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Could magnetic flux tubes make possible effective holograms?

The notions of massless extremals (topological light rays) and magnetic flux tubes carrying dark matter identified as phases have large value of effective Planck constant have become central to TGD inspired quantum biology and new applications emerge continually. Just some time ago I told about addressing mechanism based on collection of frequencies acting as a password. The latest application is an interpretation for what holograms - or rather effective holograms- could be in TGD framework.

The idea about living matter as hologram of some kind is not new. Peter Gariaev's approach to DNA uses the notion of hologram. In neutroscience Karl Pribram is one of the advocators of hologram concept. There is a lot of empirical support for the notion. The notion of hologram - or rather, conscious hologram - is key concept also in TGD inspired view about quantum biology.

But what (conscious) holograms really are? Are they genuine holograms or are they holograms only in the sense that the scattering of light beams from them is very much like scattering on ordinary holograms - that is like scattering from the original object. Could one imagine mechanism making possible scattering from the original object effectively represented by the hologram like structure?

Holograms as relay stations?

To proceed notice that there is rather general belief that just some objects possessed by the patient is enough for healer- in some sense this object are holograms of the patient. Usually this belief is of course regarded as primitive pars pro toto magic. This belief might however have some justification in terms of negentropic entanglement expected to be fundamental aspect of remote mental interactions. In principle negentropic quantum entanglement can take place via arbitrary number of relay stations and magnetic flux tubes connecting the entangled objects would be the quantum correlate for it. Negentropic entanglement would serve as a correlate for attention, experience of understanding, etc., and it would correlate closely with metabolism: generation of ATP and associated high energy phosphate bond would generate negentropically entangled electron Cooper pair or add electron to negentropically entangled existing many-electron system and its decay to ADP would liberate metabolic energy quantum and destroy the negentropic entanglement.

Negentropic entanglement could actually mean that objects of the external world - say living beings - can act like parts of our biological body. There is a wide variety of psychological experiments which show how illusory is our view about what our body is. Quantum entanglement of object with its target having magnetic flux tubes as geometric correlates making object a relay station. The object - call it O - would only serve as a relay station connected to say person, call it P, possesses the object. The light scattering from the O could actually transform to dark photons and travel along flux tubes to P, where it is scattered back- say from DNA- and returns back along flux tubes and leaves O. Effectively this is like scattering from a hologram of P represented by object O. The flux tube connection would make various objects in our vicinity effective holograms. This is something that one actually expects since attention- both visual and auditory - has flux tubes connecting perceiver to the target of attention as correlates.

One can consider two options since the radiation to object could transform to positive or negative energy photons. In the first case scattering could be seen as ordinary scattering from P. Negative energy photons would however represent signals traveling to the geometric past (analogs of phase conjugate laser beams) and scatter back from P as positive energy photons traveling to O. TGD based models of memory as communications with the geometric past and intentional action as a process in which negative energy signal to geometric past initiates neural activities (Libet's findings about active aspects of consciousness) involve similar mechanism. Also the remote metabolism based on sending of negative energy signals to a energy storage (analogous to population inverted laser) relies on the same mechanism.

Peter Gariaev's experiments irradiating DNA with red laser beam generate broad of radio waves, which in TGD Universe could correspond to photons with same energy but with large Planck constant. These photons have biological effects on organisms of the same species and even on closely related species. TGD based proposal is that the scattered laser beam defines a collection of frequencies serving as addresses for parts of DNA activating gene expression.

If this represents a basic mechanism of genetic expression, one can quite well imagine that an organism - call it A - whose DNA is somehow damaged, could utilize the healthy DNA of another organism B by sending to it the counterpart of laser beam which scatters and generates the superposition of dark photon beams serving as an address activating the DNA of A. A would effectively use the DNA of B and B would effectively become part of A:s biological body. Even more, B could apply remote versions of various functions of its DNA, say remote replication and (in particular) remote transcription. One can say that A and B combine their genomes and collaborate. This idea is not too surprising if one acccepts the notion of super-genome suggested strongly by the hypothesis that DNA strands can organize to magnetic flux sheets traversing them to form larger structures allowing coherent gene expression even at the level of species.

This mechanism could explain why the mere presence of healthy organisms of the species can induce the healing of organism which is not healthy. It could be the basic mechanism of healing: patient could remotely use the healthy DNA of the healer to generate signals activating her own genes.

Further comments and questions

Some further comments and questions are in order.

  1. The relay station mechanism could universal in biology. The transformation of
    ordinary photons to dark photons at flux tubes defining the magnetic body of DNA is assumed in the model explaining the photos taken by Peter Gariaev and his group about DNA sample showing the presence of what looks like macroscopic flux tube structures kenociteallb/dnahologram.

  2. The mechanism could also explain phantom DNA as real DNA connected by flux tubes to the chamber that contained the original DNA. The laser beam arriving to the empty chamber would travel along flux tubs to the place, where the removed DNA is, scatter and return back. This would create the scattering pattern assigned with the phantom DNA.

  3. One can even ask whether the basic mechanism of homeopathy relies on relay station mechanism. Homeopathically treated water would be a collection of flux tube connections to the molecules, which were present in the first stage of the preparation process of the homeopathic remedy. Since the dark photons travel with light velocity, the times for travel of photons would be so small that the scattering of incoming light via the relay station mechanism would almost instantaneous so that the original molecules would be effectively present.

  4. For instance, the de-differentiation of cells which looks to my rather mysterious phenomenon, means rejuvenation. Could one imagine that the genetic programs are replaced with those in geometric past and similar mechanism is at work. Could the rejuvenation mechanism involve scattering of the counterpart of phase conjugate laser light from non-differentiated healthy cells of the geometric past? If so, one should try to achieve the same effect directly at the level of cells. One could try to induce de-differentiation of the cells of the owner of the object serving as a relay station in the same manner. Healing of say cancer cells by de-differentiating them to omnipotent state. In the experiments involving Becker's DC current just this happened. In this microscopic situation might be can demonstrate the effect really convincingly.


Ulla said...

I thought I would be silent for a while, and not 'platter', but this is something I have thought of much.

In regression situations it is quite odd to see an old person behave like a child, talk like a child, think like a child and even paint like a child. Only it looks like old being.

There are also thoughts that there can be time chrystals. Chrystals are compressed matter states with much energy. They are created as memories along our journey, and they must be seen as (holographic and topological) hierarchial structures?

When you need them you unconsciously scan the memory for a similar situation as the present one, where you need some energy to handle it. So you go back into the holographic and hierarchial 'tree' that is your experiencies and 'saved energy' for guidance how to act. Actually you become that earlier person. Also objects can invoke, but more other persons, and the one you once was.

But what is a time hierarchy? Are there p-adic time, hbar time? Or just relay stations as you say?

If time has a structure time travel should be possible. If mind works as a wormhole timetravel is exactly the rememberings of memories.

Plants can go back to get an earlier structure. Usually a bigger one? I think this travel always/usually goes from bigger to smaller hierarchies. This is differentation and specialization, one of the mechanisms in evolution. This is also seen inside the own body. Undifferentiated cells are inactive, compressed/sheltered states with a big energy field, and in that way they are holographic. Germ cells as instance. Note that also the genome changes in this specialization journey. In our body we have many kinds of genomes and hierarchies. The body memory? said...

Magnetic flux tubes have become more and more like key players: of course not forgetting their electric companions and topological light rays. Magnetic flux tubes define the dynamical Indra's net making possible holograms as relay stations and many other things.

Also memory representations resulting as space-like braidings as the nodes of flux tubes move around. Dancers with braid strands connecting them to wall store they dance evening to the braiding. Akashi records realized in terms of flux tubes.

The flux tube connections also connect us to the environment. Not only other organisms but even so called "dead matter". This is quite different view from the usual purely local view, which post-modernistic philosophy refines to pure madness;-).

"Time travel" is not a good word since it creates wrong easily associations. In TGD Universe only signals and information can be said to travel backwards in time, not us.

What is highly encouraging that the experimenters have produced first rather direct evidence for the many-sheeted space-time. And as one might expected, interpreted in totally non-sensical manner!

Ulla said...

Well, mental time travel is an often used term.

I looked a little at this, and metalloproteins seems to be important.

so I thought again on the gravity matrix 'sense'. Metals are one thing that doesn't work without a gravity field in space, leading to osteoporosis etc.

ssea1 and analogs, Stage-specific embryonic antigen-1 (SSEA-1), an antigenic epitope defined as a Lewis X carbohydrate structure, down or up (in humans) regulated. It is an acid that react with metals, and note the immunology.

Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are a group of proteases that belong to the metazincin family. These proteins consist of similar structures featuring a signaling peptide, a propeptide domain, a catalytic domain where the notable zinc ion binding site is found and a hinge region that binds to the C-terminal hemoplexin domain. MMPs are very important enzymes that actively participate in remodeling the extracellular matrix by degrading certain constituents, along with promoting cell proliferation, migration, differentiation, apoptosis and angiogenesis. They have inhibitors.
Modulators of inflammation.

The damaged proteins, identified
as chaperones and proteins of the cytoskeleton, are the main targets for protein oxidation in aged tissues. AGEs or protein-sugar complexes.

clear-out of damaged proteins may be a part of a previously unknown
rejuvenation process at the protein level that occurs at a distinct stage during early embryonic development.

For the geomagnetic field as signal in cellcycle etc. the wole Earth is the active system. So gravity is important. Just HOW does it work? It is appealing to use hierarchies induced by matter and metals, but not just material hierarchies are there?

What exactly is a topological light ray? It is light-like but not light?

Sometimes not even mental memories are enough to explain, take as instance soul travel. You don't remember, still the entanglement is there, in the virtual world. Not attatched to one single atom in your body, even. This is difficult to understand, but is maybe is understandable using the wormhole metaphore.

We also project into future, what we expect, predict, wish...

God as a talisman is such a phenomenon. The construction gains energy in the virtual world and have an enormous impact on the human mind. The same effect is behind placebo? Here we have no object, just a mental construction. The mental world is also transfer of 'energy' but not in presens?

Healing is to induce a decay of those stored energy deposits, often through an 'activation' first, and then you actually FEEL the energy that has been freed, so it must be real energy.

Well, now I go out into the sunshine :) AND mosqitoes :( and stop this platter. said...

Topological light ray is large scale space-time correlate for topologically quantized radiation field. Laser beam is a good metaphor.

L. Edgar Otto said...


In 96 or 97 I concluded lasers could do wonderful things from diagnoses to cures- imagine that, doctors at a distance in an app and box.

I like this topic very much for it dynamically asks (without a deeper grounding of the correct intuition BUT None are needed really) About the dynamic role of sort of discrete entities as if a hologram but it is not only a many sheet idea of mouth spheres but also of the extension. A damn good question and another generalization needed beyond our usual ideas of space in these times :-)

Now, how did you imagine this without something like my coordinates in my abstract space? The models are evolving more beautifully.

The PeSla

Anonymous said...

Matti, you are a genius my friend, reading your posts has helped me to understand many experiences at least on a high level and not to get upset by them. How is it that our brains can have such an interesting way of mixing and presenting these stimuli and that these can give rise to theories about the structure of matter and or energy? The internet tells us about things and has a vast amount of negative (and positive!) karma associated with it, along with the surveillance by political hacks.. whose effects are desired to be nullified in some way.. is it even worth thinking about? How to get rid of the "business logic mode" most operate in...

Ulla said...

Maybe they first have to be very deep into it to realize...?

Ye, Stephen, there is nothing odd with odd people. Just the common interpretation, wrong frames. Did you see this?

Mainstream also begin to ask questions? But first they have to overcome the pill industrys frame of power.

Anonymous said...

That is a very interesting link Ulla. I wonder, what is it that makes someone a deep thinker? There are many people who don't give a rats ass about the LHC and won't even know what to think besides basic primitive programming when the announcement is made on the 4th and they hear it in the news or something. I remember hearign of some research that babies ignore anything too complex for them to understand... maybe it's not only babies, but explains why half of US citizens are creationists. *shakes head*


Ulla said...

I have been, as one thing, a teacher, and there you see so clearly, they have lost the ability to ASK QUESTIONS. They are not curious, which for me has been and is, very important + a good bit of stubborness :) My parents used to say that there was none as stubborn as me, but they were wrong. I have met TWO OR THREE in my life. This blogs author is one of them :)

We kill the curiosity and creativity in the school of today, among all by following too rigid 'truths'. How many things that has been so sure, have not abruptly no longer been so sure...

We loose the creativity when we begin to follow other. That is one purpose of religion and politics, so we shouldn't blame them, but instead the 'system'. It must allow more noise.

Ulla said...

You talk a lot about magnetic flux tubes, but not spin. Is spin seen as a superposition, and one of the extremals?

Ulla said...

When these magnetic flux tubes become bigger (mass is compressed) they gain energy and also BECOMES MORE THERMODYNAMICALLY SENSITIVE. So the entanglement grows? This makes the domino-effect possible?

But the flux tubes are 2D + 2D forming a net. 90-180 degrees means quantization, computation, braidings?

Ulla said...

Ulla said...