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Re-incarnation as a basic prediction of TGD inspired theory of consciousness

Life has been hard for skeptics during last two decades. A typical skeptic has as building bricks of his ego the items in the list of notions that they regard as pseudoscientific. This allows to attack the people who have the gift of imagination and passion for genuine understanding, which skeptics unfortunately do not possess. What makes attacks easy that no arguments based on contents are needed and the skeptic need not waste his time by trying to understand the arguments of the person to be labelled as pseudoscientist or crackpot.

The typical rhetoric tricks used begin from replacement of Dr X with Mr X and end up with the "conclusion" that the work of Mr X is totally incomprehensible. I have learned that rather often skeptic of this kind is an academic dropout who never managed to do his MsC. Obviously, the role of skeptic became a manner to survive socially and retain the illusion "I am a scientist". During last decades the list of pseudoscientific notions has shortened item by item as quantum biology and quantum consciousness have emerged as respected branches of science. The notion of re-incarnation has been certainly regarded as one of safest pillars supporting the ego of skeptic but even this pillar is in danger to fall down. Poor skeptics.

It is indeed amusing how fast the attitudes change as ideas evolve and experimental data emerge. Only few years ago I could not say anything definite about reincarnation in the framework of TGD inspired theory of consciousness. Now it has become an unavoidable prediction of zero energy ontology (ZEO), which itself is a "must" in TGD framework.

The prediction related to re-incarnation is however not quite what one might have expected. In death of self a reincarnation as time reversed conscious entity takes place. For time reversed self subjective time evolution corresponds to evolution in a reverse direction of geometric time. The next death/reincarnation after this re-incarnation gives rise a mental image for which the arrow of geometric time is the original one.

Can one test this prediction? If one accepts the predicted fractal self hierarchy in which sub-selves correspond to mental images of self, this is possible. I am too lazy to retype basics about ZEO, CDs, and about how self as generalized Zeno effect emerges and just assume that reader knows the basic concepts or sees to trouble to refresh her knowledge about them.

  1. Self hierarchy predicts that also our mental images are conscious entities. Motor-sensory dichotomy naturally corresponds to sub-self and time reversed sub-self. That is sensory mental image and that associated with motor action induced by sensory input. Motor action initiated in the geometric past at the opposite boundary of causal diamond (CD) (this explains Libet's finding that conscious decision is preceded by neural activity in geometric time). Note that motor action does not proceed from brain to muscles but in reversed time direction from muscles to brain! This conforms with the vision in which magnetic body is intentional agent.

  2. To proceed one must identify EEG correlates for the sub-selves (mental images) and their time reversed re-incarnates. Here the work of Fingelkurts brothers working in Finland helps. They postulate what they call operational architecture of brain (OA) having operations (O) and operational modules (OM) as building bricks. Quasi-stationary EEG segments are assumed to serve as correlates for operations and synchrony of these segments associated with various locations in brain tells that they belong to the same OM.

    Synchrony means spatio-temporal coherence - not only spatial - and is very natural concept in ZEO, where 4-D CDs and space-time surfaces inside them serve as geometric correlates of selves. Synchrony implies that these EEG segments at different spatial locations begin and end at the same time. Between EEG segments there is rapid transition period (RTP) allowing to distinguish segments from each other. Quasi-stationary segments of EEG have average duration is about .3 seconds.

    The translation of this picture to TGD framework is rather straighforward. Operations correspond to sub-selves and OMs to collections of them forming sub-selves of self. CDs (sub-CDs) in turn serve as geometric correlates for selves (sub-selves). The quasi-stationary segments of EEG become correlates for sub-selves/mental images. Operational module corresponds to a self/CD having sub-selves/sub-CDs with synchronous EEG segments. The average duration of mental image would be about .3 seconds.

    Two sub-sequent quasi-stationary segments separated by RTP would correspond to sub-self and its re-incarnation in the original time direction. Note that a very brief period of geometric time defined by the duration of RTP identifiable as the duration of a unitary time evolution between two sub-sequent state function reductions at the same boundary of CD corresponds to a finite duration of experienced time - the lifetime of the time reversed mental image!

    The testable prediction is that the segment corresponding to time-reversed sub-self is located in geometric past and runs in opposite direction of geometric time. This EEG segment should be assignable to motor response accompanying sensory mental image. This is a highly non-trivial prediction testing the new view about time.

  3. One can check whether these EEG segments appear as pairs with first member assignable to sensory mental image and second one to motor mental image. Time reversal implies that second law is obeyed in "wrong" time direction for EEG segment assignable to the motor output and this can be tested. Already Fantappie discovered that both directions of (geometric) time appear in living matter and introduced the notion of syntropy as time reversal of entropy. Spontaneous molecular self-assembly is a basic example of a syntropic process and identifiable as a decay process in reverse direction of geometric time. Phase conjugation is known to occur for phase conjugate laser light and sound. Does a process analogous to self-assembly occur for segments of EEG associated with motor actions: is the motor part of EEG time reversed? To answer this question one needs phase information about EEG besides power spectrum. In principle this information is contained in EEG.

For background see the chapter About the nature of time or the brief note Questions related to the notions of self and time.

For a summary of earlier postings see Latest progress in TGD.


Anonymous said...

Life is good for Pyrrhonian skeptic. Pseudoskeptics who dogmatically commit to materialistic scientism are just... you know, pseudo.

Matti Pitkänen said...

Yes. I hope I made clear that I regarded myself as a skeptic in the original sense of the word. People calling themselves skeptics form a kind of governmental police of main stream science. In Finland I have been one of the scientific dissidents becoming victims of this organisation. They are fools but academic community needs them to do the dirty work.

Anonymous said...

"The prediction related to re-incarnation is however not quite what one might have expected. In death of self a reincarnation as time reversed conscious entity takes place. For time reversed self subjective time evolution corresponds to evolution in a reverse direction of geometric time. The next death/reincarnation after this re-incarnation gives rise a mental image for which the arrow of geometric time is the original one."

I am trying to better understand the implications of this theory of reincarnation. I thought of this concept in philosophy/religion: said...

Now the recurrence/re-incarnation does not take place as identifical copy. For instance, CD increases in size all the time and even smallest CD becomes eventually a cosmos. This increase in size correspond to single arrow for subjective time. For geometric time associated with it the direction changes alternately.

Reincarnation would happen even for entire cosmos meaning different realization of cyclic cosmology- not as dull repetition of one and same thing but as genuine evolution. Cosmos would be also quantum coherent system. As a byproduct this resolves the mysterious constancy of cosmic temperature at scales in which communications have not been possible by classical signals. Macroscopic quantum coherence in cosmic scales.

jonimatti joutsijärvi said...

btw. Fingelkurts brothers link is not workin. said...

Thank You. It should work now.