Sunday, August 13, 2017

Are we all artists?: or what my "Great Experience" taught me about consciousness

Are all of us artists? I could immediately answer the question: we are artists - all of us. This is what my "Great Experience" taught me about consciousness before I had any theory of consciousness. I started to work systematically with the problem of consciousness - that is to write a book, which is the manner I work - only 10 years after this experience.

What I claim is that the construction of sensory mental images is not a passive process but a creation of an artwork, kind of caricature giving a representation of the sensory input optimal as far as survival is considered. This means decomposition of the sensory input to features and picking up the key features relevant for the survival.

The article with link below is a written and slightly longer version of a talk in which I told about the role of vision in sensory experience seen in the theoretical framework provided by TGD inspired theory of consciousness. I decided to tell about my "Great Experience around 1985 since it divides my life to two parts: life before and after this experience, and because this experience provided fascinating insights to consciousness and perception, not only visual, but also auditory perception and proprioception (body experience). I have told about this experience in my homepage (see this) and in some material in books and articles to be found there (for instance).

There are online books about TGD proper and two published books (Luniver and Bentham). For TGD inspired theory of consciousness and quantum biology see the online books at my homepage and the published book about consciousness and quantum biology (Lambert). The article Philosophy of Adelic Physics published by Springer explains the recent vision about the mathematics forced by consciousness theory.

For details see the article Are we all artists?: or what my "Great Experience" taught me about consciousness or the chapter Magnetospheric sensory representations of "Magnetospheric consciousness".

For a summary of earlier postings see Latest progress in TGD.

Articles and other material related to TGD.

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