence of non-orthogonal electroweak fields implies in TGD framework necessarily parity breaking and an interesting question is whether the vacuum in question could correspond to an almost vacuum extremal of Kähler action. These extremals led to a breakthrough in understanding TGD inspired quantum biology as I told in the earlier posting.

What makes me happy that facts do not seem to care about the desires of power holders. Truth is eventually the winner.

For details about the physics of colored leptons and for the explanation for the first CDF anomaly see the chapter Recent Status of Leptohadron Hypothesis of the book "p-Adic Length Scale Hypothesis and Dark Matter Hierarchy".

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