Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Is the transformation of ordinary matter to dark matter possible in macroscopic length scales?

Even the possibility to transform ordinary matter to dark matter molecular length scales would have dramatic implications. For instance, it would give substantial support for the vision that the magnetic body of the Earth's magnetic field serves as a circuitry allowing the transfer of bio-molecules in the length scale of magnetosphere (see here).

The finding that rotating magnetic systems generate magnetic walls and the hypothesis that these walls carry dark matter provide good clues about how to achieve this kind of phase transition. The model for plasmoids as primitive life-forms involving rotating magnetic fields relies on this finding. Plasmoids themselves might be able to transform to dark matter. Shoulders discovered the existence of micron sized negatively charged clusters containing about 1011 electrons and about 106 ions which he reports to be able to transform to a invisible form as reported in the book of Moray B. King.

The possibility to perform this transformation for macroscopic objects would have even more dramatic implications since the objects in dark matter phase would pass through ordinary solids without any difficulty. The first implications that come in mind relate to technology (manipulation of properties of condensed matter from interior), to medicine (many-sheeted surgical operations), and research of large condensed matter systems (say the study of Earth's interior).

1. Are macroscopic visible-to-dark phase transitions possible?

One can wonder whether visible-to-dark phase transition could occur also spontaneously in macroscopic length scales. There is indeed quite a lot of documented evidence.
  • Hutchison effect involves a catastrophic fracture of metal samples when posed to a radiation. Also physical objects of different composition were reported to become inexplicably embedded in each other once these objects were radiated. For a couple of years I discussed a model for this effect here. The phase transition involved with this model was not identified as ordinary-to-dark matter transformation but the basic many-sheeted mechanism inducing the temporary transparency is essentially the same.
  • The appearance of human made artifacts in places where they should not occur is this kind of effect. There are a lot of reports for this kind of artifacts (see this, this , and this). These reports can of course be claimed to be just folklore. On the other hand, many of these artifacts are in museums and precise reports about where they were found exist. There are also reports about this kind of objects in journals like Scientific American. Hence one must consider seriously the possibility that the stories about artifacts in wrong place are real. Creationists have used these artifacts as an objection against Darwinian view about evolution and as a support that the actual age of universe is not more than what Bible tells. This kind of explanation is very difficult to take seriously by anyone with basic knowledge about science. T. Twietmeyer has proposed that a transformation of the ordinary matter to a form in which it can pass ordinary matter is involved with these phenomena.
Man-made objects are reported to appear in so old archeological layers that even our species did not yet exist. The ages of the artifacts discussed in previous references , if really the same as that of environment, vary from 50.000 years up to 300 million years. Artifacts have been found inside rock, inside geods which are small spherical stones with hollow interiors lined with crystals, and inside coal. Examples of artifacts found are an object which seems to be a candlestick holder, "coin", nails, screw, an object which resembles spark plug, a strange cube like object made of iron, metal nodules, gold chain, iron pot, brass bell, etc... Tornadoes are reported to induce transfer of human made artifacts to places where they should not exist. A piece of field straw penetrating through a window pane without breaking it has been reported. According to second report, a rubber tire which was not cut appeared after tornado surrounding a telephone pole that had a wooden crossbar and power lines on top. This kind of topological impossibilities would be a clear-cut signature of the ordinary-to-dark phase transition. Tornadoes are indeed basic examples of primitive living systems involving rotating magnetic and Z0 magnetic fields and thus generating magnetic walls or more general rotating flux quanta containing dark matter.

2. TGD based explanation for artifacts in wrong places

The TGD based mechanism explaining the findings would be the transformation of the artifact to dark matter phase (its mass would not be changed appreciably) and subsequent free fall in the gravitational field of Earth in the case that the object still feeds its gravitational flux to the space-time sheet carrying Earth's gravitational field. The object would quite literally be swallowed by Earth. For a vanishing initial velocity the time t spent in the dark matter phase would relate the depth h at which the object falls freely as t=(2h/g)1/2, g≈ 10 m/s2. From the typical depths at which the objects are found, one can conclude that the time spent in dark matter phase is measured in seconds. A possible explanation is that the rotation period of magnetic field creating the dark matter phase is usually not longer than this.
  • Macroscopic quantities of dark matter could result in catastrophic events like fractures. The potential wall hindering the formation of the fracture might be overcome by the formation of dark matter phase in the immediate vicinity of the fracture. Nuclear transmutations should occur routinely in dark matter phase and there is indeed evidence for the transmutations in living matter, in cold fusion and fracto-fusion. The long lasting emission of light from fractures (earth lights observed in the lines of seismic activity) might be identifiable as coherent beams of dark photons decaying to ordinary photons. UFOs might have interpretation as plasmoids.
  • The observed difficult-to-understand properties of lightnings might find explanation if lightning track is in dark matter phase so that charged particles are in effectively super-conducting phase so that electrons can accelerate to relativistic velocities. This suggests that electric discharges in high voltage could produce dark matter (perhaps this is one function of nerve pulse). Ball lightnings might induced generation of dark matter.
To sum up, it is very easy to get scientific respect by claiming that all these reports are cooked up by swindlers and taken seriously by crackpots. I however dare hope that some ingenious experimentalist would see the trouble of finding whether TGD explanation is correct by trying to develop a method of inducing the phase transition to dark matter along the lines proposed. For more details see the the chapter Quantum Coherent Dark Matter and Bio-Systems as Macroscopic Quantum Systems).

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