Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Schumann resonances and consciousness

The role of Schumann resonances for consciousness is highly interesting in TGD framework, where the notion of magnetic body (MB) carrying dark matter as heff=n*h0 phases is in key role. MB would control biological body by dark photons - probably at cyclotron frequencies - and receive information as dark generalized Josephson radiation from cell membrane with the modulation of membrane potential inducing frequency modulation coding for the sensory data (see this ) .

On basis of findings done already at seventies about unexpected effects of ELF em fields on vertebrate brain, EEG resonances seem correspond to cyclotron frequencies in endogeneous magnetic field of Bend=.2 Gauss which is 2/5 of the nominal value BE=.5 Gauss of Earth's magnetic field. A possible interpretation is that Bend corresponds to field strength for the monopole flux part of BE. It is stable against dissipation since no current is needed to create it unlike ordinary Maxwellian magnetic field. This explains why BE has not decayed away long time ago by the decay of the current creating it.

Cyclotron frequencies are in a key role in TGD based quantum biology. The value spectrum of heff determining bio-photon energies is in central role: dark photon energies are given by E=heff*f. The cyclotron energy spectrum in Earth would be in bio-photon range (visible and UV) and same for all charged particles - no dependence on mass since one has hbareff= hbargr= GMm/v0 at what I call gravitational flux tubes. This would make possible for MB to control molecular transitions and act as "boss". Quite generally, the layers of MB with different values of heff would form a master slave hierarchy with ordinary biomatter at bottom.

  1. Schumann frequencies are is in the range of EEG frequencies, which strongly suggests resonant coupling with the cyclotron transitions corresponding to frequencies near to Schumann frequencies.
  2. For instance, the cyclotron frequency 7.5 Hz for K+ ions is near to the nominal value 7.8 Hz of the lowest Schumann frequency. K+ currents through K+ channels cell membrane are known to be important for what happens in anesthesia and when organism falls asleep and thus for consciousness.

    What happens when organism falls asleep is of course not quite clear. The membrane voltage increases and nerve pulse generation becomes improbable. Metabolism continues and this means consciousness in TG framework but not sensory and motor consciousness. Could the apparent loss of consciousness mean fusion of self with higher level self representing the collecting consciousness of magnetic Mother Gaia? Could it be that during sleep we could form a larger collective consciousness representing "human condition" (see this) .

  3. Irradiaton by frequency around 7 Hz is also necessary in the experiments of HIV Nobelist Montagnier involve remote DNA replication. See (see this and this) .
  4. Irradiation by Schumann frequency around 60 Hz appears leads to healing of cancer cell population in lab (see this) .
  5. Also higher Schumann resonances could represent resonant coupling between Mother Gaia and brains of vertebrates allowing realization of levels of collective consciousness. Coherent collective gene expression in various scales (organ, organism, group, population,...) is one of the possible testable implications.

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