Sunday, March 22, 2015

What TGD is and what it is not

People, in particular those in academy, tend to see TGD from their perspective often defined by a heavy specialization to a rather narrow discipline. This is of course understandable but often leads to rather comic mis-understandings and considerable intellectual violence and my heart is crying when I see how brilliant ideas are bleeding in the heavy grasp of big academic hands. The following is a humble attempt to express concisely what TGD is not and also what new TGD can give to physics - just to avoid more violence.

  1. TGD is not just General Relativity made concrete by using imbeddings: the 4-surface property is absolutely essential for unifying standard model physics with gravitation. The many-sheeted space-time of TGD gives rise only at macroscopic limit to GRT space-time as a slightly curved Minkowski space. TGD is not a Kaluza-Klein theory although color gauge potentials are analogous to gauge potentials in these theories. TGD is not a particular string model although string world sheets emerge in TGD very naturally as loci for spinor modes: their 2-dimensionality makes among other things possible quantum deformation of quantization known to be physically realized in condensed matter, and conjectured in TGD framework to be crucial for understanding the notion of finite measurement resolution. TGD space-time is 4-D and its dimension is due to completely unique conformal properties of 3-D light-like surfaces implying enormous extension of the ordinary conformal symmetries. TGD is not obtained by performing Poincare gauging of space-time to introduce gravitation.

  2. In TGD framework the counterparts of also ordinary gauge symmetries are assigned to super-symplectic algebra, which is a generalization of Kac-Moody algebras rather than gauge algebra and suffers a fractal hierarchy of symmetry defining hierarchy of criticalities. TGD is not one more quantum field theory like structure based on path integral formalism: path integral is replaced with functional integral over 3-surfaces, and the notion of classical space-time becomes exact part of the theory. Quantum theory becomes formally a purely classical theory of WCW spinor fields: only state function reduction is something genuinely quantal.

  3. TGD is in some sense extremely conservative geometrization of entire quantum physics: no additional structures such as torsion and gauge fields as independent dynamical degrees of freedom are introduced: Kähler geometry and associated spinor structure are enough. Twistor space emerges as a technical tool and its Kähler structure is possible only for H=M4× CP2. What is genuinely new is the infinite-dimensional character of the Kähler geometry making it highly unique, and its generalization to p-adic number fields to describe correlates of cognition. Also the hierarchies of Planck constants heff=n× h and p-adic length scales and Zero Energy Ontology represent something genuinely new.


Anonymous said...

Dear Matti,

I am sorry if my recent questions in the Blog or Email contain misunderstanding from my perspective.

I Can't prevent myself to ask another misunderstanding:)in the following from your last answer:

You noted: "Em charge relates to CP_2 holonomy rotations and phase rotations of spinors acting as symmetry of Kahler-Dirac action."

Take an object on your hand, this object is a 3-surface in M4*CP2. one can define induced spinors on this 3-surface and ask about corresponding charge. what is this charge? i guess this charge at this level is just it's mass. if this is not correct, what is this charge?
Also there is hierarchy of hydrodynamics. first at the level of elementary particles and the higher is at the level of atomic particles. Em charge at first level and mass at second level have similar role?

"All induced gauge fields are expressible in terms of imbedding space coordinate and for space-time surfaces representable as maps from M^4 to CP_2 "

What is these induced gauge fields at the level of macroscopic objects? one can ask are they just gravitation and gravitomagnetic and gravitoweak! fields?
it is very attractive if the moon is just (gravito)neutrino for earth!!!! that has very lower mass rather than earth. maybe moon has the similar role for earth that neutrino has for electron!.

Hamed. said...

Dear Hamed, no reason to be sorry!! I am happy that there are people with courage to make questions and try really learn about TGD rather than trying to violently force it to some existing paradigm! This is the intellectual integrity and honesty.

Concerning your question. In micro-scale spinors are localised to strings connecting wormhole throats. The electromagnetic charge is quantum number of spinor modes and well-defined just because of this localisation to string world sheet which has vanishing W boso fields which would mix different charge states say electron and neutrino.

One can also write explicitly the Noether charge as integer over string as an operator bilinear in second quantized spinor field at string.
You charged take a partial derivative of K-D action with respect to Psi and put the change of Psi in the gauge rotation which includes ask phase multiplication to get the Noether current. said...

Dear Hamed,

concerning your second question about induced gauge field.

With our recent technology we are not able to detect what happens at the level of single space-time sheet. We see them only through anomalies such as several neutrino speeds in case of SN1987A. We of course see the many-sheetedness directly as boundaries of physical objects but this is not a measurement!

We must treat the sheets as single sheet, and even forget CP_2 and approximate it as slightly curved Minkowski space carrying in it gravitational field and gauge fields.

Gravitational field is sum of the deviations of induced metric from the Minkowski metric at the individual sheets. Gauge potentials are sums of induced gauge potentials at sheets. Just this sum makes it possible to treat them as independent fields if the number of sheets is large enough. The approximate description is in terms of standard model in M^4.

This representation can be understood from what happens for test particle touching all these sheets simultaneously: it experiences the sum of gravitational and gauge forces from different sheets. Effects superpose at fundamental level only. In GRT-gauge theory description fields superpose. said...

After this replacement of many-sheeted space-time everything is what colleagues are doing at CERN! Very conservative. Most exotic effects disappear. No hope anymore of understanding what living matter is, etc… Too much has been lost!

Anonymous said...

Dear Matti,

Thanks for the answers.

We have a hierarchy of dark matter bodies. Does the bodies became larger and larger in each corresponding quantum jump? when we was borned these hierarchy of our bodies started to propagating from us. "i " is refer to all of the hierarchy of bodies(containing our light body and hierarchy of dark bodies). our light body is going very fast(velocity of light)
what is velocity of dark bodies?

Now after many years after our borning, our bodies have cosmological sizes. if we are conscious by them, we must be conscious from cosmological phenomenas. we see stars in the sky, does this means our light body(not dark body) is just at the size that we see the stars? does our dark bodies have smaller sizes? said...

Macroscopic physics of everyday life seems to demonstrate the presence of dark matter: as it demonstrates also directly the many-sheeted space-time - we really see it. To avoid misinterpretation I want to emphasize that many-sheeted space-time is in question and magnetic body is the key notion: darkness - large h_eff etc..-is associated with it!

The lengths of magnetic flux tubes/string associated with them define the distances between composite particles of dark body. For instance, gravitational bound states having no perturbative quantum description in string model because coupling parameter GMm is much larger unity in macro scales , are possible because of dark gravitons at flux tubes mediating the gravitational interaction.

Without them only Planck length bound objects would be possible since the string tension connecting the objects - partonic 3-surfaces in TGD - would be 1/hbar*G in string models where
string tension is fixed and breaks the basic rule of good theory: no purely geometric dimensional parameters!

In TGD framework the string tension associated with the effective area defined by anticommutators of Kahler-Dirac gamma matrices scales as 1/h_eff^2 and the size of bound states scales like h_eff. h_eff=h_gr= GMm/v_0 gives correct estimate for the size of gravitationally bound states as 1/v_0 multiple of Schwartschild radius. Gravitation is indeed macroscopically quantum coherent phenomenon: one example is superfluid fountain effect.

One could say that the flux tubes mediating interactions can be dark and if they carry monopole flux they must have large enough Planck constant. said...

Dear Hamed,

evolution of organism would spontaneously tend to increase the value of h_eff at given level of hierarchy of flux tubes. Flux tubes tend to get longer.

A good example comes from molecular biology. In cell replication DNA gets replicated. The mystery is why the differentiation of the cell is inherited by the daughter cell. The proteins responsible for the differetiation are transcription factors: they disappear during the replication. Somehow they emerge later in both daughter and mother cell.

The explanation is simple: the magnetic flux tubes connecting them to DNA get longer in spontaneous increase of h_eff during the replication. Later metabolism forces them back to higher criticality: h_eff is reduced and transcription factors are there again. Same mechanism is universal mechanism of catalysis: it brings the reacts at the ends of flux tubes near to each other. said...

This tendency is visible also during the evolution of individual. h_eff increases and
thinking and experiencing becomes more and more abstract. Theatre piece does not have the
same effect as it had at young age since one has seen so many of them and most of it is
predictable. "Nothing new under the Sun".

Our many-sheeted bodies have also space-time sheets of astrophysical size: we are
connected by gravitation mediating flux tubes to arbitrarily distant partonic 2-surfaces
in cosmos.

Of course, also standard physics would say that our bodies generate fields extending to arbitrary long distances.

What is the new thing is the many-sheeted description of fields in terms of tubes and hierarchy of criticality's - h_eff hierarchy and hierarchy of broken super-symplectic symmetries. This quantum critical Universe makes life possible.

We must only learn to think in terms of many-sheeted space-time instead of the space-time we have got used to and which is somewhat boring in its topological dullness. After this the Universe is again that magic place that it was before we started to study academic physics and began to learn arrogant "nothing but"'s;-).