Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New book about TGD inspired theory of consciousness and quantum biology

During last year I have been working hardly with two book projects: one book about TGD inspired theory of consciousness and quantum biology and second one about TGD proper as a unification of fundamental interactions. One motivation for the books is that a lot has happened during since the publishing of the earlier book about TGD. The books try to condense the rather extensive amount of material appearing as 17 online books at my homepage.

The project has been extremely fruitful: I dare say that the basic principles and interpretation of TGD are now well-understood. In particular, the relationship of TGD to GRT and standard model. Also the notion of self is now formulated in simple and clear manner and the relationship between geometric time and experienced time follows in elegant manner from zero energy ontology based generalisation of quantum measurement theory.

The first book is now finished and in print. It has title "TGD Based View about Consciousness and Living Matter". The 666-page book serves as a summary about the key ideas and implications of TGD inspired theory of consciousness and of living matter.

Lambert Publishing House is the publisher. The book can be ordered at


Ulla said...

Congratulations. A big job done. said...

It *was* a big job. More than often I felt like being Sisyfos: I update and update and un-updated files keep coming back. I still do not know, whether I am a victim of a devilish virus, whether the computer's operating system cannot keep count for the versions
of file, or whether the text processing programs are so miserable!

Anonymous said...


Have you ever stopped to think about where theoretical inspiration comes from?

You must know! You have a lot of it. said...

Yes. I think that the most important source of inspiration is that one has an own idea, which also works. Of course experimental input is overall important and it comes naturally if the idea works.

At least I could not motivate myself to do just calculations in a given model. This kind of activity might is probably fascinating for some colleagues since it also require creativity and discovery. For me not.

Anonymous said...

Matti, about your editing problems, you might benefit from revision control software used by programmers. it is "distrbuted" but you don't have to use it that way. it can be entirely "local" to your computer said...

Thank you.