Friday, July 10, 2009

Water memory, free radicals, expanding Earth, and Cambrian revolution

The title is intentionally chosen to involve notions which one would expect to have absolutely nothing in common. The purpose is to show that this expectation might be wrong.

Consider first the free radical theory (see this and this). The theory states that free radical produced in mitochondria are responsible for the ageing since they are highly reactive and cause damage for the DNA. One can however wonder what is the mechanism causing the generation of the free radicals.

A TGD based justification for the free radical theory came as unexpected application of the quantum model for how metabolic batteries are loaded in many-sheeted space-time. The kicking of electrons to smaller space-time sheet loads metabolic batteries in TGD Universe. The dropping of electrons back liberates metabolic energy. These processes occur all the time in ADP<-->ATP "Karma's" cycle. In earlier posting I discussed quantitative model for the burning of water producing hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen (this process could provide a mechanism of storing solar energy by a mechanism analogous to photosynthesis).

This kicking also induces 2H2O-->H2O2+H2 as eplained in previous posting. Unfortunately, the kicked electrons induced very probably many process unavoidably producing highly reactive reaction products (for finnish readers this gives new meaning for the saying "Ei elämästä selviä hengissä!"). The generation of these harmful reaction products can be interpreted in terms of second law of thermodynamics: loading process involves some dissipation of energy to unintended purposes and increase of entropy and this leads to ageing. Antioxidants is the means of the organism to minimize these effects. The fortunate aspect is that hydrogen peroxide can be used by the immune system to kill harmful bacteria as Mae-Wan Ho tells in one of the articles (for a list of references including references to Mae-Wan Ho's articles see the earlier posting).

The fortunate outcome is oxygenation of atmosphere, which has played key role in evolution (see the article of Mae-Wan Ho providing a valuable overall view). For instance, the increase of the oxygen fraction from 2 per cent to about 20 per cent is believed to have preceded Cambrian revolution and its further increase to about 40 per cent in maximum is believed to have made possible the emergence of organisms with gigantic size with large metabolic needs (trees, dinosauri and other lizards, and insects). The subsequent reduction of the oxygen fraction down to 15 per cent in minimum has been seen as a reason for the disappearence of large insects and reptiles and also as a reason for long period of stagnation in evolution.

The TGD based model of Expanding Earth explains the strange fact that all continents form a single super-continent if the radius of Earth is scaled down by a factor of 1/2. Expansion is assumed to be due to the occurrence of a quantum phase transition increasing the value of Planck constant by a factor 2 for the space-time sheet of Earth (see also the chapter Quantum Astrophysics" of "Physics in Many-Sheeted Space-time". This led to the proposal that the reduction of gravitational force by a factor 1/4 during the expansion also contributed to the increase of the size. A related proposal is that the underground water reservoirs carrying highly developed life forms were bursted to the surface of Earth in Cambrian explosion. An interesting question is whether the burst of large amounts of underground water to the surface of Earth was the mechanism leading to the oxygenation of the atmosphere. The oxygen could have been present in the interior before the expansion and allowed the evolution of photosynthesis (important progress takes often place underground;-)).

For a more detailed representation or latest progress see the chapter Quantum Model for Nerve Pulse of "TGD and EEG" or the chapter Homeopathy in Many-Sheeted Space-Time of Bio-Systems as Conscious Holograms.


Zephir said...

Hi, Matti - can you explain me "TGD based model of Expanding Earth" in few easy-to-follow logical steps?

You know, it's easy to say "my theory predicts it" - but I still don't see any causality in such claim. If I say "nope, from TGD postulates doesn't follow Expanding Earth theory" - how would you disprove such claim? What are the introductional postulates of TGD theory, after all?

The same is relevant for Cambrian evolution and water memory, etc...

Matti Pitkänen said...

To Zephir:

"What are the introductional postulates of TGD theory, after all?"

The introductional postulates of TGD cannot be explained in single comment.

Suffice only to say that TGD in its original form can be seen as a generalization of string models obtained by replacing strings with 3-surfaces in 8-D M^4xCP_2, which is uniquely fixed by the symmetries of standard model. Alternative formulation is as a modification of general relativity so that Poincare invariance is not lost. Later I learned that number theoretical arguments related to octonions and quaternions fix the choice M^4xCP_2 uniquely.

4-D space-time surfaces are orbits of these 3-surfaces. Much later I started to talk about light-like 3-surfaces: light-likeness guarantees a generalization of the super-conformal symmetries of superstring models and makes space-time dimension D=4 unique. It also fixes the dynamics of TGD uniquely. I am amazed that super string theorists still refuse to realize how far reaching and convincing the basic structure of TGD is and waste their precious life time in the landscape.

Still later came the generalization of H=M^4xCP_2 to a book like structure with "pages" partially labeled by the values of Planck constant. The motivations are purely physical. Each value of Planck constant corresponds to a particular phase of matter and this provides explanation of dark matter. The applications in biology involve in essential manner the hierarchy of Planck constants and p-adic length scale hierarchy which leads to a further generalization of the imbedding space obtained by adding p-adic variants of the imbedding space and intersecting real imbedding space along common rational points and some algebraic point.

Matti Pitkänen said...

"Can you explain me "TGD based model of Expanding Earth" in few easy-to-follow logical steps? "

I think that I have done my best in this respect in the original posting Quantum version of Expanding Earth theory.

The core idea is that cosmic expansion corresponds at quantum level discrete sequence of phase transitions in which Planck constant increases for the space-time sheet involved so that various quantum scales are scaled up like hbar. One obtains continuous expansion in average sense. This has happened for all kinds of astrophysical objects including Earth. For Earth this must have happened at same time as Cambrian explosion if one wants to explain the strange finding about super supercontinent possible if Earth radius is 1/2 of the recent one preceding the period describable in terms of tectonic plate theory.

The natural idea is that life evolved in the interior of water in underground lakes and thus shielded from cosmic rays and meteorites (as it seems to be doing in Mars which by the way has radius equal to that of Earth before the expansion!). May be there were also oxygen reserves unlike at the surface of Earth so that photosynthesis could evolve.

During the expansion the surface of Earth cracked and the water and highly developed life forms popped up to the surface of the Earth and the radiation from sun interacting with the water led to the generation of oxygen rich atmosphere.

The simplest disproof is to show that no expansion of the Earth's radius took place during the claimed period and to give an alternative and convincing explanation for the fact that continents fit nicely together to form a super-continent covering entire Earth's surface if radius is taken 1/2 of the recent radius.

One can certainly deduce a lot of testable and possibly killer predictions: shorter period of rotation (6 hour day instead of 24 hour day before the phase transition, higher gravity and its possible genetic correlates for prekaryotes, etc...).

Anonymous said...

Hi Mat,
I didn’t know if here was apropriate to post my question, but didn’t saw
something else close to it.
I was fascinated from TGD and its generalisations about the consciousnes and
the living systems, because
they are explaining my
observations upon one event(UFO), I think a
plasmoid, and can be a basis
for the development of some my other ideas.
That what I observed could take three different forms
and had definitely intelligent behaviour.
Recently on youtube very
often one can see videos
with such intelligent
plasmoids. If you want I can explain in details my
case or give you the links to these videos. I also thought for a possible
symbiosis. My questions is,
why do you admit the plasmoids only as simple
forms of life and what is
your opinion about HAARP,
cannot it be harmful.

Matti Pitkänen said...

"My questions is, why do you admit the plasmoids only as simple forms of life and what is your opinion about HAARP, cannot it be harmful".

Before answering I simple summarize what I mean with plasmoids.

For years ago I ended up with the vision that magnetic flux tube (quantum) structures containing ions (so that cyclotron states become possible) represent the most primitive life forms.

Metabolism would be based on kicking of charged particles from larger to smaller space-time sheet (differences of zero point energies would define fundamental metabolic energy quanta). Super-conductivity would be part of picture. Communication with and control of the material part of system by magnetic body an control would rely on cyclotron photons and Josephson radiation. Besides/instead of chemical storage of metabolic energy there could be storage of energy to biophoton Bose-Einstein condensates. Kind of population inverted lasers. Also the particles kicked to smaller space-time sheet could serve as analogs of population inverted lasers.

Sending of negative energy photons to geometric past (time mirror mechanism) would provide a manner to receive energy instantaneously, a primitive memory based on communications with geometric past, and a mechanism of realization intentional actions.

Later came the realization that dark matter could correspond to large hbar hierarchy and mechanism making possible macroscopic quantum phases.

The recent picture about living matter is more or less this apart from DNA and proteins and DNA as topological quantum computer hypothesis and the vision about how magnetic flux tubes structure and associated transitions changing Planck constant make possible to understand the feats of bio-catalysis.

There is experimental support for plasmoids from a Romanian group of physicists claimed that plasmoids generated by electric circuits satisfy basic criteria for what it is to be living.

E. Lozneanu and M. Sanduloviciu (2003). Minimal-cell system created in laboratory by self-organization, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Volume 18, Issue 2, October, p. 335. See also Plasma blobs hint at new form of life, New Scientist vol. 179 issue 2413 - 20 September 2003, page 16.

Second article about plasmoids and helical structures possibly giving rise to primitive genetic code came two years ago.

B. Tsytovich et al (2007). From Plasma crystals and helical structures towards inorganic living matter. New Journal of Physics, August issue.

I have proposed that the light balls associated with UFOs and crop circles claimed to behave intelligently could represent this kind of primitive life forms. The plasma sheet at the dark side of Earth would be ideal place for plasmoids and there are observations about intricate self organization patterns looking to human eye like butterflies, eyes, etc...

The regions of interstellar space where life has probably containing plasma and basic ions could also contain these primitive forms of life. The source of metabolic energy would at this stage be radiation from nearby stars: dissociation of molecules by UV radiation and subsequent recombination liberating the stored energy could make possible primitive energy storage analogous to photosynthesis-respiration cycle.

The chapter About the New Physics Behind Qualia gives a summary about these ideas.

Oops! I must answer your question in separate posting: too many lines!

Matti Pitkänen said...

Dear Anonymous,

after too long introduction I finally can answer your question which was

"My questions is, why do you admit the plasmoids only as simple forms of life and what is your opinion about HAARP, cannot it be harmful".

I am not quite sure what the part of question precisely means! Plasmoids are the only simple life forms/Plasmoids are necessary rather simple creatures. In any case, plasmoids could be predecessors of chemical life forms and might be present still at intracellular scales. In absence of genetic code of some form they would be rather simple.

Dark matter (95 per cent of all matter is dark!) makes however things uncertain. For instance, could genetic code - if indeed representable at the level of dark nuclear physics- be realized by dark nuclei and purely electromagnetically. Could magnetic flux tubes structures make possible topological quantum computation like activities using exotic realizations of genetic code? What determines the level of simplicity is perhaps the largest value of hbar in personal dark matter hierarchy.

My knowledge about HAARP is from Wikipedia. I am worried about military applications. Affecting weather, affecting mind. HAARP creates ELF radiation and if this ELF radiation correspond also to large hbar it could have direct effect on consciousness if we and other organisms (at least vertebrates to which ELF radiation has documented effect) have magnetic bodies extending to ionosphere and beyond and thus be affected directly by events of ionosphere. The strong effects of auroras on some people (loss of consciousness) might be example of this kind effect on consciousness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mat,
Thank you for your answer. Excuse me for my anonymity, but this way
is more convenient for me. I will try to explain briefly. Because of some
events in my life it happened to dig me myself in my subconsciousness.
It turned out there was a big disperancy with my daily consciousness
and I found out that there in our subconsciousness is something very
important and determining even from the early childhood, maybe
innate. I was aware of it, but I had to explain it in scientific way.
I was intended to use one ancient Chinese philosophical theory for a
reflection of the reflection, but then happened my observations of
mentioned higher up a plasmoid(UFO). I was painfully curious and
instantly became an ufologist. The UFOs and the ETs exist, but at least
a part of the UFOs are these plasmoids. I don’t know why NASA is
hiding that they are flying everywhere in the space and some of them
have something common with the sun. But they have some relationship
with our planet and maybe with us. Excuse me, I’m not trying to convince
you at any price, only wanted to explain how serious is this problem,
especially in connection with such projects as HAARP.
And so in my searches I came across the quantum theories explaining
the consciousness, hence they must explain the subconsciousness too.
You can say it is one and same, all is a consciousness, but I don’t think
so and will try to prove my ideas. In all nowdays theories the consciousness
is explained too deterministically and is drawing nearer to our daily
consciousness, predetermined of the postulates of the orthodox
science and thinking. The subconsciousness is something blured as
the dark matter, is this comparison casual, and there the scientists
are putting everything unexplained for more convenience.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me I had to continue here:
I was impressed that the ETs are interested mainly in human
subconsciousness at those so called abductions. Obviously
there is hiding the potential of the human mind and what we
are understanding now as a consciousness is something as a shell,
conforming us to the reality whatever it be.
Yesterday I read Quantum Coherent Dark Matter and Bio-Systems as
Macroscopic Quantum Systems and your articles in Hadron Models
and Related New Energy. I’m not a physicist nor a mathematician,
but can understand your conception. I gathered much more literature
upon the problem, but as though your quantum explanation is the best.
That was my considerations to write you and some publications on about the dark matter, consciousness, UFOs and
extraterrestrial civilizations. I cannot understand these guys, what of their
writings is true, what is guessing and maybe compilations and wanted to
know if there is anything common with your works. That is all. Here it is
some interesting links:
And if there is a connection between the two

Anonymous said...

P.S.Now I saw you know about the connection
between the plasmoids
and the crop circles.
They really want to show
that they exist and maybe
something more, but why
everything has been denying
so far.Here is one another
link with the sun on the

I won’t bother you anymore
and won’t turn your blog
into an ufology site, but
what is the sense of everything if the reality
is hiding from somebody,
pretending to be the God.

Matti Pitkänen said...

Sorry for slow responses and thank you for the links.

If I take my own theory of consciousness seriously, I must conclude that the dark matter hierarchy is there and Universe must be full of all kinds of conscious entities.

Plasmoids could even serve as kind of intelligent couriers, as kind of relay stations entangling us with the conscious intelligencies in a galaxies in distant corner of the Universe and allowing to share there mental images in this manner telepathically (sharing of mental images is possible if self hierarchy is accepted). One also ask how do we even know whether our mental images are shared, that we are not in constant communication of this kind.

I have written something about Fermi paradox (Where are they all?). This perhaps gives overall view about TGD picture.

Anonymous said...

The Fermi paradox simply doesn’t
exist. Still Flamarion has said
that there isn’t any other possible reasons for the planets to exist, if they are not inhabited. How many civilisations
exist in the same interval of time
in which they count on the radio
waves to communicate with other
civilisations in the universe.
Something more, the other civilisations are simply here and
this is the real paradox. Haven’t
we to change a little bit our way
of thinking. The plasmoids are
a reality and plasma civilisations
maybe too. Thinking about the dark matter we have to proceed from these known for us points, otherwise we can get into a tangle. My idea about the subconsciousness is that there is something as a matrix and it has something to do with the dark matter as a perfect mirror for
a reflection of the reality and
a reverse impact. This can change
generally the human thinking, without big collisions and will improve the interactions with the reality.

Anonymous said...

P.S. In the report to Gorbachev
about the ETs besides humanoides,
reptiloides and insectoides there
are mentioned transcendentals
(celestials). Who and what are
they, maybe directly living in the dark matter or something else.
But there are not mentioned plasma
civilisations. I’m wondering is there some connection between the last two.

Anonymous said...

What can be the explanation of your
theory for the awake coma and the autism?

Anonymous said...

P.S. Excuse me, I forgot to ask you
what do you think about the investigations of Luciano Bocconi
connected with the plasmoids.

Anonymous said...

Luciano Boccone, excuse me again.

Matti Pitkänen said...

To Anynymous concerning Gorbachev report: unfortunately I am unable to answer. I dit not know about investigations of Luciano Bocce and was unable to find summary in English.

Matti Pitkänen said...

"What can be the explanation of your theory for the awake coma and the autism?"

I have developed some ideas about memory feats of autists. The explanation would be that direct sensory memories based on sharing of mental images is in question. Time like entanglement would make this possible. Why we have lost this ability except in situations like falling in sleep is that conceptual memory based on abstractions is much more economical (few bits can contain enormous amount of relevant information) and reliable than direct sensor memory. For isntance, how experiencer does know that sensory memory is indeed memory rather than experience here and now.

When some damage to brain occurs it can happen that sensory memory replaces the conceptual memory and I think that this can happen in autism. Correct me if I am wrong but I have remember having read that autists have especially acute sensory experience.

About awake coma I cannot say anything interesting.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, I’m now on my holidays
at the sea and cannot answer you in time. I had some idea about
the autism as closed in it itself
subconsciousness, but wasn’t sure, that’s why decided to ask you about
your idea. About the awake coma I have idea, but it will be much
loudly to post it here for now. When I searched for information, connected with the dark matter and
the plasmoids in Google, "dark matter"+plasmoids I found something
by Jay Alfred. In his work as though everything is messed with
methaphysical explanations, but
there one can find many
interesting facts about real
events in this sense of the matter.

Matti Pitkänen said...

The work of Jay Alfred brings old times to the mind of old man. For instance, I lively remember the enthusiasm that I experienced as I introduced the notions of many-sheeted space-time and field body. And of course I remember time mirror mechanism which serves as basis of metabolism, intentional action, and long term memory. All this before year 2000.

I also remember that around year 2005 I started to talk about the realization of dark matter in terms of hierarchy of Planck constants in my blog and books.
Amusingly, Jay Alfred has published three books about dark plasma after 2006. It is striking how close the correspondences with what I have been talking for years are. These ideas seem to be in air-or at least in the air surrounding my home page;-).

As a matter fact, the similarities are so strikingly detailed that they bring in my mind tables of contents of some of my books. My friend -hopelessly asocial paranoid - expressed the impression that author might have visited my home page and blog and become a victim of infection leading to a selective amnesia. He claims that there is a lot of independent evidence that my home page and blog are indeed carriers of this kind of infection. He claims that even a couple of big names of string theory might have suffered the same sad fate and tells that the articles and chapters representing the ideas about dark matter and hyper-finite factors of type II_1 are the most probable candidates for the disease carriers. In the unfortunate case that my asocial friend is correct I can only hope that this does not spread to a pandemic;-).

Ulla said...

Very amusing indeed. I hope that the selective amnesia don't spread, but instead hopefully good ideas. The air around your homepage is really inspirating. Good Luck Matti.

And to anon. thanks for good points. Subconsciousnes is interesting, but how can someone be locked in? Locked-in state exist but it is explained by lack of dopamine. They don't even think, they just are, but not in coma.

I remembered an explanation heard from a documentar program on TV recently that the big extinction of animals came from water that stopped flowing for some reason. They made an comparision to the ElNino phenomen. It lead to oxygenfree conditions and accumulation of H2S in the sea, followed by poisoning of the waters. Very few species could live in those conditions.

You wrote: The subsequent reduction of the oxygen fraction down to 15 per cent in minimum has been seen as a reason for the disappearence of large insects and reptiles and also as a reason for long period of stagnation in evolution.

After that period there was very much nutrients in the waters, so when it again was aerated there came an explosion of life. Maybe too life was forced to enter land.
Coincidence with tectonic plate movements? Gravitational loss indicate some collission? But the moon was not created then.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I only flipped trough the
writings of Jay Alfred and read
about some interesting events
mentioned in them and again this
idea with the dark matter. The
idea is really in the air and
something surely will happen in
the next years. It is well
known when one idea is already
in the air it is instantly taken
by other persons even not knowing directly about it. But there is something subtle for now,
which has to take its place.
Trying to write something as a tale
on one site about the secret of the time and space, which can be revealed from the great wizard I wrote "to say him the words magic
the secret revealed will take its
place". Your TGD is genious but as though it has to happen some break

Anonymous said...

Hi Mat, I see nobody answer to your
last post. What do you think about
The Transdimensional Unified Field
Theory by George James Ducas. You can read it from here:
He is an architect but likes physics and geometry too much and
maybe can answer to your last post.
For me is interesting do you know
about his theory and what is your
opinion on it, because I have to step on something stable in my work, connected with the
subconsciousness. I read Quantum
Consciousness by Dr Edgar Mitchell
and flipped trough The Integrated
Theory of Intelligence on this link pointed bellow: Probably I have also to see everything directly written
about the subconsciousness, but for me is important nevertheless
the physical explanation, that’s why I’m boring you so many often.
Excuse me.

Matti Pitkänen said...

Unfortunately I do not have time to study the work of James Ducas and the book is not loadable without contact. What I gathered is that he speaks of Einstein's gigantic blunders and this is something which makes me a little bit skeptic since the generalizations of General Coordinate Invariance and Equivalence Principles are extremely powerful guiding principles in TGD.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the answer anyway.
I saw one another theory pretending
to be genious, but it is too hard
for a comprehension and I refused even to try reading it. Sorry I cannot now point it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mat,
What do you think about this
scheme pointed bellow:
And how for example one child can
see the solution of a geometric
task instantly without any rules
and axioms. I saw your toughts about the soul on My main goal
is to prove that the soul has more
more or less definable parameters
somewhere in the subconsciousness
but can be realized even from the
early childhood.
Before a couple of months I felt
the things this way:
Open your eyes, listen, to see and hear
the colors and the sounds of the universe.
But can you feel it, something tiny warm
and beautiful is beaming and pulsating
inside you. It’s touching you in every
moment to feel you only it exists.
Its way the only possible is see and
touch the things like it. Sleeping is not
its essence because it never sleep.
From time to time it’s bursting to find
its mirror in the other human beings.
Its power is collossal and you are its
devoted slave, but it is your own freedom,
please don’t run away from it.

That about our own realities is very interesting. The projections
of our will and imagination have already their realisation in the future. And it is turning out they
depend on the most powerfull will
and imagination refracted from
the public spirit. I will think about this. Somewhere on the question what are the three most fantastic worlds(in the fantasy
books) I half jokingly answered:
1 The world inside me.
2 The world around me.
3 The world desired of me.
Isn’t this the essence of our

Matti Pitkänen said...

Just now I am so badly occupied by deadlines that I do not have time to look for the book.

I wrote about soul for long time ago, in the first years of TGD inspired theory of consciousness. During years I have become more cautious and the text looks somewhat naive now. I have however decided to keep it.

Idiot savants able to identify factorization of integers to product of primes are a good example about strange abilities very difficult to explain using standard computer metaphors. These people do not even have the concept of primeness! I believe that they see this factorization as a concrete dynamical process in which some object splits into pieces.

Quantum computers are able to achieve the factorization and maybe quantum computation is involved although it is difficult to understand how this could give rise to visual picture.

I have proposed a dynamical mechanism based on wavelengths which come integer multiples of basic wavelength so that prime wavelengths represent stable waves to which waves with integer wavelengths decompose.

Anonymous said...

I think the human mind is working with a superpositioning even at the
computing and not with 0 and 1.
Don’t forget that it is utilising only 5 percents of its capabilities and that the most
people are idling intelligent beings. I can give you an example.
In a high school we have to compute matrices of n range, but we
hadn’t yet calculators. When after
some time they provided us with calculators was a need of more time
to calculate with them. We already
had learned without any special
education to compute quickly.