Sunday, May 09, 2010

Weak form of electric-magnetic duality, particle concept, and Feynman diagrammatics

The notion of electric magnetic duality emerged already two decades ago in attempts to formulate the Kähler geometric of world of classical worlds. Quite recently a considerable step of progress took place in the understanding of this notion. Every new idea must be of course taken with a grain of salt but the good sign is that this concept leads to an identification of the physical particles as string like objects defined by magnetic charged wormhole throats connected by magnetic flux tubes. The second end of the string contains particle having electroweak isospin neutralizing that of elementary fermion and the size scale of the string is electro-weak scale would be in question. Hence the screening of electro-weak force takes place via weak confinement. This picture generalizes to magnetic color confinement.

Zero energy ontology in turn inspires the idea that virtual particles correspond to pairs of on mass shell states assignable to the opposite throats of wormhole contacts: in TGD framework the propagators do not diverge although particles are on mass shell in standard sense. This assumption leads to powerful constraints on the generalized Feynman diagrams giving excellent hopes about the finiteness of loops. Finiteness has been obvious on basis of general arguments but has been very difficult to demonstrate convincingly in the fermionic sector of the theory. In fact, there are good arguments supporting that only a finite number of diagrams contributes to a given reaction: something inspired by the vision about algebraic physics (infinite sums lead out of the algebraic extension used). The reason is that the on mass shell conditions on states at wormhole throats reduce the phase space dramatically, and already in the case of four-vertex loops leave only a discrete set of points under consideration. This implies also finiteness. This wisdom can be combined with the new stringy view about particles to build a very concrete stringy view about generalized Feynman diagrams.

The coutcome of the opening of the black box of virtual particle -an idea forced by the twistorial approach and made possible by zero energy ontology- is something which I dare to regard as a fulfillment of 32 year old dream.

For a more detailed representation of weak electric-magnetic duality see the last section of the pdf article Weak form of electric-magnetic duality, electroweak massivation, and color confinement. For Feynman diagrams and WCW integration see the article How to define generalized Feynman diagrams? summarizing the basic formulas. See also the chapter Does the Modified Dirac Equation Define the Fundamental Action Principle?.

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