Friday, April 09, 2021

Three alternative generalizations of Nottale's hypothesis in TGD framework

Nottale's gravitational Planc constant ℏgr= GMm/v0 contains  the velocity parameter v0 as the only parameter. In the perturbative expansion  of  the scattering amplitudes β0=v0/c appears  in the role of fine structure constant.    

There is however a problem.

  1. The model  for the effects of ELF radiation on vertebrate brain  inspired by  a generalization of Nottale's hypothesis by replacing the total mass M in the case of Earth by MD≈ 10-4ME suggests that in this case the dark particles involved couple only to a part of mass identifiable as dark mass MD.
  2.   Since only GM appears in the basic formulas, the  alternative option is that the value of G is reduced to GD. This conforms with the fact that in the  TGD framework CP2 length is the fundamental parameter  G is a prediction of the theory and therefore can vary. 
  3. A further option is that the parameter β0=v0/c≤ 1 is variable and equals to β0=1 or to a value not much smaller than 1, say β0=1/2.
These three options are  critically discussed and compared. The cautious conclusion is that the the third option is the most plausible one.

See the article Three alternative generalizations of Nottale's hypothesis in TGD framework or the chapter About the Nottale's formula for hgr and the relation between Planck length and CP2 length.

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