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Does 160 minute period define a universal "alpha rhythm"?

Sometimes there is a flood of interesting links in FB. This happened also now after a dry period lasting for months. First came new results related to Aleph anomaly, then new discoveries related to the spin puzzle of proton, and now about finding suggesting an analog of fundamental biorhythm 10 Hz in cosmic scales.

The posting in Tallbloke's talkshop titled Evidence for a 160 minute oscillation affecting Galaxies and the Solar System tells about the finding by Valery Kotov that many celestial objects have parameters, which correspond to a fundamental frequency of 160.0101 minutes. There is an overwhelming evidence that a non-local phenomenon is in question. For instance, Earth day is 9 times 160 minutes.

The article gives a long list of links to works demonstrating the presence of this period. See for instance Kotov S.V, Kotov V.A., 1997, Astron. Nachr. 318, 121-128.

This period occurs in many contexts.

  1. Infrasonic oscillations, measured by Doppler effect, on the surface of Sun corresponds to a period of 160,01 minutes. These oscillations were discovered by Kotov and have been conformed by several other laboratories.
  2. Variation of the luminosity of Sun and some other stars.
  3. Period of variations of Delta Scuti stars has been found to be 162+/- 4 min and RR Lyrae stars 161.4+/-1.6 minutes.
This finding relates in an interesting manner to TGD based model of living systems in which cyclotron frequencies in endogenous magnetic field of .2 Gauss = .2×10-4 Tesla play a key role.
  1. For iron the cyclotron frequency is around 10 Hz which is fundamental biorhythm- alpha rhythm.

  2. 160 min cyclotron frequency for Fe would correspond to magnetic field of .2 nT.

  3. Interstellar or galactic magnetic field strengths are not far from this strength.

    • 1 nT for galactic magnetic field is claimed here. This would give 32 min period.

    • For interstellar magnetic field the value 0.1 nTesla for interstellar magnetic field is claimed here.

    • The value .3 nT for interstellar magnetic field is claimed at here.

The proposed value .2 nT is half-way between these two values. Maybe there is fundamental biorhythm in cosmic scales! This is more or less predicted by TGD based vision about quantum coherence in all length scales made possible by the hierarchy of Planck constants heff=n×h0 predicted to define phases of ordinary matter identifiable as dark matter.

For large values of heff predicted by TGD the energies of the dark cyclotron photons can be above thermal threshold in living matter. This implies that the dark cyclotron radiation can have non-trivial effects on living manner: this kind of effects actually led to the idea about hierarchy of Planck constants. Now it can be deduced from what I call adelic physics. The proposal is that bio-photons covering at least visible and UV range result as dark photons with say EEG frequencies transform to ordinary photons.

In TGD inspired biology the cyclotron frequencies defining coordinating rhythms and the recent proposal is that both sensory perception and motor actions and long term memory rely on a universal mechanism based on formation of holograms and their reading using dark cyclotron photon beam as reference beam. Could this mean that this mechanism is used even in galactic and cosmic scales so that life would be everywhere as TGD based theory of consciousness predicts?

See the article Could 160 minute oscillation affecting Galaxies and the Solar System correspond to cosmic "alpha rhythm"? or the chapter About the Nottale's formula for hgr and the possibility that Planck length lP and CP2 length R are identical.

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