Thursday, March 08, 2018

Could Posner molecules and cortex realize a representation of genetic code?

They are now starting to get to the right right track in quantum computation!: see the popular article in Cosmos about the an advance in quantum computing by an Australian research team led by Mischelle Simmons published in Nature communications. The life-time of qubits represented by phosphorus (P) nuclei having spin 1/2 is unexpectedly long so that they are excellent candidate for qubits in quantum computation.

They have started to learn from biology! P is a key atom in metabolism and Fisher already earlier suggested that Posner molecules containing 9 Ca atoms and 6 phosphates could be a central element of life. Just now I realized that P atoms of Posner molecule could serve as qubits and 6 qubits in Posner molecule could realize genetic code with 64 code words. Could our bone marrow be performing massive quantum computations utilizing genetic code?!

Remark: Totally unrelated association: the magic number 6 appears also in the structure of cortex: could the six layers represent qubits and realize genetic code?

Posner molecules are the basic stuff of bones. What is required is however non-standard value of heff =n×h giving longer lifetime for the qubits realized as nuclear spins. The cyclotron frequency in the endogenous magnetic field Bend=.2 Gauss field central in TGD inspired biology is 9.4 Hz, in alpha band and the Larmor freqency of O nucleus is 10.9 Hz, alpha band again!

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