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Negentropy Maximization Principle updated

Conscious existence is continual recreation of the Universe. My own humble contribution to this magnificent activity is endless updating of the chapters of the books about TGD. During this particular cascade of quantum jumps I updated the chapter Negentropy Maximization Principle of "TGD Inspired Theory of Consciousness" so that zero energy ontology and causal diamonds, hierarchy of Planck constants, and the vision about life as something in the intersection of real and p-adic worlds - which is nothing but number theoretical criticality- are taken into account from the beginning. I managed to build a vision about what it means mathematically to be in this intersection and what it means for U-matrix. I also found an expression for U-matrix as a collection of M-matrices so that these two matrices are not independent of each other as I had erratically thought. Unitarity of U states the orthogonality for the zero energy states defined by M-matrices. Very beautiful.

Number theory enters into game strongly: for instance, different algebraic extensions of rationals are regarded formally as quantum states and there is unitary dispersion in this space. Also the notion about leakage between different number fields at the level of partonic 2-surfaces leads to amplitudes expressible in terms of points of partonic 2-surface belonging to the algebraic extension of rationals. Kind of number theoretic QFT emerges naturally. For the first time I encountered really naturally infinite collection of commutative diagrams, which mathematicians have used since the days of Adam and Eve. We theoretical physicists are rather slow in our reactions. I attach the abstract of the updated chapter below.

In TGD Universe the moments of consciousness are associated with quantum jumps between quantum histories. The proposal is that the dynamics of consciousness is governed by Negentropy Maximization Principle, which states the information content of conscious experience is maximal. The formulation of NMP is the basic topic of this chapter.

Negentropy Maximization Principle (NMP) codes for the dynamics of standard state function reduction and states that the state function reduction process following U-process gives rise to a maximal reduction of entanglement entropy at each step. In the generic case this implies at each step a decomposition of the system to unique unentangled subsystems and the process repeats itself for these subsystems. The process stops when the resulting subsystem cannot be decomposed to a pair of free systems since energy conservation makes the reduction of entanglement kinematically impossible in the case of bound states. The natural assumption is that self loses consciousness when it entangles via bound state entanglement.

There is an important exception to this vision based on ordinary Shannon entropy. There exists an infinite hierarchy of number theoretical entropies making sense for rational or even algebraic entanglement probabilities. In this

case the entanglement negentropy can be negative so that NMP favors the generation of negentropic entanglement, which need not be bound state entanglement in standard sense. Negentropic entanglement might serve as a correlate for emotions like love and experience of understanding. The reduction of ordinary entanglement entropy to random final state implies second law at the level of ensemble. For the generation of negentropic entanglement the outcome of the reduction is not random: the prediction is that second law is not a universal truth holding true in all scales. Since number theoretic entropies are natural in the intersection of real and p-adic worlds, this suggests that life resides in this intersection. The existence effectively bound states with no binding energy might have important implications for the understanding the stability of basic bio-polymers and the key aspects of metabolism. A natural assumption is that self experiences expansion of consciousness as it entangles in this manner. Quite generally, an infinite self hierarchy with the entire Universe at the top is predicted.

The identification of life as a number theoretically critical phenomenon is also consistent with the idea that the transformation of intention to action corresponds to a U-process inducing leakage between different sectors. This leakage makes sense in the intersection where same mathematical expression defines both real and p-adic partonic 2-surfaces which are the fundamental objects in TGD framework. What these statements really mean requires a construction of number theoretical variant of quantum theory applying in the intersection of real and p-adic worlds.

Besides number theoretic negentropies there are also other new elements as compared to the earlier formulation of NMP. Zero energy ontology modifies dramatically the formulation of NMP since U-matrix acts between zero energy states and can be regarded as a collection of M-matrices, which generalize the ordinary S-matrix and define what might be called a complex square root of density matrix so that kind of a square root of thermodynamics at single particle level justifying also p-adic mass calculations based on p-adic thermodynamics is in question. The hierarchy of Planck constants is a further new element having important implications for conciousness and biology. Hyper-finite factors of type II1 represent an additional technical complication requiring separate treatment of NMP taking into account finite measurement resolution realized in terms of inclusions of these factors.

NMP has important implications for thermodynamics. In particular, one must give up the standard view about second law and replace it with a formulation taking into accoung the hierarchy of causal diamonds assigned with zero energy ontology and dark matter hierarchy labeled partially by the values of Planck constants, as well as the effects due to negentropic entanglement. In particular, in the case of living matter breaking of second law in standard sense is expected to take place and be crucial for the understanding of evolution. Self hierarchy having the hierarchy of causal diamonds as imbedding space correlate leads naturally to a thermodynamical description of the contents of consciousness and quantum jumps is very much analogous to quantum computation. This leads to a vision about the role of bound state entanglement and negentropic entanglement in the generation of sensory qualia. Negentropic entanglement leads to a vision about cognition. Negentropically entangled state consisting of a superposition of pairs can be interpreted as a conscious abstraction or rule: negentropically entangled Schrödinger cat knows that it is better to keep the bottle closed. A connection with fuzzy qubits and quantum groups with negentropic entanglement is highly suggestive. The implications are highly non-trivial also for quantum computation, which allows three different variants in TGD context. The negentropic variant would correspond to conscious quantum computation like process.


Ulla said...

Indeed very beautiful.

I read from the text: "It turned out that the choice S = CP2 is unique in the sense that it predicts the symmetries of the standard model and provides a realization for Einstein's dream of geometrizing of fundamental interactions at classical level. TGD can be also regarded as a generalization of super string models obtained by replacing
strings with light-like 3-surfaces or equivalently with space-like 3-surfaces: the equivalence of these identification implies quantum holography."

I can only say: You did it. Really, you did it. My congratulations.

You know, it happened to be my birthday yesterday, and I saw the work was dated yesterday, so thank you for a wonderful 'gift':)

I have many times asked about the quantum jump, what directed it. Now I got at least some of my answers. The Platonic solids are still not directly linked. Maybe they can be seen as square root functions?

I got a thought that maybe p-adic numbers are more 'dark' and algebraic 'real', so in fact you have studied dark matter for a long time already. All that dark matter hierarchy...

"CD defines the perceptive field for self. Selves are curious about the space-time sheets outside their perceptive field and perform quantum jumps tending to shift the superposition of the space-time sheets so that unknown regions of space-time sheets emerge to the perceptive field." - I must lagh. It is me, definitively :) But would the curiosity be enough to make a jump to the side?

I have many more comments but I stop here. Congratulations once again. I wait for more cascades of your quantum jumps:)

Anonymous said...

Singularity, Know Thyself -
A Metaphysical way to Singularity

What ever made us think that singularity ended? As there is nothing outside singularity, the obvious answer is singularity itself made that thought. Why? Well how else could singularity experience this aspect of itself? By not knowing all of itself, by allowing change. Evolution. Big Bang!

What is singularity? No-form containing all forms as it's mental images. What is consciousness? Each consciousness is analogous to singularity, no-form containing forms aka mental images.

Holograph is an excellent symbol of singularity. Each part of a holograph reflect the whole picture, only with less apparent information storage. Here is this intention to know myself, which inside a holographic singularity is the picture of singurality. Intention of Gnothi Seauton. In each part of this singularity reflecting each other part, by separation of all degrees of willfull blindness of singularity not to experience it self all-knowingly, so singularity can experience itself in all forms, all forms of time and evolution and being. Beings like this, us, and all the causal conditions that we are conditioned to. It is the will of singularity to have so chosen so in each part of singularity is freedom of will. It's absolute because absolute is what singularity is. Infinity of introspection.

I love all these parts that make me an organism because they are all part of me. I hold on to them as I am them, each moment of organic life. Like gravity holds to all being.

As long as we are here experiencing singularity this way, we are here only because we Really Do Like each others presence, reflect each other as singularity. Love is willfull blindness of not being all-knowing - so we could surprise ourselves... as singularities.

Thank you for your company. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Ulla said... Topological Geometrodynamics: Three Visions

This was the one dated 3.3, of course :)

One should always look carefully before one opens up the mouth. I have evidently difficulties with that :)

Thank you for a beautiful article :)

Ulla said...

My curious me:)

"A world without autistic traits would be a world full of people that socialize and play petty political games to rise in the social hierarchy, but really don't get much truly objectively constructive done."

Matti Pitkänen said...

"This was the one dated 3.3, of course :)"

A complete accident on my side! Maybe I should blame for my superior-I mean TGD-which seems to have numerological traits.

Ulla said...

A good date then :) I have never thought of it in that way before.

Ulla said...

To anon. The text is very strong, and it has bothered me:)

Usually when we think of the singularity it is the beginning, the Higgs particle etc. And it can be discussed. It is the ethernal debate of a monistic or dualistic world wiev.

Then I realized you perhaps meant something else - the union of all minds, that superorganism. And it can be as a singular (correlated) mind.

When I followed the links at the discussion site I found this.

A brain scientist that got a stroke in her left brain hemisphere. She describes exactly that condition. It follows when the right hemisphere dictates. She also describes very beautifully the magnetic body (not size of the earth).

I belive firmly that we shall use both brain halves. We shall live and experience, not dream and meditate too long. I am a dreamer that is accused of being practical :):)

One usual way to escape life is also to dig too much into problems, to use intellect and details. There must be a balance.

Many scientists, like Matti, get inspiration from this right hemisphere, that can behave like an open window into unconsciousness, as Jung showed. There is a wast knowledge, and it is one big reason I believe in TGD. Many, many big ideas have come from the same source, and after years of hard work becoming a theory. But I also think that it may be the reason TGD is not accepted. There is too much 'fuzzy DM'. And still this is what the scientists look for and need. I am so very astonished because of the lack of discussion around these things. Everybody looks for what some 'big boss' may think, instead of using the own brain. They behaves like sheeps, waiting for a command what to think.

I am just as much irritated on those using only the right hemisphere, or not using brain at all, like those religious peoples. Belief may turn us blind.

When I say I believe in TGD it is because I have checked the statements again and again, so much that Matti is very irritated on me, and TGD holds. I am no physist, but not as stupid as Lubos claim either :-)

So, people, start talk. I shall not be the only one here. Some reaction must come from a statement that the second law don't hold!

To anon. Thanks for the beautiful text, and to Matti, don't use your left hemisphere too much :)

Am I making a fool of myself? I really don't bother. I believe in TGD.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ulla, I had the idea to share with Matti and others the two video links to neurology of enlightment but you gave allready the other, here's the second.

The idea of combination of two brains sound very tempting at least for this left brain babble organizer, left one for linear processing and babble, right one for parallel processing and limitless experience of each moment of cognition and unlimited "silent knowledge" that the left brain babbles over and lets through only in form of sociolingvistivally constructed babble plus symbols etc. from the parallel "subconscious" in altered states of mind.

Lets keep in mind, though, that this map is just a very simplified left-side map of the scenery and according this map the right-brain experience and singularity-self is not a map at all but pure bliss of direct experience of all - which may require ability to tune the right-brain on various levels of being (planck constant hierarchies). To find balance as individuals and societies, both linear and parallel brains are needed to make us whole.

Now here's a question, could it make any sense that the linear left brain is for real aspect of number theory and the parallel right-brain for p-adic aspect, and the rational algebra between the umbilical cord of two brains dividing each other in numerous ways?

Anonymous said...

Oops, here:

Ulla said...

I have read quite lot about different brain halves but not come yet to any definitive conclusion. It seems the results go apart, pointing to some underlying failure in the theory.

I have myself actually thought about what you said. But there is also the forebrain and the ordinary brain axis. Looks very much like the forebrain (future) is a new p-adic construction,that has made humans superior. The emotional aspect is not following so well. Stress is halting very badly this function turning the function more to the left and details. What do stress then numbertheoretically? Diminish the hierarchy?

I have more thought at an entropic brain with cortex as the real numbers, and spinal cord/brainstem as p-adic. But also this left-right is true somehow. Maybe as a 90 degrees turn around and a chakra degree (p-adic) increasing? Probably something like that.

The modelling goes on.

Thanks to you, unknown.

Ulla said...

Stress is of course that consciousness loss, what else. It is a competition about entanglements, and wrong unstable entanglements is stress :) It gives sickness, disorganization.

Another thing: Values are important for us, and they are of course the 'bank account' of consciousness, or consciousness itself, or information. The more I read about consciousness the more I begin to think it is an illusion per se.

The 'bank account' of consciousness is the results of the computation process, or the braidings, the networks. If the information from NMP forms shapes and patterns, it also forms nerve connections and braidings in that way. So the consciousness can indeed be said to secondary be the degree of networks. This is also entanglement and the 'bank acount' at the same time.

Consciousness can be only lost. It can be collected through entanglement into networks. But also at the same time there are losses. This means in the same time that the least conscious living thing on Earth is the human cortex :)

Again quite contrary to what we have thought. But logical if we think a little. We collect consciousness through braiding and computation from the innumerous possibilities that is out there. The more braidings and computations, the more constrained. Animals are in fact, more conscious than we are :)

The language that we are so proud of, is a communication tool, not a tool to make consciousness. We spread out our negentropy information, our values. The language is hampening the conscious process very much, as we all know. All these misunderstandings and wrong interpretions :)

And at last the thing we call 'consciousness' in everyday life is only a very small fraction of the consciousness we have. Our cells are much wiser than our brain cells:)

Emotions (as qualias?)are another thing. They are very conscious and very effective in the braiding process. You talked of love as an negentropic entanglement for instance, and we know all how strong that emotion is. Emotions are very real, and a very strong value for the self. Value is then the NMP itself, or may I say, life itself.

Once you said they were illusions :)

This text 'turns me on' very much.

'Where is all'. People, discuss!

Matti Pitkänen said...

The following are comments to comments.

Terminology is always bound to me misleading, whatever one does. It would be logical to talk about TGD inspired theory of awareness but who would take this kind of theory seriously;-).

Maybe it would be useful to talk about consciousness only when one has negentropic entanglement: positive information, knowledge. Otherwise awareness.

I think that emotions are very high level consciousness unlike often thought. They provide summaries about the hole and it would be natural to assign the to negentropic fusions of a large number of mental images giving rise to stereo consciousness.

I would not assign real-p-adic dichotomy with brain hemispheres. Right-left brain dichotomy might relate more to the kind of mental images resulting in the state function reduction cascade. On left hand side the process goes to smaller details and "smaller" mental images. At right hand side would stop to much larger mental images with negentropic or bound state entanglement.

Right brain signs- left brain talks reflects this
difference nicely. Frequencies (singing) are a global notion related to time. Rhythms (speech) are a local notion. People who have lost the ability to speak and understand speech still have ability to sign and communicate in this manner. Time-like entanglement in long time scale: perhaps this characterizes right brain. Wasn't memory assigned with singing in the mytology of ancient Greece?

Ulla said...

In my opinion awareness is the things we are consciously aware of, meaning with our working memory and cortex-processes, and that is a very small portion of the total for humans, not to speak of the rest. In TGD there is an unbroken hierarchy of consciousness, so I think it would be utterly wrong to speak of awareness there :)

I know this was one thing that made me wonder in the beginning, but not any more. The only thing that is needed is a widening of the consciousness prospect. Someone should make a proper definition what is what. Damasio has done a definition that I think is good. But he stops outside living things.

In my world of mathematical thinking serial computers are much more slow and focused on details, not at all as advanced as parallell computers that work with pixels and enormous mounts of information, and are very fast. So I think it would be natural to think that the left brain would be a lower hierarchy, but if it follows the Planck constant hierarchy or some other hierarhy is difficult for me to tell. In amount of couplings in the right parallell coupled brain there would be so much more possibilities. Also the corpus callosum may be important (women have more connected brains). The other axis back - front is more for time in perception - desicion. Then there is also the histological difference in form of all Broadmans areas; more and less dens and networked areas. So after all this 'reductionistic' picture do matter. But brain is still holistic.

The different hemispheres must function differently as antennas for frequencies from the environment. Parallell brainhalf would make a much larger 'area'.

But this is an extremely simple picture, and brain is so complex. This picture is only a way to understand the brain function a bit better.

Personality and ego is also a long-time entanglement that helps in sorting out noise, and organizing the information and chosing entanglements. Ego is good for keeping the self entangled and avoid sickness :):) (You was wrong once again? :))

Ego is not selfishness, but a strong singular I with clear borders. In everyday language it is wrongly used as a synonym for selfishness.

Memory and singing belongs together as singing a message gives a better memory.

I would sing if I could, but I can't.

Ulla said...

My monologue...

What are different in leaders brains, is an interesting blogdiscussion on

This explains perhaps why here are no discussion. I take some parts from the text:

"While people with leadership tendencies have been extensively found to be in indulging in lateral & critical thinking, innovative inventions, and analyzing errors in positions by interactive discussions, followers have often been found to tread the beaten path and avoiding social interacting on controversial positions.2

"Leaders have a natural disposition to cultivate and maximize such constructive and reflective intelligence by indulging in meta-cognition, reflection on specific thinking strategies, etc. Followers don’t care what their thinking strategies or general disposition is. They do not feel the need to acquire the knowledge about nurturing intelligence. They react to situations in their environment by spontaneous reaction, without applying critical thinking and without analyzing their position. They would more often indulge in gossip, rather than meaningful exchange of ideas on challenging topics. They live only for sensory pleasures which provide immediate gratification."

"Emotion is closely connected to arousal and operation of physiological, social and reflective capacity of the human brain. The brain of humans with leadership qualities are conscious of their emotions and are able to control and mediate their responses to their own emotions. This is an essential quality which differentiates leaders from followers."

"The leader’s brain is continuously screening sensory information, guided by emotions, to understand which task is worthy of attention and commitment of its infinite resources. In other words, when the human brain of people with leadership qualities gets emotionally excited about some task, it helps the leader to efficiently engage in accumulation of knowledge about that task, to engage in meaningful social interaction to find other human brains with common goals, and to engage in reflective reasoning to solve problems encountered in accomplishing that task — all this leads to enhanced physiological growth and refinement of neural networks in human brain. Thus, it can be inferred that brain of humans with leadership traits have more refined neural networks."

Some time ago you would hate this text :)

But I see a scaling in it, that perhaps isn't p-adic. Maybe some fractal of it? Or topology? The hierarchies are infinite.

The brain as a pattern machine... :)

Anonymous said...

Tuning into same wavelength with gamma waves:

Matti Pitkänen said...

I have felt a deep shame for my mathematically primitive games with preferred frequencies (cyclotron frequencies, Josephson frequencies) assignable to what I call topological light rays. A "real" theoretician would have constructed a supercomputer model performing heavy simulations irrespective of whether it would have made sense or not.

For more than decade ago I proposed the notion of "spectroscopy of consciousness", which contained many unrealistic interpretational elements: in particular, the assignment of qualia to frequencies.

I proposed also the notion of neural window: neurons connected by flux tubes along which light represented as topological light-rays propagated. For instance, the poorly understood quite too rapid communication of auditory input to cortex could be possible in this manner.

It seems that the idea makes sense in terms of frequencies assignable to connections between subsystems (say biological body and magnetic body in the case of EEG and its predicted fractal variants) rather than in terms of qualia.

In the case of cyclotron frequencies the variation of the magnetic field strength would realize the knob tuning the frequency to a desired one characterizing the net of sub-systems in communication. These frequencies would define sub-webs (and subselves and thus mental images) of the Indra's net formed by systems (molecules, neurons) connected by flux tubes.

Ulla said...

That neural window is exactly the way meridians work on:) They are claimed to transport light into the body along transmission lines that would be chiral. A soliton would also be possible. And meridians work outside the nervous system in the connective tissue, and use electrical signalling that is 10 times faster than nerves.

I strongly suspect that also Libets finding depends on the meridian transport of light/soliton.

Meridian function thus in two different speeds, if not more. One diurnal and one very fast, tuning the nerve system.

Our memory would be in form of frequencies or magnetic 'cold spots' (if it would be possible?) or knob tuning, as you propose.

I have made a story about values and emotions and the I, see

I must look at the enthropical brain too. Matti Bergström has done some work on it. Maybe it is possible to make a raw map?

Ulla said...

There is something with the pain too. Pain is a signal that shelter us, and it is physical for shelter of Ego, our body, and psychical for shelter of the spirit, the true I. So it has a hierarchy too.

Pain has its counterpart in the face, in trigeminus neve. It is experienced as the next neighbour to pleasure in the septum area. There is a very thin border for the choice. Also between hate and love is a very thin border. I have some imagination that maybe the different brainhalves can be linked in the choice, as a quantum jump :)

When people are struck by lightning they can get an altered consciousness. Their brains are altered by the lightnings, maybe physically (I can hear you say dark matter hierarchy with hbars :)). Also meditation alter the brainhalf integration l-r.

Michael Persinger and Todd Murphy has done research on this. And sometimes it happen that the persons experience severe pain instead of pleasure. Also experiments with DMT has given such results. Near death experiences and experiences of real death too. It is very rare that someone 'goes to hell' with strong pain at death. Usually pain stops some time before death. Death is usually euphoria, just as that video said, and your own 'great experience' said. We die through our right hemisphere? Or the pineal gland has something to do with it? Maybe the pineal gland also dictate our consciousness degree. It metabolize serotonin (attention, self destruction, pain), methionine (sleep) and DMT (euphoria). Methionine is also produced massively in our 'second brain', the gut. Serotonin belongs to the nerves and tryptophane to our cells. Is that the consciousness cycle? Then it is too our self-organizing consciousness cycle.

Also our magnetic bodies usually experience no pain. Is it because of the hierarchy difference between left and right brainhalf?
Euphoria and pleasure follow us into 'heaven', but also psychic pain can do that.

We experience consciousness and self diffusely, and empathy and compassion often goes outside our bodies, when we feel how it would be to be 'in their shoes'. In out of body experiences we levitate up in space, and the picture of God is often as Gods eye above us. God can be thought of as looking into the world from all angles around the room, and be different from the system within which we are acting.

The use of vision as a metaphor (I like that particularly well) for knowing and consciousness creates a distance or split between what is called the Subject (a disembodied consciousness, singular I) and one or more selves. We can also locate self-consciousness in a place one imaginatively steps back to, or up to. The feelings and emotions going on in one's bodily self can be displyed or hided, taken a distance to (disentangle), or it can extend compassion to parts of the self. You have told me this :)

In this disentangled state we can 'look around' and notice other systems, imagine other ways of doing things and ask, "What if...?" This wider consciousness opens up the possibility of making other choices or actings according to different principles, that is, the possibility of having free will.

We can also actually see with this eye too. In accidents, operations etc. this is well documented.

There is an actual separation between, on the one hand, the ear and vision centers (enters in frontal areas) in the brain (smell and taste too?) and the somatic perceptions.

The analogy to 'the third eye' is very close. Also chakras outside the body, whrer a enlarged consciousness is described.

Ulla said...

To anon.: this is a quite logical explanation for 40Hz waves. It was shown earlier that it wasn't consciousness, in fact it inhibits consciousness. This is exactly why it is not good to use the left brain too much.

They began to think that there was more to the frequencies than earlier thought. "The researchers started to realize that there might be something more to a specific sub-set of brain waves."

"Information is carried on top of gamma waves, just like songs are carried by radio waves. These “carrier waves” transmit information from one brain region to another."
“The classical view has been that signaling inside the brain is hardwired, subject to changes caused by modification of connections between neurons. Our results suggest that the brain is a lot more flexible. Among the thousands of inputs to a given brain cell, the cell can choose to listen to some and ignore the rest and the selection of inputs is changing all the time. We believe that the gamma switch is a general principle of the brain, employed throughout the brain to enhance interregional communication.”

44 p with figures etc.

In the second video Todd Murphy said that the self is an illusion. That there are no self, but other scientists have shown that there is something. This doesn't rule out the notion of the magnetic body. A good video. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

(Ei suositella epileptikoille)

Matti Pitkänen said...

Thanks for "anomalous" for an excellent video about what neuroscience can say about self and enlightment experience. This is a really enjoyable lecture.

The main message is that neuroscience supports what can be seen as common for the teachings of buddhism, jainismi, and hinduism. There is no self/there is no permanent self/there is no ego/... You can choose from the list and try to interpret.

Lecture contains also a lot of known facts for anyone who wants to get more precise view about brain than right-left-- good-bad association gives.
For instance, the fact that right amygdala is specialized on fear (yes right!) and related negative feeling and left amygdala to positive feelings. It would be really fascinating to interpret this theoretically.

The basic message conforms with TGD. I would however talk about moments of consciousness first. Consciousness is not a property of matter but something which you cannot catch. One of the ancient teachings stated it as "not here, not here, not here....". Each quantum jump replaces universe with a new one and consciousness is in this moment of recreation and cannot be put neatly in box. Every attempt to describe contents of consciousness or monitor it changes it.

Ulla mentioned magnetic body. Biological body and magnetic body are those regions of space-time from which the information content of consciousness are from. This is quite different from saying that biological body or magnetic body is conscious. It is practical to use this expression (for instance, I talk about magnetic body as intentional agent) but it is not in principle true.

In TGD framework selves exist but change all the time since it is an integrated sum of experiences defined by quantum jump. Self has subselves experienced as mental images. They come and disappear. Self is mental image of higher level self and comes and disappears (if we really lose our consciousness when we fall asleep).
Another manner to say this is that there is no unique objective reality. Quantum states as objective realities obeying laws of physics are replaced with new ones all the subjective time.

Ego -in contrast to self- could be defined as a collection of those mental images (subselves) which end up to unentangled and thus isolated state with full autonomy in each quantum jump. Generation of negentropic entanglement removes this autonomy and fuses mental images to larger ones. This means expansion of consciousness. One gets rid of ego and fuses to ocean of consciousness. The difference between bound state entanglement and negentropic entanglement is the difference between meditative state and sleep. Meditators love to spend their time in the intersection of real and p-adic worlds.

In TGD framework the conceptually most economical proposal is that self and quantum jump are actually one and same thing. This seems to make sense in zero energy ontology. There exists a fractal hierarchy of quantum jumps==selves with contents of consciousness coming from space-time regions with increasing size. Even human life cycle at certain level would represent a single quantum jump: U process creating superposition of possibilities and state function reduction cascade selecting from these. This what life seems to be at this age when not too many choices are left.

Matti Pitkänen said...

40 Hz waves are assigned by a finnish neuroscientist whose name decided to escape my attention to the situations when something new emerges. I think he studied these pictures which look complete visual noise. When you stare at them for a sufficiently long time you finally get it: a beautiful 3-D pattern emerge representing something familiar.

The interpretation would be that 40 Hz waves are associated with the emergence of a completely new holistic pattern from chaos. A possible interpretation is that a negentropic entanglement between large number of neutrons representing details about the picture emerges and manifests itself as a synchronous firing.

This fits also with the fact that oxidative metabolism is low during synchronous firing. Negentropic entanglement indeed means low dissipation and breaking of second law in appropriate time scale.

[Also magnetic body with size .75*10^7 km would be involved. By the way, age of universe would define causal diamond containing the magnetic body of a system with size about 10^(-4) meters, size scale of a large neuron!]

40 Hz resonances occurs also in the beginning of meditative states and the interpretation would be in terms of a generation of negentropic entanglement between neurons also in this case.

Matti Pitkänen said...

It was Antti Revonsuo! Here is the link to his work about which I talked about.

A. Revonsuo (1998), Is synchronization the direct neural correlate of visual consciousness?

Ulla said...

I tried last night to look for a brain model of entropic brain :) I must try the modelling again.

I think it would be useful to talk of vaken-ness or awareness (the braiding) for the 40 Hz frequency, and consciousness (the happening) for the low frequencies. The different frequencies has different tasks. Beta is for instance attention (serotonin mostly).

Do someone know of research with the frequencies for different biomolecules? I would like to know of it.

Consciousness is to me like a well (chaos) from which is constantly pouring up bubbles of consciousness. These bubbles can be used in weaving (awareness, or what we usually call consciousness), or so not.

I must see what Murphy say about rebirth too :) I found him many, many years ago :)

I think this self is more. But it can dissipate, that is clear.

Another way to look at the problem is to take these experiences for real. Then the picture become extremengly interesting.

Right now I feel myself very enlighted :)

I do not succeed in changing Mattis mind about Ego :). It is very important. We should not dwell in the intersection too long. Life must be lived.

To anon: You are from Finland? Me too. Would be great to talk to you more. Kirjoita.

Ulla said...

I must give this link too. It is another way to look at those stable islands. In my fantasy you can draw it out into a straight line and plot the different islands of different charachters on that line. This picture shows its 3D structure. When you have come a long bit on that line you find living things :)

Iron has a special effect as interference agent. Is it because it vibrates so vigorously? Or its positivity?

It is the final product from nuclear decay, and the radon daughters decay. Also responsible for the magnetism. We have much iron in our brains. MS-patients know that very well. Also schizophrenic maybe? Is it linked to the 40 Hz too?

Kirshivink, Joseph L, Kobayashi-Kirshivink, Atsuko & Woodford, Barbera J., "Magnetite Biomineralization in the Human Brain" Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 1992, 89 7683-7687

Matti Pitkänen said...

There is large number of cyclotron frequencies of biologically important ions in the vicinity of 40 Hz for B=.2 Gauss which is the value of magnetic field explaining the quantal lookin effects of ELF em fields on brain. This magnetic field is not same as Earth's magnetic field with nominal value of B=.5 Gauss and the proposed interpretation is as dark magnetic field containing dark matter.

Iron could relate to the"seeing" the flux tubes of Earth. This could help animals to navigate along field lines to their birth place.

Ulla said...

About iron in the brain.

Linked to neurodegenerative diseases, as MS, meningiomas, hippocampal changes.

Four main magnetic components can be distinguished: the diamagnetic matrix, nearly paramagnetic blood, antiferromagnetic ferrihydrite cores of ferritin and ferrimagnetic magnetite and/or maghemite.

the presence of magnetite and/or maghemite particles that exhibit stable single-domain (SD) behaviour at room temperature.

Iron linked to homocysteine and autoimmunity and tumours.

Ulla said...

A link to your post.

Looks nice. Comments?

Matti Pitkänen said...

Many interesting links related to magnetic fields and biology. I hope I had time to look at them more closely. Just now I am working with the model of qualia and sensory receptor and must concentrate on it.

Ulla said...

I look forward to see it. Your qualias are something special :)

This what I have done looks really interesting, thanks to this new approach. Maybe even the magnetic body becomes quite reasonable :) I have some ideas, but I'm no physist. If I remember right from your 'spectroscopy of consciousness' the qualias are maybe one part in it.

I follow your ideas quite close, and I hope you say if something is wrong, because your theory is quite a bit to learn. The difficult part is still there; to find some simple way to test it. To hold nerves and meridians apart. Or is it necessary?

Then I thought of those magnetic flux tubes in the nerves - do the flux tubes have to follow the nerve? There are lipids that are a blockage. The flux tubes must attach to some non-lipid in the membrane, or is that part solved yet?
Maybe the flux tubes don't have to follow the tissues at all? Magnetic fields are immaterial, but highly coherent and holistic. They react strongly to loops and rings (Sedlak).

Ulla said...

I have looked at the qualia paper and it is fantastic. This is no super hero claim:) it really IS so brilliant.

I thought you would never listen :)

I still have problems with those long magnetic flux tubes. Can they have something with the axonal transport to do; the counterwise transport from nucleus along the myosine motors? Maybe that is one reason to have myelin-shield? It must be extremly difficult to keep such a long magnetic field coherent for so long distance. Presman had a picture of the magnetic field and it broke with the big joints. I think that's the reason for all joint-pains. The movement is so important.

The connective tissue or the extracellular matrix is missing, or it is not so clear. I'll look at it.

My contribution :)

I hope you say if you don't like this (my 'drowning' of your blog). I think this is highly relevant :) Looked in this light much is so selfevident. I really enjoy this. Thank you.