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Magnetic body, DNA replication, mitosis, meiosis, and fertilization

If magnetic body uses biological body as a motor instrument and sensory receptor, the natural question is whether basic process such as mitosis, meiosis. could be induced by more fundamental processes for the magnetic body. One can argue that if magnetic flux tubes are responsible for making living organism and even population a kind of Indra's net, cell division should be induced by magnetic body and should produce automatically this Indra's net.

As a matter of fact, cell division brings strongly in mind division of magnetic dipole but also the reconnection of magnetic flux tubes can be considered as a basic mechanism. At least the following basic mechanisms can be considered.

  1. Consider a pair of magnetic flux tubes with opposite fluxes connecting objects A and B. The division of A+B to A and B would be induced by a reconnection process for the members of the pair producing two loops associated with A and B but no connection between A and B anymore. The problem of this option is that the flux tube connection defined in this manner might not be stable enough.

  2. Magnetic dipole would correspond to a flux tube at the core of the dipole field itself decomposing to flux tubes with weaker magnetic flux at its ends. The division to two dipoles would correspond to a formation of segment in which flux tube decomposes into several flux tubes, which need not be parallel anymore. Two new dipole ends are formed and the old dipole ends remain connected so that the repetition of this process would yield a kind of Indra's net predicting that all cells of living organism are connected by the flux tubes to single coherent whole.

    The division of flux tube to several flux tubes could also correspond to the increase of Planck constant by integer factor n along a segment of flux tube. The resulting n flux sheets would corresponds to the sheets of the covering. The length of the segment would be scaled up by n.

  3. If one has pair of dipoles A-B and C-D with same total flux, a reconnection leading to A-D and C-B is possible.
Could biochemical processes associated with cell division be induced by some of the listed processes? The two latter options would predict that the cells produced in cell division remain connected by magnetic flux tubes. The division of dipole creates two new dipole ends connected by short flux tube. The already existing ends remain connected by "long" flux tubes carrying weak magnetic fields as compared to that carried by the dipole itself. Also the processes of meiosis and fertilization could respect the presence of long flux tubes connecting the cells participating in the process so that flux tube connections could also exist between parents and offspring. The members of population could form a kind of super-organism. Remote interactions between DNA and other biomolecules of closely related members of species and even shared use of DNA (and its TGD variant "dark DNA") can be imagined.
  1. Consider first DNA replication and reshuffling taking place in meiosis essential for the sexual reproduction in eukariotes. The dividing nucleus (of form MMFF) is ordinary nucleus and contains two pairs of chromosomes coming both mother (MM) and father (FF). Division produces four haploid cells containing only two chromosomes (AB) with A and B obtained by reshuffling the DNAs of mother and father to obtained 4 unique chromosome pairs. In sexual reproduction these cells fuse to form diploid cells (MMFF).

    1. The reshuffling of a pair MF of DNA strands from father and mother could be induced by a repeated reconnection process for flux tubes parallel to DNA strands. The simplest reconnection for strands A-B and C-D produces strands A-X-D and C-Y-B where A-Z and C-Y are pieces of A-B and C-D with same number of codons.

    2. The replication of DNA takes place for all four chromosomes before reshuffling. One obtains a nucleus containing 4 pairs of doubled chromosomes. This double nucleus divides to two daugher nuclei containing 2 doubled chromosomes each.These divide further to two nuclei each containing only two chromosomes each (AB).

      The DNA reshuffling could correspond to a multiple reconnection process if the two DNA strands are accompanied by by long magnetic dipoles (flux tubes). Note that in absence of additional restrictions many combinations (28) are possible.

    3. After replication and reshuffling the division of the nucleus two two intermedaires could be induced either by splitting of a flux tube connecting pairs of doubled chromosomes to flux tubes not anymore parallel to each other. The flux could diverge to a larger volume in this segment. Second possibility is that the increase of Planck constant increases the length of segment and at the same time divides the flux into sub-fluxes. Dipole field flux tube would give long flux tubes and split dipole shorter flux tubes connecting the resulting cells together.

    4. Also the chromosome pairs of the resulting intermediate nuclei could be connected to each other by flux tubes to form a connected structure A-B-C-D and reconnection process could divide it to A-B plus C-D (say) and lead to a division of the nucleus producing 4 ordinary daughter nuclei.

  2. In mitosis the initial nucleus corresponds to MMFF and DNA replication leads to pairs of doubled chromosomes but without re-shuffling. One doubled pair from mother and one pair from father the members of doubled chromosomes are connected by a kind of bridge. In the mitosis proper the doubled chromosome pairs are split and two chromosome pairs containing one chromosome from father and mother are formed. After this division leads to two diploid cells similar to the dividing cell.

  3. In fertilization gametes from father and mother fuse together to form a single cell with two pairs of chromosomes from both father and mother. The question is how the two gametes are able to find each other. The reconnection of closed magnetic flux tubes associated with the gametes could lead to a formation of bridges connection the two gametes and a phase transition reducing the value of Planck constant could lead the two gametes near each other and make possible the fusion.

DNA replication is clearly the fundamental process, and the question is whether also this step could be reduced to a reconnection for a pair flux tubes: first would connect the separated DNA strands and second one free nucleotide and its conjugate.
  1. Suppose that there are flux tubes connecting nucleotides of DNA and corresponding nucleotides of the conjugate strand: they could be rather short flux tubes of length shorter than 1 nm in the normal situation but could grow longer when DNA strands separate. This might involve a phase transition increasing temporarily the value of Planck constant assignable to these flux tubes and increasing the length of the segment and of connecting flux tube and therefore the distance of DNA strands.

  2. There are also free DNA nucleotides and their conjugates in the environment which can be used in the replication process as building bricks. If also free nucleotides and their conjugates are connected in a pairwise manner by similar flux tubes and if the value of magnetic flux characterizes a given pair then reconnection could take place for these two kinds of flux tubes and lead to a correct pairing of DNA strand with conjugate nucleotides. Same would happen for the conjugate strand. The reduction of Planck constant would lead to a pair of ordinary DNA double strands.

  3. The details of the dynamics would be determined by other factors but the outcome would be fixed by the nucleotide-conjugate pairing and dependence of the flux on the nucleotide pair. In particular, conservation of magnetic flux would guarantee that the nucleotides can be assigned only with their conjugates.

These arguments suggest that reconnection of magnetic flux tubes, temporary change of the Planck constant, and coding of nucleotide-conjugate pairs by magnetic flux could be key element of meiosis, mitosis, and reshuffling of chromosomes in meiosis. Also higher level processes - such as cell division and fertilization - could involve reconnection process as a fundamental step. These mechanisms would appear in several length scales corresponding to DNA, nucleus, and cell length scale. In an approach based on mere chemistry, this must be assumed as a result of reaction kinetics.


◘Fractality◘ said...


What systems do NOT have a magnetic body?

matpitka@luukku.com said...

To Fractality:

Any system which possesses magnetic dipole moment has magnetic body which is roughly obtained by splitting dipole field to flux tubes or flux sheets. Of course also quadrupole magnetic field gives rise to magnetic body.

One can assign magnetic body also weak magnetic moment and color magnetic moment so that if system has non-vanishing standard model quantum numbers it has magnetic body in this more general sense. It is very difficult to point out any system which would not have it.

Anonymous said...

Matti, I hope you don't have this problem in Finland, http://viclivingston.blogspot.com/2011/12/u.html from this guys writings I can see how some would try to dismiss him as paranoid schizophrenic but that is more likely a projection of their desire not to believe that such things exist. Could it be possible they are using telecommunication scatter as magnetic body weapons? Would explain a lot...

Ulla said...

You like anomalies.

Anonymous said...

I know you've written on Microwave hearing.. is this the same thing as RF hearing? Is there a cure? It is damned annoying.



◘Fractality◘ said...


In a biological system, for instance, human, where are the magnetic dipoles located?

matpitka@luukku.com said...

To Stephen:

With the recent IT, organizations like CIA and FBI an do almost anything for an individual. One can just hope that humanity wins. The question is however: why they would see the trouble of teasing some particular individual using expensive super technology.

Personally I do not believe in any magnetic body weapons. Microwave hearing is real phenomenon and there are claims that it has been used by US military. RF hearing is probably same. Microwave/radiowave radiation modulated by sound.

An interesting question is whether this what we call collective consciousness can mediate intents. For instance, basic teaching of Christianity is that not only bad deeds but only bad intents have effects. Could collective evil be something real? I had to ask this question many times for few years ago when I became a victim of repeated computer virus attacks- or at least they looked so. My work with Windows became impossible and I had to change the computer. All the tex files of books simply disappeared in single flash or were corrupted, and this began to happen repeatedly. It was a real nightmare. I still do not know who or what was behind this terror. I am happy that it ceased when I changed computer.

matpitka@luukku.com said...

First thing to come in mind is that electron, proton, ions, etc serve as dipoles. I however think that in living matter one has something else.

Piece of magnetic flux tube is the simplest magnetic dipole: not of course ideal. At ends it can branches to flux tubes carrying smaller flux and these run approximately along dipole lines to the other end of flux tube and fuse together again. Maybe this happens in living matter. These flux sheets would carry dark electrons, protons etc. They could form cyclotron Bosen Einstein condensates formed by Cooper pairs and bosonic ions.

Excitations of these condensates could define simplest negentropically entangled states. All bosons except one in ground state and superposition over all possible choices of the excited boson. Metabolic energy could perform the excitation by giving magnetic energy for the cyclotron excitation. This is one option.

These flux tubes would accompany DNA, proteins, and other linear molecules and bigger linear structures. The flux tubes would also connect biomolecules: DNA nucleotides to lipids of nuclear membrane for instance.

L. Edgar Otto said...


the term Paranoid Schizophrenic is no longer used in the field as a diagnosis other than it has been grandfathered in for certain individuals.

paranoid is a new term (the 30's) and we do make terms to invent diseases.

schizophrenia is the diagnosis the shrinks use when the diagnosis escapes them.

Yes there are broken people in this world and mean ones who have agendas. Yes there are real conspiracies or those that work together at a distance.

Do not be fooled by the propaganda of the mentally deficient like those who claim to understand our bodies, brains and consciousness.


L. Edgar Otto said...


as far as the person you cited as possibly seen Paranoid Schizo we do have such influences as a possibility

but the TGD science here as it concerns things like "magnetic bodies" I think are beyond such a level of electromagnetic concepts. I like the idea of tying the wormhole tubes to the surface membranes from inside the cell for a biology for example.


There are many things that are not a magnetic body as such from one view just as we may not build all of space from just circles- we can however on any scale paint a face with such circles like craters on the face of Mars.

The PeSla

Ulla said...


I guess this can be called megnetic bodies?

Anonymous said...

Ulla, forgive me for being so out of date with current terminology :) I feel sorry for this guy who I linked to above, he appears to have let something drive him into some sort of psychosis. I suppose it is a natural 'reaction' to when one is being harmed, either physically, mentally, or some cause or person which one cares about is damaged. I found some interesting information about so-called smart grids here http://iclei.co/BPL.pdf . Theoretical question, let's say "the Higgs" has properties which manifest globally, that is to say, for instance in Texas.. what sort of law would govern these interactions, physically or legally, and how does international telecommunication law and the corresponding intelligence communities involvement play into it, or does it? Am I completely out of line for thinking that reading the LHC logbook could make me a person of interest? Is it a crime to be an interested observer, or is there any point.. I should focus on more practical things, like exercise and doing my job or trying to enjoy stuff?

Ulla said...

Ye, that's the question???
Welcome in the gang. I very, very often feel so very confused too. But then I see there are so many that just pretends they know for sure, or worse, really themselves are sure they know, so why not?

As instance Kaluza Klein, who I study now, they thought that light and gravity would meet by making a very small primordial ball, that is big bending of spacetime (the first assumption for symmetry?)??? And then that ball would explain the holographic 'ether' versus c.c. (dimensionless) and its bondings? They call it a dimension (- of what - dimensionlessness?)? And stringtheory came from that? No wonder they have problems with the criticality. By making it complicated they bought it?

What does a dimensionless constant really mean in practice? And is it a complex constant?

Schizophrenia is very interesting. Its main symptom is channelling, loss of self and its boundaries (compare psychic persons). It is cured spontanously, often. As far as I know NOBODY has tried to figure out why. Instead they try with chemical manipulation, without understanding how the chemistry works. The binding problem.

I am just a curious mind too.

Ulla said...


Ulla said...


p-value fishing?

matpitka@luukku.com said...

Ulla said:


I guess this can be called megnetic bodies?"

More or less. Thank for an interesting link. They speak of magnetic portals, which correspond to reconnections of magnetic flux tubes in TGD. At these points the flux tubes A-B and C-D can reconnect to A-D and C-B. In biology this would be a fundamental process for the dark magnetic flux tubes. Reconnections occur also during solar storms and auroras. In TGD one can indeed talk about portals to other words when other words are seen as space-time sheets.

In Maxwell's theory reconnection points would be literally poin-tlike singularities and it would not make sense to speak about portals: the notion of magnetic flux tube is implicitly involved in the use of language. It is interesting that they have indeed discovered experimental signatures of X points, as they call the reconnection points. TGD Universe is gradually coming into daylight!

Researchers use these linguistic images as "phenomenological" descriptions. These mental images do not make sense in Maxwell's theory but do so in TGD. Reality is very clever and can leak even through the heaviest armour made of theoretical prejudices.

One must also remember that people in places like Nasa are much more practical people than professors of theoretical physics in say Helsinki University. They see reality as something to be studied rather than being dictated by the models they learned to believe in their youth.

◘Fractality◘ said...



Sun as portal/stargate?