Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Impressions created by TSC 2015 conference

Towards a Science of Consciousness conference (TCS 2015) was held in Helsinki June 8-13. The conference was extremely interesting with a lot of excellent lectures, and it is clear that a breakthrough is taking place and quantum theories of consciousness are becoming a respected field of science.

In the article below my impressions about the conference are described. They reflect only my limited scope of interest, and not even this since the number of representations was so large that it was possible to listen only a minor fraction of representations.

From my point of view the most interesting representations were related to the experimental findings about microtubules and also DNA. These findings allowing a much more detailed view about bio-molecular level of the self hierarchy having at the lowest level molecules having aromatic cycles carrying supra currents of pi electron pairs creating magnetic bodies of these basic selves. DNA, microtubules, and chlorophyll represent the basic biomolecules containing these aromatic cycles. Also neuro-active compounds (neurotransmitters, hallucinogens,…) involve them. Amino-adics phe,trp,tyr,and his would represent subselves (mental images) of proteins in this picture so that the picture about molecular self hierarchy is becoming very concrete.

In the earlier posting I already considered TGD based model for the action of anesthetes.

My impressions about TSC 2015 are described in the article Impressions created by TSC 2015 conference.


PlatoHagel said...

Hi Matti,

I was wondering if there were any abstracts or considerations on Quantum Cognition?


Matpitka@luukku.com said...

There were. I commented the talks about quantum cognition in the article: there you can find also a link to abstracts about quantum cognition. The program with links to abstracts is at https://tsc2015.sched.org .

PlatoHagel said...

Thanks Matti,

Quantum Cognition and Intergrative Models.pdf .pdf


streamfortyseven said...

you might find this to be of interest - http://williambrownscienceoflife.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Fractal-geometry-enables-information-transmission-through-resonance1.pdf It's a paper by the Bandyopadhyay group.

streamfortyseven said...

This is where Bandyopadhyay got his scaling factors, which might map onto TGD - there might be a homeomorphism here: http://hiup.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/scalinglaw_paper.pdf

Matpitka@luukku.com said...

To Plato:

The abstract in the link brings strongly in my mind my proposal that magnetic flux tubes form a kind of 3-D co-ordinate grid serving as a kind of sensory backbone for living systems making it possible to have consciousness about existence of body. There exist evidence for this kind of coordinate grids. The flux tubes would involve at molecular level aromatic cycles as basic molecular conscious entities.

DNA would have this kind of "coordinate line" along it as superconducting flux tube pair (always pairs to obtain high temperature superconductivity by TGD inspired mechanism). The superconductivity would be induced by dark photon irradiation or AC fields at resonance frequencies as Bandyopadhyay found already before similar discovery for microtubules.

DNA as topological quantum computer model predicted flux tubes connecting DNA to lipid layers: these would define other two orthogonal co-ordinate axis.

A further interesting finding is that conjugated DNA nucleotides have 1 and 2 cycles respectively. In double strand one has 3 cycles and the mechanism for super-conductivity suggests strongly that 3-braid results in reconnection of the flux tubes. 3-braid defines the minimal system able to topologically quantum compute and corresponding braid group is minimal interesting one.

Also in the case of MTs trp and phe define similar pair of cycles and the analog of double strand could define 3-braid. Also tyr and his define conjugate pair in the similar manner. It would be nice to look for the structure of proteins and folded proteins to see whether one can imagine braids formed by phe,trp, tyr, his.

Matpitka@luukku.com said...

To streamfortyseven:

Thank you. I will look!

PonderSeekDiscover said...




Matpitka@luukku.com said...

Thank you for the links.

I remember the Godel,Escher, Bach of Hofstadter where he described the essence of englightment according to Zen Buddhism. The answer to question "Yes or No?" is "mu". That is there is no answer. This is the essence of negentropic entanglement for qubit when probabilities are identical since any basis for quits is possible: there are no notion of opposite.

Conference helped to take seriously the possibility that if the algebraic valued probabilities defined by eigenvalues of density matrix are not identical but outside the algebraic extension used, then also entanglement could be negentropic and stable against state function reduction, unless a phase transition extending the extension occurs.

This would correspond to NE representing rule or concept as superposition of pairs of instances. This would represent the usual cognition when" Yes or No?" has answer.

Anonymous said...


also, this discussion brings to mind the double entendre