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Psychedelics induced experiences and magnetic body

There is a book about psychedelic induced experiences titled as "Inner paths to outer space" as "Inner paths to outer space" written by Rick Strassman, Slawek Wojtowicz, Luis Eduardo Luna and Ede Frecska. It took some time to realize that I have actually have met the Luna and Frecska.

Some background about psychedelics

Phychoactive drugs can be classified into three basic types. Some raise the activity level, some calm down, and some change the character of consciousness profoundly. Hallucinogens/psychedelics belong to the third group. Psychedelics (such as psilobin, psicylobin, DMT, LSD) are molecules containing aromatic rings and many of them (such as psilobin, psicylobin, DMT, LSD) attach to serotonin receptors.

As the official term "hallucinogens" implies, psychedelic induced experiences are regarded as hallucinations in the materialistic world view although the denial of the reality of subjective experiences themselves requires a really hard-nosed skeptic. The title of the book reveals that the question posed in the book is whether these experiences could be about real world, kind of sensory input from distant parts of the Universe. The indigenous people using ayahuasca and similar psychedelics have regarded these experiences involving meeting of representatives of other civilisations as perceptions about real worlds. Also Terence and Dennis McKenna, who are pioneers of systematic study of the effects of various pscychdelics, shared this view. In the materialistic ontology of standard physics this kind of interpretation is of course excluded. That hallucinations are in question is "obvious", too obvious actually!

The classical psychelics LSD, psilocybin, DMT, and mescaline are derivatives of two basic chemical groups: tryptamine and phenetylamine which in turn derive from the aminoacids trp and and phe. DMT is endogenous psychedelic and there is pumping of DMT blood-brain barrier so that DMT must have important function in brain. The action of classical psychedelics is on serotonin receptors and affects the serotonin intake so that the effect is stronger. The amount of serotonin in brain is not large but manifest in all functions. According to the book, the situation might be different for pineal gland which is the only nucleus of brain which does not appear as left-right pair. Descartes recarded it as the seat of soul. Pineal gland is also known as "third eye" and in lower species it indeed serves the function of eye.
Taking the title of the book seriously, one can ask whether this eye is able to see but to cosmic distances possibly using large heff photons.

Could instantaneous communications in cosmic scales be possible in TGD Universe?

In TGD inspired ontology the notion of magnetic body with astrophysical, galactic or even super-galactic size changes the situation completely. The basic communication tool would be touch of magnetic bodies generating reconnections and making possible signalling from the biological body member of distant civilization. The perception of the biological body of alien would differ in no manner from that of my neighbour since the mechanisms would be the same as involved with the transfer of sensory data to my personal magnetic body and control commands from there to biological body (at least through genome).

The basic objection against the possibility suggested by the title of the book is that finite light velocity poses absolute upper bound for the distance of objects with it is possible to be in contact during "trip". One must be howeververy cautious here: the assumption that signals propagate only to singlet direction of time is essential also and derives from classical thermodynamics. In TGD framework second law continues to hold true but the arrow of geometric time for zero energy states changes in each state function reduction occurring to the either boundary of CD. Hence intantaneous communications ("remote seeing"!)using reflection in time direction become possible even over cosmological distances and define among other things the mechanism of memory in TGD Universe.

I have proposed earlier that UFO experiences could be induced with the mediation of primitive plasmoid like lifeforms taking the role of mediums making possible flux tube connections and entanglement with representatives of distant civilisations. Time consuming and expensive space travel would become un-necessary: our magnetic body giving us cosmic size together with zero energy ontology making possible instantaneous "seeing" of both future and past by reflection of photons in time direction would be enouh. This view would also resolve Fermi paradox. We would be actually in a continual contact with the distant civilisations but without realizing it. Similar contacts could take place in psychedelic induced experiences. Memories and future plans would be examples of "seeing" in time direction. The continual re-creation of the Universe by quantum jumps would of course mean that the actual future/past need not be same as those which are "seen". Shamans identify various plants as conscious entities teaching them - in TGD framework this would translate to magnetic bodies of representatives of distant civilisations remotely teaching the representatives of more primitive civilisations.

If the claims of shamans and true, one must ask whether our brain has well develpod tools available for building contacts with distant civilisations and what these tools might be. The receptors of neural transmitters are obviously the natural candidates for the pathways to cosmos. One can argue that evolutionary pressures have forced living matter to develop highly standardized connections to various parts biological body, of the personal magnetic body and possibly also other magnetic bodies. Personal magnetic body has astrophysical size and EEG frequencies would correspond to communications in Earth size scale.

Neurotransmitter receptor complex as plug-ins to cosmic internet and new perspective on remote seeing

If the claims of shamans and true then one must ask whether our brain has well developed tools available for building contacts with distant civilisations and what these tools might be. The receptors of neural transmitters are obviously the natural candidates for the pathways to cosmos. One can argue that evolutionary pressures have forced living matter to develop highly standardized connections to various parts of the personal magnetic body and possibly also other magnetic bodies. Receptors serving as Josephson junctions emitting Josephson radiation with frequency characterised by heff are natural candidates for plug-ins.

The model for cell membrane as Josephson junction leads at the microscopic level to the view that the proteins associated with various ion pumps, channels, and receptors (of also neurotransmitters in postsynaptic junction) define Josephson junctions to which magnetic flux tubes are associated and characterized by local value of Josephson frequency, that is membrane potential and Planck constant heff. As the information molecule is attached to a receptor, a connection to some part of some magnetic body would be generated and split as the molecule is not present. These connections are possible in the scale cell, organelle, organ, organism, population and maybe even in the scale of cosmos. Psychedelics affect serotonin receptors so that serotonin spends longer time in receptor.

The simplest picture is that the connection corresponds to a pair of flux tubes. As the connection is broken, the pair has suffered reconnection cutting it to two U-shaped closed flux tubes. When molecule is attached to the receptor, these U-shape closed flux tubes reconnect. The actual situation is of course expected to be more complex but the basic principle would be this.

In this framework psychedelics would be molecules associated with the reaction pathways facilitating the binding of neurotransmitters responsible for building connections to certain parts of the magnetic bodies characterised by passwords defined by collections of cyclotron frequencies corresponding to a hierarchy of space-time sheets. The Josephson frequency associated with the receptor is inversely proportional to heff. The natural guess is that it corresponds to the cyclotron frequency of the magnetic body part for electron, proton, or some ion associated with it. Josephson frequency should serve as kind of passwords and receptors would be in one-one correspondence with these passwords defining gateways even to the outer space if the value of Planck constant is large enough.

One might be able to test this crazy hypothesis. Pineal gland could still serve as the "third eye" but utilizing large heff photons. Fishes and birds are able to navigate to their birth places: could this miracle involve "remote seeing" by pineal gland using the dark light coming along flux tubes or even active variant of this process by sending light which is reflected back in time direction (blue and red light are necessary for the ability to navigate). What about remote seeing in the usual sense: could psychedelics help also in this process?

For details and background see the chapter TGD Inspired view about remote mental interactions and paranormal of "TGD based view about living matter and remote mental interactions".


Anonymous said...

Re "hard-nosed skeptic" - even and especially Cartesian, Pyrrhonic etc. hard skepticism cannot doubt and deny experiencing as such, at least when experiencing (e.g. doubting). That is what perhaps poorly phrased "cogito ergo sum" means.

"Reality" is the catch-22 word here creating all the confusion, as it suggests and implies metaphysics of ontological realism independent of epistemology. But even most materialist reductionists (Enquist et alii) of today are forced to admit, that in (quantum) physics ontology and epistemology cannot be separated. Or rather, present the separation of ontology and epistemology as fault of philosophers that physics of inseparation only now corrects... ;).

There is endless variety to experiences in alternate states of mind, not just (narratives) of encounters with various spirit worlds, including "extraterrestial", but also fusing with Source, experiences of Zero energy states of endless creative potential, etc. etc.

The phenomenal experience of Mother Ayahuasca "taking over" has been that of very high intelligence and endless benevolence. The categories of "inner" and "outer" don't much aply. The theoretical analysis of these experiences suggest rather "4D-bound" classical experience limits opening to higher dimensional consciousness. In fact, already neoplatonic language referring to these experiences (7th heaven etc.) could be directly understood as dimensions. In this sense "remote" is of course misleading, limited-dimensional view of multidimensional level of experiencing and being. So, even more interesting question could be, what are the dimensional limitations and characteristics of magnetic bodies in TGD? And holographic dynamical relations between higher dimensional magnetic bodies and those of lower dimensional resolution?

Matti Pitkanen said...

Thank you for interesting comments. Your comment about separation of ontology and epistemology is interesting. When consciousness is one particular form of existence, it is not clear whether one can perform this separation. Knower is not anymore an outsider knowing about existence which is not affected by the knowing process but recreated. Universe with information, understanding, and knowledge about itself is not same as the Universe without it. Negentropic entanglement defining Akashic records is present.

The notion of dimension has been used in rather metaphoral sense when people - without mathematical eductation - speak about these experiences. As far as content is considered, separate space-time sheet could well corresponds the phrases "other multiverse" or to "higher dimensions".

In TGD basic objects are 4-dimensions and there are excellent and compelling mathematical reasons for this: D=4 is really unique mathematically.

The World of Classical Worlds serves as the arena of dynamics is infinite-dimensional. One can formally describe disjoint 4-surfaces with n components as 4*n-dimensional surfaces in 8*n-dimensional space just as in condensed matter physics n-particle system is formally described as single particle in 3*n-dimensional space.