Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ωb anomaly as additional support for p-adic length scale hypothesis

Tommaso Dorigo has three interesting postings about the discovery of Ωb baryon containing two strange quarks and one bottom quark. The mystery is that two candidates for Ωb have been discovered with mass difference which is of order of strange quark mass.

In chronological order the postings of Tommaso are Nitpicking Omega; discovery, Nitpicking Omega; discovery: part II, and finally Real discovery of Ωb released by CDF today. Also Peter Woit has a posting on the subject.

As I told in earlier posting this could be understood in TGD framework in terms of p-adic length scale hypothesis predicting that quark masses comes as half octaves of basic mass. I did not have time to check the precise mass at that time however.

I had already forgotten Ωb but today I got from Mark Williams a link to Science News story Ωb anomaly and decided to perform the check. The prediction of the p-adic mass calculations for the mass of s quark is 105 MeV (see page 12 of p-Adic Particle Massivation: Hadron Masses) so that the mass difference could be understood if the second s-quark in Ωb has mass which is twice the "standard" value. Strange quark appears also in low lying hadrons with several p-adic mass scales. Therefore the strange finding could be seen as additional support for quantum TGD. Before buying a bottle of champaigne, one should however understand why D0 and CDF collaborations only one Ωb instead of both of them.

The reader interested in p-adic mass calculations in the case of hadrons and willing to do the little check her- or himself can consult the chapter p-Adic Particle Massivation: Hadron Masses of "p-Adic Length Scale Hypothesis And Dark Matter Hierarchy".

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