Monday, February 27, 2017

Questions related to the twistor lift of Kähler action

During last couple years a kind of palace revolution has taken place in the formulation and interpretation of TGD. The notion of twistor lift and 8-D generalization of twistorialization have dramatically simplified and also modified the view about what classical TGD and quantum TGD are.

The notion of adelic physics suggests the interpretation of scattering diagrams as representations of algebraic computations with diagrams producing the same output from given input are equivalent. The simplest possible manner to perform the computation corresponds to a tree diagram. As will be found, it is now possible to even propose explicit twistorial formulas for scattering formulas since the horrible problems related to the integration over WCW might be circumvented altogether.

From the interpretation of p-adic physics as physics of cognition, heff/h=n could be interpreted as the order of Galois group. Discrete coupling constant evolution would correspond to phase transitions changing the extension of rationals and its Galois group. TGD inspired theory of consciousness is an essential part of TGD and the crucial Negentropy Maximization Principle in statistical sense follows from number theoretic evolution as increase of the order of Galois group for extension of rationals defining adeles.

During the re-processing of the details related to twistor lift, it became clear that the earlier variant for the twistor lift can be criticized and allows an alternative. This option led to a simpler view about twistor lift, to the conclusion that minimal surface extremals of Kähler action represent only asymptotic situation near boundaries of CD (external particles in scattering), and also to a re-interpretation for the p-adic evolution of the cosmological constant: cosmological term would correspond to the entire 4-D action and the cancellation of Kähler action and cosmological term would lead to the small value of the effective cosmological constant. The pleasant observation was that the correct formulation of 6-D Kähler action in the framework of adelic physics implies that the classical physics of TGD does not depend on the overall scaling of Kähler action but that quantum classical
correspondence implies this dependence. It is however too early to select between the two options.

For details see the new chapter Some Questions Related to the Twistor Lift of TGD of "Towards M-matrix" or the article with the same title.

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