Sunday, July 24, 2011

Victory after all!

Without exaggeration I can tell that these days from Saturday to Monday have been the most exciting days of my life (maybe this over excitement explains why I only few minutes ago realized that that this wonderful day is Monday rather than Sunday;-).

  • Does Higgs exist and with what mass if so? This was the question of standard model people.

  • Does M89 hadron physics exists: in particular do the predicted 145 GeV M89 pion and 325 GeV M89 ρ and ω exist? This was the question of TGD people;-).
At Thursday strong new evidence from CDF for 325 ρ and ω of M89 hadron physics emerged. 325 GeV state is a complete mystery from the point of view of standard model so that already this announcement favored TGD taking into account the earlier indications (for a summary see this article).

At Friday ATLAS reported more than 2 sigma evidence for Higgs in the range 140-150 GeV in what was interpreted as Higgs to WW to leptons decays. Already months ago CDF had reported 4 sigma evidence for 145 GeV bump but soon forgotten in blogs: the memory span of bloggers is quite literally of same order of magnitude as the political memory of the average citizen.

After this the situation was extremely nerve breaking from TGD point of view. How soon conformation could emerge for TGD picture? Or could it be that these 33 years could have been a great delusion despite all the amazing successes such as successful calculation of elementary particle masses already 15 years ago, a spectrum of applications to all branches of physics, and creation of foundations of quantum biology and consciousness theory to say nothing about new mathematics inspired by TGD?

The Higgs story had taken a new twist at Saturday. I did not however have an opportunity to follow the developments at Sunday since I had marvelous time with the families of my children but it it is never too late to receive good news. So I learned this morning Lubos told that also Dzero and CDF experimental report similar signs so that both Tevatron and LCH to seem end up with similar conclusions: Higgs or somehing analogous exists around 145 GeV.

In TGD framework this Higgs like state would be of course the M89 pion with mass 145 GeV detected already by CDF with 4 sigma significance few months ago but not reported by D0 and ATLAS and then forgotten by most bloggers: very common reaction at this highly emotional era of quarter economy;-)! TGD predicts also the 325 GeV state (actually two of them: M89 ρ and ω with very nearly degenerate masses). This state is a completely mystery in standard model. On the other hand, TGD has a firm grasp to reality and can provide a long list of predictions for the masses of M89 hadrons so that experimentalists can begin a systematic search of other of M89 hadrons at any minute. Since also quark masses are predicted quark jets with these masses can be searched. These signatures will be of course rare since the formation of M89 is like formation of bubbles of vapour in a liquid at criticality.

Maybe the situation is now settled. TGD is the theory! After these long lonely years Nature simply forces us to accept TGD because it is the only theory that works and predicts! Isn't this marvelous! But: still every-one "has never heard" about TGD. Big Science is also great comedy and the players are masters of their art form: let's enjoy also this aspect of Big Science;-).

P.S. String- and M-theorists have been remarkably silent on the results represented in Europhysics 2011. No wonder: all string model inspired predictions turned out to be wrong and the failure of standard SUSY and the probable failure of the standard model in Higgs sector destroy all hopes about some connection of string models and M-theory with low energy phenomenology (that is physics). The non-existence of Higgs is also a catastrophe for the inflationary cosmology and should induce a profound re-evaluation of the funding in the theory sector.

To my best knowledge Lubos Motl is the only string theorist who has reacted publicly. He did this in genuinely Lubosian manner by rewriting completely the history of science by claiming that string theorists have in fact never made predictions about super-symmetry at LHC. This view about past is in extremely sharp contrast with his own earlier posting predicting that SUSY will be found with 90 per cent or higher probability at LHC (for details see Peter Woit's posting). Lubos even made bets for SUSY at LHC! Now Lubos concludes that those string people who have possibly wasted their time with low energy phenomenology (that is physics) should concentrate on pure string theory. Huh! The practically lethal doses of reality from LHC have only strengthened the cognitive immune system of Lubos. Whatever happens, string theory is correct and anyone who says something different has forgotten his morning medication. Amen. Peter Woit also summarizes the evolution of superstring hype from outstanding promises to almost complete silence by some representative examples.


Ulla said...


You are worth it. Acually some weeks ago I dreamt you was ready :D said...

Thank you. This is certainly the Great Day for TGD. And to me also. I do not dream about personal success within week since I have learned what the powerhold of science at worst can be. It is enough to know that sooner or later colleagues must accept TGD if they are want to continue their profession.

Mitchell said...

You should make a post providing the details of these calculations (standard model masses, new resonances), or at least indicating where such details can be found. said...

Dear Mitchell.

I have been many times asked to write short 10 page article about TGD. This is of course not possible: it would be like condensing Newton's Principia to ten pages.

Calculational details require quite too many pages to be represented as posting since mass calculations rely on p-adic thermodynamics, which alone is something completely new. To say nothing about the new view about space-time and quantum theory.

The first 6 chapters of p-Adic Length Scale Hypothesis and Dark Matter Hierarchy provide the details of mass calculations and discuss the implications.

The first chapter of part I provides an overviewand the last two chapters of the first part discuss the new physics predicted by TGD.

This makes quite a many pages but the fault is not mine. 33 years of systematic censorship -even the information about the very existence of TGD was eliminated from Wikipedia - causes horrible communication gulf and colleagues must pay a high price for their attitudes and can only blame themselves. Arrogance is the worst deadly sin of theoretician.

I am afraid that the only reasonable communication mode is face to face discussion with intelligent colleagues giving a gist about various ideas but this requires that colleagues are ready to admit that I exist;-). I certainly think and very effectively so. This is enough for philosophers. The criterion "He has power, therefore he exist" used by physicists in their bread and butter ontology unfortunately fails in my case ;-). said...

Little addition. I am afraid that also the doomsday scenario might be realized. The Lubosian attitude "You have forgotten your morning pills" so typical for alpha males of Homo Sapiens thinking with their genitals instead of brains does not promise much. Intelligent communication is impossible without brains.

Despite all the nonsense that Lubos has been producing last months (the last gem was the conclusion that Higgs must be in the range 120-130 GeV because there were two little bumps within 1 sigma band!!), he is taken extremely seriously by the blog audience because he is aggressive and arrogant, which seem to be the basic virtues of theoretical physicist nowadays. There is always some empty head expressing his admiration.

L. Edgar Otto said...


Congratulation to you - I wish I felt the excitement and I do see those particles like you do even if we do not have the benefit of details of how you did the calculations- the theory is still too hard but we all win that these theories are there.

It is just that sometimes things have to get worse before they get better, or in matters of probability if we win a battle we lose the work, if we lose a battle then we win the war... But what of those who win the war or loose the battle,- as lonely perhaps as losing the war having won the battle.

There is a lot to be done and today's glory is tomorrow's broken toys where the child in the genius has room to grow and play - and when we open the presents after the rush to take off the ribbons and packaging- finding what we really need or want! Twice the warmth and joy, cutting and burning the wood for our hearths.


Anonymous said...

The lighst Higgs mass is = 119,61 Gev

The Higgs potential for a collision energy of particles is given by:

$latex \ V(x)=2x^{4}-(1-T^{2})x^{2}+\frac{1}{8} \ $

Where T is the collision energy and x is the mass of the Higgs boson
In a vacuum state, that is during the collision energy is 0 and when the potential V (x) = 0 (“empty”) we have:

$latex \ V(x)=2x^{4}-x^{2}+\frac{1}{8}=0 \ $

Which brings us to:

$latex \ V(x)=16x^{4}-8x^{2}+1=0 \ $

And this equation has 4 solutions: x = -1 / 2, -1 / 2, 1 / 2, 1 / 2
Discarding the negative mass solutions have the mass of the Higgs boson is x / 2
Now, as to what is x / 2?
The answer is about the equivalent mass Higgs vacuum which is given by the Fermi constant
1.16637 x 10 ^ -5 GeV ^ -2
To become mass to the mass of the electron gives the following dimensionless number:
Higgs vacuum equivalent mass = 481841.46525
Mass of the Higgs boson would be a maximum = 481841.46525 /2
Now you can easily show that this value of the higgs vacuum must meet the following equation:

$latex \ m_{vH}^{2}=(Sum\: mass\: leptons)^{2}+(Sum\: mass\: quarks)^{2}+m_{w}^{2}+m_{z}^{2}+m_{H}^{2} \ $

Where: mVH = equivalent mass of the Higgs vacuum given by the Fermi constant and related to the electron mass = 481841.46525
Boson mass Mw = w to the mass of the electron = 157332.3391
Z boson mass Mz = to the mass of the electron = 178449.6957
Lepton mass sum to the mass of the electron = 3684.91855
Quark mass sum over electron mass = 347515.614091
Solving the above equality, we have that the mass of the Higgs boson to the mass of the electron is equal to:

SQR( 481841,46525^2 -347515,614091^2 -178449,6957^2-157332,3391^2 -3684,91855^2) = 234078,5299
Since the Z boson mass = 178449.6957 times the mass of the electron and Mz = 91.1876 GeV, one has the mass of the Higgs boson is = 119.61 GeV
It is noted that equality need 5 terms, which is related to the group SU (5) of the 5 Higgs, 2 and 3 loaded loaded, SU (2) and SU (3)
SU (5) has dimension group = 5 ^ 2 -1 = 24 = 6 quarks leptons + 6 + 3 electroweak bosons + 1 photon + 8 gluons
The standard model gives a value to the boson mass
Higgs with a stranger lambda parameter:

$latex \ m_{H}=v\sqrt{\frac{\lambda}{2}} \ $

$latex \ \frac{2\cdot(1+\cos(\frac{2\cdot\pi}{5}))}{\cos(\frac{2\cdot\pi}{5})}=\lambda \ $

The 5 Higgs bosons divide the angular space
symmetry group SU (5) generates the standard model particles 24 with an angle:

$latex \ \frac{2\cdot\pi}{5} \ $

donkerheid said...

Congratulations for the Great Day! said...

Dear Pesla and donkerheid,

it is really nice to be a "winner". In this case winning means that I have a firmer than ever answer to the endlessly teasing question: "...but what if these power holders are right after all. Perhaps I am just a mad man and all this what I see beauty and internal consistency is just my delusions?"

When the community pretends that I do not exist at all and refuses to take any critical attitude to my work and authorities like Lubos Motl tell publicly that I have forgotten my morning medication, this kind of painful questions are unavoidable. Could it be that they are right after all and somehow I am so desperately mad that I am not even able to realize my madness? Even the observation that they carefully avoid any argument based on contents does not help much.

Situation however changes when I see the predictions of my theory to become true. I can preserve my peace of mind and defend what I feel to be true.

L. Edgar Otto said...


The universe becomes more like the theories you imagine it to be.

I am just a pigment of your imagination in the landscape your are painting.

"He whom the gods would destroy they first make mad..." Seneca I think...

SUSY is not the zombie, just the zombie animates the SUSY.

Now, if someone asks what I smoke or did I take my meds - My first reaction is to let them teach me how such chemicals work- they do not have a chemical imbalance but an ontological zombie imbalance.

But symmetry is not the key to balance... we do get intoxicated from all the intense beauty and the depressive hangover that comes before the storm or breakthru.

Feel, feel the fragile flesh and drink in your reality and the actuality of others- hold a child for you are only trusted and gentle with it.

In half of infinity it is clear that where were are we can see things as half full or half empty.

Some here think they can put meat on the bare bones of symmetry group theory with magical incantations of five space and make the zombies walk.

Narrow minds are not even relatively prime in their constipated but half truth logic.

The PeSla

Ulla said...

The unknowable
primes, what are they?
p-adic, l-adic, m-adic
so many different
forms and functions
giving us the structure
the dance
the song

Maybe it takes a little madness to make us truly human?
To hear the song?
so beautiful
Humans are not gods, perfect
humans have emotions that guide us
to victory.

I saw an old house
grey, with many failures
but so big
it contained many beds
many people
I didn't know
The kids and their families
they told me without words
about their admiration
happiness and joy
joy, joy and happiness
and so much more
the unknowable.
You were busy, meeting all those people, talking to them, your friends, living in your heart.

Ulla said...
Prime numbers are found hidden in nature, but humans have made spectacular use of them, writes mathematician Marcus du Sautoy.

By tapping into nature's code we have been able to change our surroundings,

Buzzing quietly beneath the planet we inhabit is an unseen world of numbers, patterns and geometry.

In the forests of Tennessee this summer, part of this code literally bursts from the ground. Nashville is usually home to the sound of blue grass and honky tonk.

But every 13 years, the banjos and basses get drowned out for six weeks by the chorus of an insect that has fascinated me ever since I became a mathematician. Only found in the eastern areas of North America, this cicadas survival depends on exploiting the strange properties of some of the most fundamental numbers in mathematics - the primes, numbers that are only divisible by themselves and one.

The cicadas appear periodically but only emerge after a prime number of years. In the case of the brood appearing around Nashville this year, 13 years. The forests have been quiet for 12 years since the last invasion of these mathematical bugs in 1998 and the locals won't be disturbed by them again until 2024.

This choice of a 13-year cycle doesn't seem too arbitrary. There are another two broods across north America that also have this 13-year life cycle, appearing in different regions and different years. In addition there are another 12 broods that appear every 17 years.
Continue reading the main story
“Start Quote
Marcus du Sautoy

Primes are the atoms of the arithmetic - the hydrogen and oxygen of the world of numbers”

Marcus du Sautoy

You could just dismiss these numbers as random. But it's very curious that there are no cicadas with 12, 14, 15, 16 or 18-year life cycles.

He forgot:
But also the proton/electron ratio, or matter, maybe massivation? H is created in dark plasma soup, and make up every other nucleus.

L. Edgar Otto said...

Nice Poem Ulla :-)

As I said on a post- Matti- we all seem to have some form of SUSY but It is still not clear (to me) if there are say, s-particles as such.

We need a new concept of such things as mass and gravity- On the face of it your use of primes is rather far above the standard ideas which perhaps gets use sufficiently to octonions and mirrors if we consider real multiplicative inverses.

As I said, Victory all the way around including the established experimenters. Only now we have a little writers block some project of enquiry seemingly abruptly finished, chrysalis before our sprouting of new wings.
Or (Nice metaphor Ulla, Cicadas coming out of the ground and leaving so many skins of theory shed clinging to the trees.)

The PeSla said...

Thanks Ulla for a beautiful poem. Also the piece of text by de Sautoy about primes is poetry. Little madness is what makes us living.

Returning to prose: the small primes characterizing the periodic behavior of insect populations might be actually p-adic primes combined with large values of Planck constant. For elementary particlse with ordinary hbar the primes are very large: 2^127-1 for electron.

Ulla said...

A little madness makes us human. This is NOT about a forgotten morning pill, and Lubos understands nothing.

According the ZEO. Can something cancel out magnetism? Is it possible to separate electric and magnetic forces? Or make them hidden?

Matti Pitkänen said...

Both electric and magnetic fields are controllable.

Franck said...

Congratulations !
I am glad for you.
I first looked at your work because of your theory of consciousness and qualia.
Hopefully someday I'll understand it more thoroughly.
Warm regards,
Paris, France said...

Dear Franck,

I got interested in consciousness as an attempt to understand my own strange experiences which changed my world view.

At that that theoretical particle physics had reached a dead dead end and nothing really new has emerged after that time. Therefore it was natural to spend ten years to develop theory of consciousness and quantum biology.

This enterprise provided essential ideas also for TGD proper and I find it natural to generalize physics to a theory of conscious experience. The idea about observer as outsider is too strong an approximation.

I am patiently waiting that colleagues realize that one cannot speak about unification without understanding of the essence of consciousness and life. They have wonderful mathematical and conceptual tools at use and it is a pity that they are used only to understand some exotic phenomena at LHC.