Wednesday, September 05, 2018

The prediction of quantum theory for heat transfer rate fails: evidence for the hierarchy of Planck constants

I encountered in FB a highly interesting finding discussed in two popular articles (see this and this). The original article (see this) is behind paywall but one can find the crucial figure 5 online (see this) . It seems that experimental physics is in the middle of revolution of century and theoretical physicists straying in superstring landscape do not have a slightest idea about what is happening.

The size scale of objects studied - membranes in temperature of order room temperature T=300 K for instance - is about 1/2 micrometers: cell length scale range is in question. They produce radiation and other similar object is heated if there is temperature difference between the objects. The heat flow is proportional to the temperature difference and radiative conductance called Grad characterizes the situation. Planck's black body radiation law, which initiated the development of quantum theory for more than century ago, predicts Grad at large enough distances.

  1. The radiative transfer is larger than predicted by Planck's radiation law at small distances (nearby region) of order average wavelength of thermal radiation deducible from its temperature. This is not a news.

  2. The surprise was that radiative conductance is 100 times larger than expected from Planck's law at large distances (faraway region) for small objects with size of order .5 micron. This is a really big news.

The obvious explanation in TGD framework is provided by the hierarchy of Planck constants. Part of radiation has Planck constant heff=n×h0, which is larger than the standard value of h=6h0 (good guess for atoms). This scales up the wavelengths and the size of nearby region is scaled up by n. Faraway region can become effectively nearby region and conductance increases.

My guess is that this unavoidably means beginning of the second quantum revolution brought by the hierarchy of Planck constants. These experimental findings cannot be put under the rug anymore.

See the chapter Quantum criticality and dark matter "Hyper-finite factors, p-adic length scale hypothesis, and dark matter hierarchy".

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