Thursday, September 29, 2011

Do we really understand the solar system?

The recent experimental findings have shown that our understanding of the solar system is surprisingly fragmentary. As a matter fact, so fragmentary that even new physics might find place in the description of phenomena like the precession of equinoxes (I am grateful for my friend Pertti Kärkkäinen for telling me about the problem) and the recent discoveries about the bullet like shape of heliosphere and strong magnetic fields near its boundary bringing in mind incompressible fluid flow around obstacle.

TGD inspired model is based on the heuristic idea that stars are like pearls in a necklace defined by long magnetic flux tubes carrying dark matter and strong magnetic field and possibly accompanied by the analog of solar wind. Heliosphere would be like bubble in the flow defined by magnetic field in the flux tube inducing its local thickening. A possible interpretation is as a bubble of ordinary and dark matter in the flux tube containing dark energy: this would provide a beautiful overall view about the emergence of stars and their heliospheres as a phase transition transforming dark energy to dark and visible matter. Among other things the magnetic walls surrounding the solar system would shield the solar system from cosmic rays.

For details and background see the article Do we really understand the solar system? and the chapter TGD and Astrophysics of "Physics in Many-Sheeted Space-time".


Leo Vuyk said...

Ou sun is in my Q-FFF Theoery, the remnant of a former open star cluster which started with a Herbig Haro double (new paradigm) black hole system.
Stellar Anchor Black Holes as the remnants of former Herbig Haro Objects.

Leo Vuyk.

Ulla said...

I have held this back for some days now. It is not that I want to promote myself. These are very modest things. But if you look at the forms you start asking these questions by force. Is form a reason? Function preceedes structure? And function is in the dark. said...

The notion of function does not have a place in existing physics. It requires purposeful behavior. Difficult to avoid mentioning consciousness if one wants to understand this notion at the fundamental level.

Self-organization patterns formed by sequences quantum jumps would be my proposal what function is.
Dark matter would be naturally involved.

Leo Vuyk said...

Hello Ulla and Matti,
In my humble view it is far more simple:
FUNCTION FOLLOWS FORM in Quantum FFF-Theory. The MICROSTRUCTURE of elementary particles, is supposed to be the origin of FUNCTIONAL differences between Higgs- Photon- and Fermion particles. Something SMALL is missing in mainstream physics: a NEW splitting and pairing MASSLESS BLACK HOLE, made up by real NEW-convertible MASSLESS Higgs-dark matter/dark energy particles, explaining the CPT symmetrical Big Bang, quick Galaxy- and Star formation, down to Sunspots, Comets and Ball Lightning. said...

What is the function of electron? Functionw realize intentions: how intentions are described in FFF-theory?

Ulla said...

What determines the structure of those microforms? The size doesn't really matter.

You want to turn everything around and say the structure determines function? How can those structures know what form they would take? There are too many possibilities. Not even a lifetime or much more would be enough to try them all. Where is the coordination?

The elemental particles also change form.

When you study the electron there is no structure, when you study the proton the mass cannot be explained, nor do we know what exactly a neutron is. Not to talk of even smaller particles. Where comes the microstructure forth? Usually physicists say at Planck scale, but it that really true? Even big molecules can have no form or structure, as Zeilinger showed us. This is one of the main problems in the neutrino FTL paradox. Kea, that has so talked against DM and DE even begin to realize maybe she is wrong. She looks at the braiding in DM :) and we went rude when I pointed it out. She also mentioned the prime fields, making up a trinity. But she cannot accept TGD??? Sorry Kea.

As I see it there is no way to avoid DM. Especially if antimatter also is there in halos and makes part of DM. We can produce antimatter and get a mass. DM is in astrophysics made of invisible ordinary matter. Most say in hidden or extra dimensions, because they cannot understand the Planck constant hierarchy, which do quite the same thing.

DE is another issue that perhaps can be explained in other ways.

Ulla said...

Something I read this morning. This uses TGD :) The ethical questions it contain can everybody think at. said...

Elementary particles can have no geometric structure in quantum field theory based physics where they are pointlike. The basic problem of QFT based approach is indeed how the structures emerge.

TGD answer is simple: the structure reduces to non-triviality of the space-time topology. Matter reduces to curvature, structure reduces to topology. Many-sheeted space-time realizes this: the boundaries of physical objects correspond to space-time boundaries (understood in general enough sense so that the 3-D light-like surface at which the signature of induced metric changes are defined to be boundaries).

Sub-manifold geometry is again absolutely essential since it defines shape of space-time surface as seen from 8-D perspective of imbedding space.

Branes could mimic TGD and one might quite well argue that branes introduced around 1995 or so was just a new term to make possible to "forget" the fact that I had identified space-time as a 4-surface already around 1982 in my thesis. Branes can have structure in TGD sense but they are ad hoc objects suffering inconsistency even at the level of the basic definition.

Anonymous said...

Forget the solar system.

Do we really understand the sun itself?


Regards. said...

When I talk about solar system I mean also sun.
There is also a strong connection to electric sun hypothesis about which link talks about.

a) When I started to work with TGD, one of the first observations was that the imbeddings of Schwartschild metric or any metric giving rise to long range 1/r^2 gravitational force carry necessarily some eletcro-weak charge, say electromagnetic charge. It can be arbitrarily small but is non-vanishing.

The result follows from the fact that both gravitational and gauge fields (their classical variants) are expressible in terms of four CP_2 coordinates and their gradients (gauge bosons and gravitons have representations as particlelike topological inhomogenities.) At that time it was difficult to interpret the prediction.

b) Magnetic flux tube picture means that magnetic fields (electroweak, in particular electric, and also color magnetic fields) are absolutely crucial for the formation of not only stars but also galaxies.

c) Fractality suggests that the formations of galaxies, stars,....even biological cells, even smaller structures could be base on same basic mechanism: the formation of bubbles of ordinary and dark matter from dark energy represented by dark magnetic energy of the magnetic flux quantum.

Both visible and dark particles with large hbar are in a key role in TGD inspired quantum biology. If fractality makes sense, one would expect the same to hold true even at the level of stars and galaxies.

Even the magnetic body accompanying biological body has layer like structure with layers of size of Earth and even larger (size of structure correlates with EEG wavelength used to communicated sensory data to and control commands from the magnetic body: 10 Hz corresponds to Earth size scale). Schumann resonances would correspond to Mother Gaia's magnetic body.

Both neutral and charged superconducting dark currents flowing along flux tubes would be present in all scales. If one believes in the hierarchy of Planck constants, the natural expectation is that they allow macroscopic quantum coherence possible in even astrophysical and cosmic scales. Universe would be single gigantic fractal living organism.

The sub-manifold gravity has raised itself the central theme of the latest postings. Geometrization of known gauge fields and gravitation, geometrization of standard model quantum numbers, apparent neutrino superluminality and predicted analogous effects for other relativistic particles (plus many other effects), the formation of stars and galaxies in bubble model, how TGD inspired cosmology resolves the basic problems of standard cosmology, understanding of dark energy problem and apparent cosmological constant in GRT approximation,.... The list could be continued and already as such show that sub-manifold gravity is visibly present in all scales.

Maybe M-theorist might finally beginning to realize what TGD is (and will steal all of it and attach it to their brane world scenario-should I add ";-" or not?). One especially beautiful mathematical structure worth of stealing is induced spinor structure and its modified variant based on so called modified gamma matrices. I have waited for almost three decades that they will represent induced gamma matrices and spinor structure as their own discovery;-). Time is probably ripe for this now.

Ulla said...

You are a very funny man :) Wait for someone to steal your life work? There is your soul and heart.

Yesterday I read something astonishing about dark galaxies on Galaxy Zoo forum. If the picture the cosmologists drew up is true this would mean a very deep and profound revolution of our understanding of cosmos, where dark galaxies indeed are the driving forces. The fact that half of the stars are binary say this is a very, very important discovery, if they find a way to show the dark galaxies. The induction of supernovas may also be dark. The DE problem would be solved, and the acceleration of universe maybe too?
I sent the links to G. Bon apetit :) said...

May be I am funny but after all these experiences I am realistic and learned that black humor is the only manner to survive without becoming totally mad.

My experiences in the academic world are very similar to those of Jaan Kross in Estonia during the world war and Soviet dictatorship and of the people of Spain during the dictatorship of Franco. The academic dictators cannot kill me but they make me zombie.

Modern scientist does not know what the word "ethics" means and it is actually quite conceivable that my life work will be stolen and I must just accept it! What is left is the ability to predict how this will happen!

In TGD framework dark galaxies could be replaced by magnetic flux tube carrying dark energy as magnetic energy and magnetic tension giving rise to negative "pressure" causing accelerated cosmic expansion.

Ulla said...


During the course of its lifetime, the Sun accretes a sizeable amount of dark matter. This accreted matter affects the heat transport of the stellar core in ways that helioseismology can detect, or at least constrain.

Leo Vuyk said...

Dark matter inside the sun is in my view represented by SUNSPOTS.
Sunspots are in fact micro black holes being the former nuclei of COMETS.
see next:
The FORM and MICROSTRUCTURE of elementary particles, is supposed to
be the origin of FUNCTIONAL differences between Higgs- Graviton-
Photon- and Fermion particles.
Something SMALL is missing in mainstream physics: a NEW 3D String particle and
a splitting and pairing MASSLESS but gravitational BLACK HOLE, able to explain the
cyclic Big Bang, quick Galaxy- and Star formation, down to Sunspots,
Comets, Ball Lightning and even Ice Volcanoes on Titan.

At the Quantum Level with a new 3D String I propose, an
alternative symmetric GUT-based extension of the Standard Model
The new 3D String result is,
that the eigen-energy of Fermions is originated by energetic but
massless oscillating Higgs particles embedded in a tetrahedron vacuum
lattice, able to convert into other singular particles like Photons/
Gluons, Electrons and Positrons.
That The lightspeed is variable between astronomical separated local
reference frames around massive objects like the earth and dragged by
the mass of objects combined with an extinction effect over large
That black holes have Fermion repelling horizons due to a new
Fermionic SPIN FLIP effect.
(see below Hyperion).
Accelerated pairing and splitting black holes are present at all
scales, from Galaxy Anchor black holes (GABHs) Stellar Anchor Black
Holes (SABHs) down to Sunspots, Comets and Ball lightning.( Dark Matter.

The most obvious examples of the new black hole are:
1: The so called Spire gas pillar formation by splitting Bhs in the
EAGLE nebula.
2: The internal structure and globular nucleus of the icy moon
3: Ball lightning photo from Japan showing washed out gas trails.

Ulla said...

Have you seen this picture of 'the empty space'?

tonyon said...

parallel universes necessary to immortality