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Magnetic monopoles at sixties

Old age is usually associated with wisdom and similar virtues. In my case this association unfortunately fails and therefore the first morning at sixties gives me authority to free associations about everything under the heaven, and magnetic monopoles are a good place to start from. The evidence for condensed matter monopoles is accumulating (see this and this) and the question is whether they really represent some new physics. Perhaps this is the case.

Dirac monopoles are mathematically singular and cannot be therefore tolerated in elite circles of theoretical physics appreciating good manners coded by gauge invariance. Since I frantically want to belong to the elite, I am happy that TGD provides me with homological monopoles, which can exist gracefully because of the homological non-triviality of CP2. Homological non-triviality means that CP2 has non-contractible 2-surfaces such as spheres: this does not mean that it would have a hole as a lazy popularizer usually says. Rather, this kind of sphere is a 2-dimensional analog of a circle around torus not allowing contraction to a point without cutting. The imbedding of CP2 to some higher dimensional space would contain a hole in some sense.

The weak form of electric-magnetic duality- a purely TGD based notion- implies that all elementary particles correspond to pairs of wormhole contacts. Each contact has two throats carrying magnetic monopole charge and each throat is connected to the corresponding throat of second contact. This makes altogether four wormhole throats so that graviton can be constructed in this manner. The length of the magnetic flux tube defining string like object corresponds to the weak length scale about 10-17 m. All particles would be this kind of string like objects, "weak" strings.

Emergence gives excellent hopes about the realization of exact Yangian invariance and twistor Grassmannian program without infrared and UV divergences (see this). Emergence states that at the fundamental level there are only massless(!) wormhole throats carrying many-fermion states identifiable in terms of representations for the analog of space-time super-symmetry algebra with generators identified as fermionic oscillator operators. Masslessness applies also to the building blocks of virtual particles meaning a totally new interpretation of loop corrections and manifest UV finiteness. Also the vibrational degrees of freedom of partonic 2-surfaces are present as bosonic degrees of freedom and correspond to orbital degrees of freedom for the spinor fields of world of classical worlds (WCW) whereas fermionic degrees of freedom define WCW spin degrees of freedom. The dark variants of the elementary particles having large value of hbar have zoomed up size and in living matter these scaled up elementary particles would be the key players in the drama of life.

Quite recently I realized that dark variants of elementary particles identified in this manner are more or less the same thing as the wormhole magnetic fields that I introduced for more than decade ago (see this) and suggested that their Bose-Einstein condensates and coherent states could be crucial for understanding living matter. At that time I did not of course realize the connection with ordinary elementary particle physics and proposed these exotics as new kind of particle like objects. These flux tubes have become the basic structures in TGD inspired quantum biology. For instance, the model for DNA as topological quantum computer assumes that the nucleotides of DNA and lipids of cell membrane are connected by this kind of flux tubes with quarks at their ends and the braiding of the flux tubes codes for topological quantum computations.

If this picture is correct, quantum biology might be to high degree a collection of zoomed up variants of elementary particle physics at very high density! Also the super-partners and scaled up hadrons would be present. If this is true we would be able to study elementary particle interiors by zooming up them to the scales of living matter! There would be no need for the followers of LHC! Living matter could be an enormous particle physics laboratory providing physicists with incredibly refined research facilities;-). But are these facilities meant for us after we finally have realized that we ourselves are the most refined laboratory? Or are the physicists already there? If so, who these physicists from higher levels of self hierarchy might be;-)?

By the way, this crazy speculation might have been inspired also by the earlier finding that the model of dark nucleons allows to map the spectrum of nucleon states to RNA, DNA, tRNA triplets and aminoacids and also reproduces vertebrate genetic code in a very natural manner (see this and this).


At 3:15 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

And these:
Shoucheng Zhang has beed awarded Humboldt Research Prize 2009, the 2010 Gutenberg Research Award worth € 20,000, and in Sept 2010, the prestigious Europhysics Prize for their major contributions to the quantum Hall effect, high temperature superconductivity and quantum magnetism. More recently, his theory work opened up a new field called topological insulators and superconductors. The novel properties of these materials could also open new applications in electronics, and extend the life of Moore's law.Prof. Zhang's theoretical prediction of the topological insulator state has been experimentally confirmed by colleagues at the University of Wuerzburg.

predicted theoretically that the time-reversal invariant topological insulator in three dimensions exhibits a topological magnetoelectric effect quantized in units of the fine structure constant α=e2/ℏc.
Next we consider possible experimental methods for observing AF vortex cores. The AF vortex core size is on the order of the SC coherence length (four to five lattice constants). The density of vortices is proportional to the field. The local electron magnetic dipolar fields in the cores are hundreds of gauss, as they are in the pure AF, but because these AF regions are at best one dimensional (along the field direction), the local fields may not be static, except perhaps at low temperatures.
The correlations along these small AF tubes depend on the weak interlayer exchange. Spin correlations between AF cores of neighboring vortices will be even weaker, and hence the AF order may not be coherent from one vortex to the next. This will show up in the neutron diffraction pattern. For neutron scattering, one expects to see peaks around sp,pd with a width of score sized. If the spins are not static, this scattering will be quasielastic. 66 pages of dense knowledge.

In many strongly correlated systems, including the high-Tc cuprates, the heavy-fermion compounds, and the organic superconductors, they occur next to each other in the phase diagram and influence each other’s physical properties. The SOs5d theory unifies these two basic states of matter by a symmetry principle and describes their rich phenomenology through a single low-energy effective model.

Organic superconductors are found in biology. Biophysic will be the melody of the future, I agree very much.

Cheers Matti.

I must compound my traditional birthday poem:)

At 7:33 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

To You

One day
late in januar
you bumped on my skull
paralyzing my head.
You talked of stars
future dreams
gods and angels
all those beautiful things

What! I said
what is this?
I got fascinated
and started to ask
what if this, and that
how could you say this in your way?
how that?
I asked and asked and asked.

What, did you say
what is this?
Never that I meant it
in this way
I have my mission
not time for this.

And slowly my head recovered
I began to see
the beauty and the ghoasts

You talked to me about your sorrows
and it is just now I realize
it was your pray
I waited for so long
but I was deaf

In my dream I saw you
going up the mountain
*Wait for me' I said
You was deaf
A lonely hero going to fight
to change the world
a brand new world
full of magic.

Why do you do this?
Nobody force you to it
Why do I do this?
Nobody tells me nor ask
except maybe the gods on Olympia
laughing at us humans
for all our shortcomings.

The new physics
the new world to come
the magic world
the godly world
It will come without us
but we can in a little way
direct its flow
to a meaning
as deep as possible
with the thoughts
of all humans

My thoughts
my dreams
from me.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger ThePeSla said...

Wow Ulla,

You are a great poet, who carved these runes for another great poet!

The PeSla

At 3:21 PM, Blogger Robert said...

Dear Matti,

I've been trying to figure out 

how to sing about 

Genus-generation correspondence 

and elementary particles' dark variants 

to the tune of Happy Birthday!

Alexandra's been cheering me along 

even with ESL and lots of students on her mind.

(ESL = English as a 2nd language.)

We've also been thinking of Skyping.

But maybe it's gotten too late for that in Finland now.

Soon I might become a blogger too -- 

one who'd often be speaking of you 

as potentially the father of much of the future!

Alexandra and Matthew say Happy Birthday too.

And now that I've shown I'm no rival for Ulla's versification,

I'll say a warm Hi to her too.

And sign off as long-time Pitkänen fan

Robert D. Hershberger

At 9:15 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

I get blushed. Am I really all these heroic things that these people are telling I am;-)? Thank you Ulla for a deep and beautiful poem! The most beautiful one that I have ever heard. I wish that I had this strange gift of carving runes.

All the best for Robert, Alexandra, and Matthew!
And yes, the world needs more bloggers;-).

At 1:57 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

You have other gifts.
Happy my poem pleased you :)

At 5:04 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

Look at

and Keas links about graphene.

also the picture at
and galaxyzoo/DM.

What a story! WAU.

At 8:51 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

Toms article also at arxive,

At 1:58 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

I found something on Abstracts Theoretical Physics Colloquium

Gabriele Veneziano - 21 april 2010
Is there a hidden message in the Standard Model of Nature?
The amazing success of our present description of the four fundamental interactions raises an interesting question about Nature's tastes. The answer may tell us what a future unified theory of all elementary particles should look like.

He has used p-adics much. And a kind of changing Planck constant. The Veneziano model.
And the question comes spontanously - What the hell is going on?

At 11:26 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

Kea says:

Seeing the magnetic monopole through the mirror of topological surface states,
suggest that magnetic monopoles hide in topological insulators, like a mirror image of an electric charge sitting near the outside of the surface.

Abstract: Existence of the magnetic monopole is compatible with the fundamental laws of nature, however, this illusive particle has yet to be detected experimentally. In this work, we show that an electric charge near the topological surface state induces an image magnetic monopole charge due to the topological magneto-electric effect. The magnetic field generated by the image magnetic monopole can be experimentally measured, and the inverse square law of the field dependence can be determined quantitatively. We propose that this effect can be used to experimentally realize a gas of quantum particles carrying fractional statistics, consisting of the bound states of the electric charge and the image magnetic monopole charge.


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