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Why diseases do not like alkaline environments?

I received from Wes Johnson a link telling about the twork of Otto Warburg. He received Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine in 1941 for his work related to both aerobic and anaerobic metabolism. In particular, he noticed that healthy cells use mostly oxygen based metabolism whereas cancer cells use more anaerobic metabolism meaning that they can split glucoses into lactic acid through the process of fermentation. Also ordinary cells can do this but much less effectively.

Warburg proposed that cancer cells “live in hypoxic, very low oxygen, and acidic conditions and derive energy from sugars by fermenting them the way yeast does”. As cancer progresses, the body becomes more and more acidic as its pH drops below 7.35. His discoveries were revolutionary for their time, and contributed greatly to what we know about cancer today.

Somewhat embarrassing, I have managed to not become aware of these findings. Alkaline environment means negatively charged ions neutralizing the positively charged ions due to the protons (small pH). One could think that this leads to healing of say cancer.

Before asking what the TGD inspired interpretation could be, consider the basic ideas of TGD inspired biology (see for instance this).

  1. TGD inspired quantum biology relies on the notions of magnetic body (MB) having monopole flux tubes as "body parts" carrying dark particles as ordinary particles with effective value heff=n×h0 of Plankc constant serving as a kind of IQ and a measure for algebraic complexity. n would be the dimension of extension of rationals characterizing the cognitive representation of the system in adelic physics). MB with hierarchical structure would be the "boss" receivig information from biological body (BB) as dark photons and controlling it by dark photon signals.

  2. The model for Pollack effect - irradiation of water in presence of gel generates exclusion zones, which are negatively charged regions - leads to the proposal that dark protons reside at flux tubes and give even rie to a realization of the genetic code already in water. Chemical realization would have emerged later during the evolution as a kind of mimicry of the deeper quantum dynamics at the level of MB.

  3. The explanation for the effects of ELF radiation on vertebrate led also to the proposal that the cyclotron frequencies of biologically important dark ions in endogenous magnetic field Bend= .2 Gauss are central for the communications between MB and BB. The interpretation is as monopole part of the Earth's magnetic field with nominal value BE= .5 Gauss.

  4. The communications of sensory data from cell membrane to MB are also central element of the model. Cell membrane would act as generalized Josephson junction. The generalized Josephson frequency would be difference of cyclotron frequencies of these ions (proton included) at the two sides of membrane + ordinary Josephson frequency- essentially membrane potential. The membrane potential would frequency modulate the Josephson frequency and in this manner coding information about electric environment to frequency modulation. MB would be at resonance and be resonance only occasionally: the communications from cell membrane would experienced by flux tube of MB as a sequence of ticks.

How could one understand that findings of Otto Warburg in this framework?
  1. I am still not quite sure whether pH as a measure for proton charge density counts dark protons at the magnetic flux tubes or only ordinary protons. If pH counts only ordinary protons, one might argue the number of dark protons with large heff at magnetic flux tubes of magnetic body (MB) is reduced as pH decreases - dark protons would transform to ordinary protons.

    The generation of dark protons requires metabolic energy so that the lack of appropriate metabolic energy feed could be one reason for the situation since the energy of the particle increases with heff: hence disease could be seen as a metabolic problem.

  2. Too low concentration of dark protons would also mean that overall "IQ" or complexity of the system measured by average value of heff for the spectrum of heff:s is reduced, and system can carry less conscious information. Hence disease could be seen as lower complexity and lower level of consciousness (TGD predicts hierarchy of conscious entities extending down to the level of elementary particles).

  3. The lack of dark protons and dark ions in general at magnetic flux tubes would make also the communication by dark cyclotron protons with the higher levels of magnetic body difficult: hence the disease could be interpreted as a failure of communications and control by MB.

  4. At the level of water dark magnetic flux tubes would serve as antennas receiving dark photons from higher layers of MB and also from exterior world. Water memory would rely on the ability of water to mimic the invade molecule by tuning the cyclotron frequencies flux tubes so that they are in resonance with the cyclotron frequencies of MB of the invader molecule.

    It is quite possible that MB and BB go out of tune: flux tubes associated with would have magnetic field with wrong strength and could not communicate to "big" part of MB. The refreshing of water memory by irradiation of water by the proper frequencies could restore the resonance frequencies.

What about the role of alkali ions? Alkali ions could ionize the surplus of ordinary protons but would not increase the two low concentration of dark protons. Maybe they have however a much deeper role.
  1. Also alkali atoms are involved with dark photon communications. In particular, K+, Na+, and Ca++, Mg++. Their cyclotron frequencies in Bendwould be associated with the communications from cell membrane acting as generalized Josephson junction to MB.

  2. Could alkaline environment perhaps increasing the densities of also dark alkaline ions faciliate these commucations to MB and lead to healing. MB would receive information about BB and could control it more effectively.

  3. Also Schumann resonance frequencies could be important and be responsible for quantum coherence in long length scales. MB of water could tune its flux tubes to these frequencies. (see this).

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