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Shocking support for the quantum brain in TGD sense

I learned about findings suggesting quantum coherence in the brain scale. The quantum coherence would make itself visible in the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The findings are described in the popular article in Scitechdaily. The research article "Experimental indications of non-classical brain functions" by Christian Matthias Kerskens and David Lopez Perez is published in Journal of Physics Communications, Volume 6, Number 10.

The system studied is the brain and cyclotron resonance of protons in "brain water" is involved. The goal was to find whether there exists evidence for macroscopic quantum entanglement. The work was based on the proposal that some quantum coherent, non-classical, third party, say quantum gravitation, could mediate quantum entanglement between protons of brain water. NMR methods based on so-called multiple quantum coherence (MQC) act as an entanglement witness.

It is far from clear that the ordinary NMR signals can contain quantum correlations of the spectrum in the hot and wet brain environment. Therefore a witness protocol, which eliminated the "classical" background from known sources was used.

To achieve this the "classical" sources of entanglement had to be eliminated. This was achieved by irradiation of the brain region with a radiation inducing cyclotron transitions to higher energy state so that the situation would become saturated and one would have a statistical dynamic equilibrium. In a statistical sense, the temporal patterns associated with the transitions from a higher state to a lower state causing cyclotron radiation patterns visible in MRI would be absent. In this back-ground the presence of "non-classical" sources of cyclotron emission would be visible. This source could correspond to a formation of pure entangled state which would decay by emitting cyclotron radiation.

What was found, was a periodic pattern in MRI with a frequency of heart beat, interpreted in terms of evoked membrane potentials. This pattern is too weak to be visible in the ordinary MRI. What looks surprising is that the frequency was that of heart beat; one would expect some resonance frequency of EEG, say 10 Hz.

The finding fits very nicely with the TGD view of brain and quantum biology, in particular the TGD view of genetic code (see this, this, this, and this).

  1. In the simplest model, sequences of dark protons (ordinary protons with effective Planck constant heff=nh0, which can be very large) at the flux tubes of the magnetic body associated with DNA would realize genetic code as sequences of dark proton triplets. Besides dark nucleotides, also dark codons and dark genes as quantum coherent dark 3N-protons would be possible and characterized by very large value of heff=hgr=GMmv/v0.

    Also dark photon triplets would realize codons and give rise to dark genes as sequences of dark codons: 3N-photons. Communications between dark genes and would occur using dark 3N-photopns by dark 3N-resonance. The 3N-frequency would serve as an address somewhat like in LISP and the modulation of frequency scale would create a sequence of resonances analogous to sequence of nerve pulses.

    EEG would closely relate to the dark photon radiation between the magnetic body and brain. Also generalizations of EEG to other frequency ranges are suggestive.

  2. The dark magnetic flux tubes would be associated with water and its numerous thermodynamic anomalies and exceptional role in biology, could be understood by the presence of a dark phase involving long gravitational flux tubes carrying dark protons with heff=hgr.
  3. The transformation of dark photons (or even dark 3N-photons) from dark DNA to ordinary photons could generate cyclotron photons giving an unexpected contribution to the MRI spectrum. Quite generally, biophotons could result from transitions of this kind.
  4. In MRI (see this) the cyclotron transitions occur in a magnetic field of few Tesla. For protons this corresponds to a cyclotron frequency ∼1.2× 108 Hz in radio frequency range. The associated classical radiation field is detected by a resonance coil.

    The cyclotron frequency ∼1.2× 108 Hz does not correspond to the cyclotron frequency of order 1 Hz assigned with dark DNA, which happens to correspond to the frequency of heart beat. The cyclotron emission at radio frequency would be modulated by the dark photon emission associated with heart beat and dark photon cyclotron frequency should act as a driving frequency for the heart beat.

  5. The quantum correlations due to the large value of hgr, which corresponds to gravitational Compton length Λgr = GM/v0 is for Earth mass and for v0/c∼ 1 about .45 cm. In accordance with the Equivalence Principle, Λgr has no dependence on the "small" mass m , and also cyclotron energy is independent of m. Interestingly, Λgr happens to correspond to the size scale of a snowflake (see this), which has a scaled up variant of the symmetry of the unit cell of 2-D hexagonal layer of ice. This remains a mystery in the standard physics framework.
The striking finding is that the MRI pulse frequency corresponds to that of heart beat, which is between 1-1.67 Hz and .67 Hz for a trained athlete. Why not some EEG resonance frequency such as alpha frequency about 10 Hz?

The TGD view of cyclotron resonances for dark ions can explain this.

  1. The findings of Blackman et al, which led to the TGD view of dark matter, which later was deduced from number theoretic physics, demonstrated that in the case of vertebrates, the radiation of brain at ELF frequencies has completely unexpected quantal effects on both brain physiology and behavior.

    Cyclotron resonance hypothesis (see this and this) states that the irradiation induces a cyclotron resonance. For instance, the effects occur at frequencies which are multiples of Ca++ cyclotron frequency in an "endogenous" magnetic field Bend∼ 2/5 BE, with BE as the strength of the magnetic field of Earth has nominal value of .5 Gauss.

  2. The problem is that the effects should be extremely small since the cyclotron energy is more than 10 orders of magnitude below thermal energy at physiological temperatures. This problem led to the hypothesis that Planck constant as a spectrum and that dark matter could correspond to phases of ordinary matter with effective Planck constant heff = nh0.

    The required values of heff are huge, and this led to a connection with the Nottale hypothesis of gravitational Planck constant ℏgr= GMm/v0, v0≤ c is a velocity parameter. One would have hbareff=hbargr. The value of velocity parameters can be estimated from various applications. It would have a spectrum with the largest value v0/c∼ 1 in the case of Earth with M=ME.

  3. TGD leads also to an identification of Bend. TGD predicts monopole flux tubes (CP2 homology is non-trivial) distinguishing TGD from Maxwellian electrodynamics. Bend=2BE/5 is identified as the monopole flux part of the Earth's magnetic field. The monopole flux tubes would carry dark matter and since they have huge quantum coherence scales, would naturally control ordinary biomatter. The control would involve frequency modulation by the variation of the thickness of the monopole flux tubes which would affect the field strength by the conservation of the monopole flux. The variation of the frequency scale would induce at the end of the receiver sequences of cyclotron resonance analogous to nerve pulse patterns.
  4. Magnetic body of DNA carrying dark DNA is expected to act as controller of the ordinary biomatter using cyclotron resonance mechanism. In particular, important biorhythms could correspond to cyclotron frequencies. Heartbeat defines one such biorhythm.

    DNA nucleotide cyclotron frequencies are about 1 Hz for Bend assigned to the monopole flux tubes. Also for DNA sequences, such as codons and genes, the average cyclotron frequency would be around 1 Hz because the nucleotides carry the same charge and charge to mass ratio Ze/m, so that the cyclotron frequency depends only very weakly on the length of quantum coherent dark DNA segment.

    The variation of the heart beat frequency could be understood in terms of the variation of the monopole flux tube thickness for dark DNA. This variation would be basic motor action of MB making possible control of biomatter using frequency modulation inducing sequences of resonances manifesting as pulses. Nerve pulse patterns could be one manifestation of this mechanism.

See the article Evidence for Quantum Brain or the chapter Magnetic Sensory Canvas Hypothesis.

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