Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Fluctuations of Newton's constant in sub-millimeter scales as evidence for TGD

Sabine Hossenfelder had a posting about rather interesting article related to possible new gravitational physics appearing in sub-millimeter length scales. Washington group has reported evidence for the variation of the effective value of Newton's constant in sub-millimeter scales. The proposed interpretation in terms of spatially oscillating variation of the effective value of G discussed in the article "Hints of Modified Gravity in Cosmos and in the Lab?" does not look convincing. The reader is encouraged to look for the figure 19 of this article about the observed anomalous torque claimed to have interpretation in terms of spatial oscillations of the gravitational potential. The fit is however far from convincing and several wavelength minimizing the deviation of the fit are possible. A more convincing intepretation is in terms of fluctuations of Newton's constant not predicted by standard modifications of General Relativity. These fluctuations have been observed allready earlier seem to be larger than allowed by measurement resolution.

TGD suggest an interpretation in terms of fluctuations in the value of G. The fluctuations are predicted to be make themselves visible in p-adic lengths scales assignable to the density of vacuum energy. The correspondence between these relatively short p-adic length scales and the hierarchy of cosmological p-adic length scales defined by length scale dependent cosmological constant Λ suggests that gravitational physics at short and long length scales reflect each other. Biologically interesting p-adic length scales would be of special interest quantum gravitationally.

See the article Fluctuations of Newton's constant in sub-millimeter scales as evidence for TGD or the chapter About the Nottale's formula for hgr and the possibility that Planck length lP and CP2 length R are identical of "Physics in Many-sheeted space-time".

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