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50 Hz electric stimulation of central lateral thalamus can wake up from anaesthesia

Thanks for Ashton Martin for very interesting link related to neuroscience. The popular article tells about the work of Michelle Redinbaugh et al (see this).The researchers have conducted experiment on monkeys in anaesthesia and conclude that the activation of central lateral thalamus by 50 Hz electric oscillations may enable consciousness. Activation of the central lateral thalamus and deep layers of the cerebral cortex drives pathways in the brain that carry information between the parietal and frontal lobe in the brain, the study suggests.

From TGD point view the conclusion is too far fetched and reflects the naive "consciousness-module" thinking. The fining is however very interesting from the view point of TGD inspired theory of consciousness and quantum biology.

  1. The wakeup from anaesthesia happened using 50 Hz electric stimulation of cetral lateral thalamus.

  2. In TGD framework magnetic body (MB) carries dark matter as phases of ordinary matter with effective Planck constant heff=n×h0, which can be very large. n serves as a kind of IQ and MB serves as a master using biological body (BB) - in particular brain - as slave. EEG and it scale variants serve as a tool for communication to and control by MB. EEG photons are dark with large heff and can transform to bio-photons in visible and UV energy range and thus affect molecular transitions.

  3. MB has layered structure with cyclotron frequencies of biologically important ions associated with the control by MB in "endogenous" magnetic field Bend= .2 Gauss identifiable as monopole flux part of Earth's magnetic field about .5 Gauss. Bend explains the findings of Blackman and others about the effects of ELF radiation on brain and also why EEG correlates with consciousness and brain state. Without MB sending of EEG radiation to outer space would be horrible waste of energy resources.

  4. For 7Li the cyclotron frequency for Bend is 50 Hz. Litium is known to have healing effect on depression and heal axonal infection. Depression and other problems could be due to the lack of communications to MB or control by MB. This would be due to a lack of magnetic flux tubes containing cyclotron B-E condensate of biologically important ions. MB could not take care of BB.

  5. Interestingly, the rate of lightnings in Earth's atmosphere is 50 Hz (see this) and corresponds to a very strong peak in the em resonance spectrum of Earth including also Schumann resonances at 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39, 45 and 59 Hertz (see this). TGD inspired theory of consciousness predicting self hierarchy and that the MB of Earth - Magnetic Mother Gaia - is also a conscious entity, suggests a connection.

  6. The finding suggests that some layer of MB of thalamus region producing dark cyclotron radiation at cyclotron frequency of Li manages to wake up this brain region in presence of irradiation. How?

    1. The model of water memory based on MB and water as a poly-phase involving dark magnetic flux tubes with heff=n×h0 suggests that 50 Hz frequency generates in water flux tubes with cyclotron frequency of 50 Hz which act as receiving and sending antennas.

    2. Water would detect this frequency by tuning the thickness of the flux tubes to tune cyclotron frequency to 50 Hz: this is possible for monopole flux tubes not allowed by Maxwellian ED: flux is conserved and changing the thickness changes the cyclotron frequency. The antennas can send and receive 50 Hz radiation. The 50 Hz antennae generated by oscillation em field would be able to receive the cyclotron radiation from MB and wake up.

    3. The flux tubes can also tune to the cyclotron frequencies associated with the MBs of invader molecules and this would make possible to generate "fake" molecules as MBs of water clusters. This would explain water memory, and give rise to basic recognition mechanism of immune system. Also homeopathy would be real effect and be based on the build-up of "fake" variants of molecules as flux tube antennae tuned to cyclotron frequency spectrum of MB of molecule. This requires metabolic energy feed to increase the value of heff at magnetic flux tubes and the agitation of water would provide this energy.

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