Friday, February 25, 2011

About TGD inspired SUSY again

The data from LHC are coming and TGD based view about SUSY is becoming more detailed. The details can be found from the earlier posting updated today. See also the chapter the chapter p-Adic Particle Massivation: New Physics of "p-Adic Length Scale Hypothesis and Dark Matter Hierarchy". The following response to a comment of Lubos summarizes the situation now.

Says Lubos:

Hi Matti,

again, this article of yours is complete nonsense, like others.

MSSM hasn't been killed in any way. Constraints don't mean "good bye". Quite on the contrary, the analysis of newer results has sharpened the prediction. The probability that squarks are between 800 and 1000 GeV and will be soon this year has increased, and the mass of squarks that is most likely has actually decreased by 100 GeV or so. See the paper by Allanach and others I discussed on my blog.

If you think that SUSY won't be found by the end of 2012 and you're sure about it, I offer you a 1:100 rate for a bet. I would pay $100, you would pay $10,000. Is that OK?

Best wishes


Says Matti:

Dear Lubos,

your claim as some other claims by you are complete nonsense. MSSM is dead but SUSY a la TGD is more alive than ever and developing rapidly as data emerge from LHC. Read the posting again to see the outcome of this day.

p-Adic mass calculations assuming Mersenne prime M_89 for all sparticles so that electroweak scale is SUSY scale allow exact prediction of fermion masses and they range from 460 GeV to TeV. Not too bad.

SUSY mass scale is intermediate boson mass scale and the anomaly of anomalous magnetic moment of muon comes out correctly with very reasonable assumptions about remaining parameters.

The high bounds to squark masses could be a problem but also this problem can be solved by the breaking of R-symmetry. The new element is annihilation of sparticle to particle plus neutrino since right handed neutrino defining the super-symmetry can transform to left-handed one. If this takes place rapidly enough the bounds on quark masses are loosened. The unique signature of spartner is a jet with lonely neutrino instead of neutrinos accompanied by charged leptons.

SUSY will certainly be found but in TGD sense. Your bet is unfair. As an eternally unemployed I cannot afford gambling but I am ready to gamble for TGD SUSY with $100 if you put $10,000 for MSSM to the game;-). Isn't this fair;-)?


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