Tuesday, April 04, 2017

New pseudoscalar meson at LHC?

This posting is an good example of blunders that one cannot avoid when targeted by huge information torrents! The article telling about the bump was one year old. Thanks for "Mitchell"! I however want to leave posting here since it I have a strong suspicion that the M89 physics is indeed there. It might serve as a reminder!

Extremely interesting finding at LHC. Not 5 sigma finding but might be something real. There is evidence for the existence of a meson with mass 750 GeV decaying to gamma pair. The only reasonable candidate is pseudo-scalar or scalar meson.

What says TGD? M89 hadron physics is the basic "almost prediction" of TGD. Mass scale is scaled up from that of ordinary hadron physics characterized by M107 by a factor of 512.

About two handfuls of bumps with masses identifiable in TGD framework as scaled up masses for the mesons of ordinary hadron physics have been reported. See the article. The postings of Lubos trying to interpret the bumps as Higgses predicted by SUSY have been extremely helpful. No-one in the hegemony has of course taken this proposal seriously and the bumps have been forgotten since people have been trying to find SUSY and dark matter particles, certainly not TGD!

What about this new bump? It has mass about 750 GeV. The scaling down by 1/512 gives mass about 1.465 GeV
for the corresponding meson of the ordinary hadron physics. It should be flavorless and have spin 0 and would be most naturally pseudoscalar.

By going to Particle Data Tables and clicking "Mesons" and looking for "Light Unflavored Mesons" one finds that there are several unflavored mesons with mass near 1.465 GeV. Vector mesons do not decay to gamma pair and also most pseudoscalar mesons decay mostly via strong interactions. There is however only one decaying also to gamma pair: η(1475)! The error for the predicted mass is 1.3 per cent.

There are of many other ordinary mesons decaying also to gamma pairs and LHC might make history of science by trying to find them at masses scaled up by 512.

See the article M89 Hadron Physics and Quantum Criticality or the chapter New Particle Physics Predicted by TGD: Part I of p-Adic Physics.

For a summary of earlier postings see Latest progress in TGD.

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Mitchell said...

Sorry but that article is a year old. The 750 GeV bump went away.

Matti Pitkänen said...

Thanks! I did not not notice that! I will make a correction but leave it as it is since I strongly suspect that it is there!

Anonymous said...

750 bump appearing and disappearing as experimenter effect? But how do you measure who is measuring?

Matti Pitkänen said...

Single bump does not mean anything. If there are about 10 bumps with predicted masses, then those who measure should realize that there might be something there. As I said, the experimenters do what influental theoreticians order them to do: search for SUSY, dark matter, etc... And the stagnation continues...