Thursday, December 27, 2012

Firewall mania

Multiverse mania has transformed to firewall mania. The posting of Peter Woit explains sociological background and gives a lot of links to articles about the newest fashion of the declining theoretical physics.

The 28 years of superstring models have led us to where we started from. The work with M-theory landscape is not very rewarding, and it is much sexier to produce wordy arguments about black-hole firewall. There are a lot heated debates and many conferences can be organized. Few years will pass until some new buzzword pops up and firewalls are forgotten. "Mountains are giving birth to mouse" as the text book of Latin from my school days expressed it.

I have said this many times earlier but repeat it: It would be really a high time to make questions about fundamentals. What happens in the interior of black holes? How the theory of general relativity could be modified to get free of its singularities and from its problems with the basic conservation laws? Could we generalize super string models to get 4-D space-time in natural manner out of the theory?

We refuse to do this because we have decided that M-theory is the final answer, and we refuse to consider the possibility that these nice formulas for black-hole entropy which we cannot test empirically might have nothing to do with reality. Somehow just those beliefs which are not testable are always the strongest ones. A related observation: the most noisy advocates of superstrings seem to do nothing to develop it! Perhaps this is natural, healthy laziness deriving from sub-conscious knowledge of the sad truth.

I have never been accepted to the "circles" so that I have not felt the social pressure of fashion, and have been free to develop an approach providing answers to the questions stated above and to many others too. I do not wish to retype what I have already written so that I give a link to the earlier blog article Do blackholes and blackhole evaporation have TGD counterparts?.

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