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How to construct Akashic records and read them?

While reading a marvellous book "The Field" by Lynne McTaggart about evolution of ideas about the role of electromagnetic fields in biology and neuroscience, I became aware of two questions which I had not yet answered.

Realization of memory representations in terms of braided flux tubes

The first question is following: How various representations (sensory - , memory -,...) - "Akashic records" - are realized as negentropically entangled states?

Magnetic body should be the seat of memories in some sense.

  1. I have already earlier proposed this kind of realization based on the observation that braiding in time direction generates space-like braiding. Dancers on the parquette with their feet connected to the wall by threads illustrates the idea. When dancers move at the parquette their world lines define a time-like braiding in 3-dimensional space-time assignable to the floor. Also the threads connecting the dancers to the wall get braided - or entangled - as one might also say. There is clearly a duality between time-like and space-like braidings: the running topological quantum computer program coded by braiding in time direction is stored as space-like braiding defining memory representation of what happened. Note that same mechanism realizes also predictions and future plans as time reversed topological quantum computer programs in ZEO. CDs in various scales contain this kind of programs and their memory representations.

  2. I have also proposed that the geometric entanglement - braiding - of flux tubes defines a space-time correlate for quantum entanglement. In the case of topological quantum computation it would be naturally described by probabilities, which are rational numbers (or perhaps even algebraic numbers in some algebraic extension of p-adic numbers characterizing together value of the p-adic prime the evolutionary level of the system). Hence the notion of number theoretic negentropy makes sense and one obtains a connection with topological quantum computation.

  3. The representation of memories in terms of space-like braiding of magnetic flux tubes connecting various systems would be universal, and not restricted to DNA-cell membrane system in which the flux tubes would connect DNA nucleotides or codons (this seems to be the more plausible option) with the lipids. One could indeed speak about Akashic records.

  4. The time reversals or these representations defined by the zero energy states of opposite arrow of the imbedding space time would define a representation for future predictions/ plans in ZEO. For instance, the development of a seed to a full-grown organism could be coded in this manner in time scale where CD has time scale of order of the lifetime of the organism. Already Burr found evidence that the radiation field assignable to the seed has the same shape as the plant or animal (salamander in his experiments). This energy field would naturally correspond to the magnetic body containing dark photon Bose-Einstein condensates. The Akashic records and their time reversal would naturally correspond to the morphic fields of Sheldrake: memories and future plans in time scales longer than than duration of life cycle for an individual member of species would be possibles. Every scientist of course agrees that the societies are busily predicting and planning their futures but find very difficult to accept the idea that this could have some concrete quantum physical correlate.

How to construct and read conscious hologram?

While reading the book of McTaggart also a second question popped up: How the vision about brain as a conscious hologram is realized in the proposed conceptual framework?

The idea about living system as a hologram has strong empirical basis. One of the most dramatic demonstrations of the hologram like character of brain was the discovery of Pietch that salamander's brain can be sliced to pieces and shuffled like a deck of cards and put together. When the resulting stuff is returned to the head of the salamander, it recovers! This extreme robustness is very strong support for the non-local hologram like storage of biological information. Ironically, Pietch tried to demonstrate that the theory of Karl Pribram about brain as a hologram is wrong! In TGD framework one can go even further and ask whether this robustness actually demonstrates that various representations (sensory - , cognitive - , memory - ...) are realized at the long magnetic flux loops and sheets of the magnetic body rather than brain.

The notion of conscious hologram is one of the key ideas of TGD inspired theory of consciousness. Hitherto I have not been owever able to find a really convincing concrete proposal for how brain could be a hologram in TGD Universe. The reading of memory - and other representations by interaction free measurement however leads to a natural proposal for what the hologram might be.

  1. Certainly the formation of the hologram must closely relate to the vision about universal Akashic records realized in terms of braided flux tubes and their non-destructive reading by interaction free measurement. Oversimplifying, tor a given bit of the representation the photons scattered without interaction would kick either of the two detectors C and D associated with it to an excited state (see Elitzur-Vaidman bomb tester). This process is very much like absorption of photons by a photosensitive plate defining an ordinary hologram.

  2. The lipids of the cell membrane are good candidates as something in 1-1 correspondence with the basic units of this hologram (note the analogy with computer screen - also a liquid crystal!). If one irradiates the laser like system formed by the detectors not only by the radiation scattered from the quantum Akashic records but by its superposition with the reference wave of same frequency, one obtains a good candidate for a hologram. It would be defined by the excited quantum state consisting of laser systems analogous to the detectors C and D. Any piece of the system should give and approximate representation of the memory and robustness of the representation is achieved.

  3. In semiclassical treatment the probability that a given laser like detector is excited must be proportional to the modulus squared of the net field amplitude, which is a superposition of reference wave and scattered wave Also just. as in the case of ordinary holograms, the irradiation of the laser like system by the negative energy counterpart of the reference wave (its phase conjugate emitted in a state resulting in state function reduction to the opposite boundary of CD) effectively generates the conjugate of the scattered wave since only those parts of the system can return to the ground state with considerable probability for which the probability to go to excited state is high enough. Note that this implies that magnetic body contains geometric representations of the perceptive field as indeed assumed. This is however not quite the classical hologram. Rather, the total number of absorbed negative energy phase conjugate photons for given pixel defines the "real" picture. A given point of the hologram corresponds to an ensemble of laser like detectors so that a statistically deterministic response is obtained as an ensemble average.

How to realize this concretely?

  1. I have proposed that the lipids of cell membrane could serve as pixels of sensory representations. They could indeed serve as the pixels of conscious hologram. Each pixel should contain large number of laser like "detectors" so that statistical determinism would be achieved.

  2. There should be pair C and D of detectors such that either of them absorbs photon in an interaction free measurement so that a value of bit is defined. Universality serves as a strong constraint as one tries to guess what C and D could be.

    1. The lipids at the two lipid layers of cell membrane could be in 1-1 correspondence with C and D. This option is not however universal.

    2. It is however quite possible that the magnetic fields involved are what I have called wormhole magnetic fields, which carry monopole flux and and involve two space-time sheets carrying opposite net fluxes. As a matter of fact, all elementary particles correspond to flux quanta of wormhole magnetic fields. In this case the two sheets would naturally correspond to detectors C and D and in the simplest situation they would have same Minkowski space projection. Universality of both detectors and holograms is achieved.
  3. The cyclotron Bose-Einstein condensates for charged particles at magnetic flux tubes assignable to lipids are good candidates for the laser like systems if they contain cyclotron Bose-Einstein condensates. There are however several options since the magnetic flux tubes are closed and there are several manners to realize this.

    1. DNA as topological quantum computer vision and the view about cell membrane as a sensory receptor communicating data to the magnetic body in turn sending control signals via DNA suggest the following. Magnetic flux loops have a part connecting DNA with nuclear or cell membrane (this would be the analog for the dipole of the dipole magnetic field) and part which is long - even with size scale of Earth and corresponds to the magnetic field created by the DNA-cell membrane system. This picture applies both to the flux tubes of ordinary magnetic field and to the flux tubes of the wormhole magnetic field.

    2. An assumption in accordance with the general role of magnetic body is that Akashic records reside at the short portions of flux tubes connecting lipids with DNA codons: their braiding would define badsic example about universal representations in living matter. The laser like detectors would reside at the long portions of the flux tubes connecting cell membrane and DNA. If wormhole magnetic fields are in question, the detectors C and D could correspond to the two parallel flux tubes carrying opposite monopole fluxes.

    3. Universality suggest that this picture allows many alternative realizations. In principle, the relative motion of any system (partonic 2-surfaces with light-like orbits) connected by flux tubes could give rise to Akashic records. The lipids of axonal membrane are excellent candidates for the pixels and the flux tubes connecting the lipids to microtubuli would also define Akashic records with long parts of the flux tubes serving as the laser like system. The maximization of the memory capacity would also explain why the neural pathways to brain tend to maximize their lengths by connecting right side of the body to left hemisphere and vice versa.

  4. What remains still open is how to integrate the Josephson junctions defined by the lipid layers of the cell membrane to this picture.

For details see the new chapter Comparison of TGD Inspired Theory of Consciousness with Some Other Theories of Consciousness or the article with the same title.


PlatoHagel said...

Hi Matti,

In context of your post you might find this link of interest.

The quest is a realization of how information that is never lost is transferred not only in the realizations and development of the cosmos in which we live, but goes onto apply motivation for the universe to continue to expand(where does all this motivation come from)?

Sean Carroll and David Albert have an interesting conversation that may be useful to look at as well. I was trying to find a way in which this information transfers easily.


Anonymous said...

Came across while reviewing the wikipedia article on Akashic records and anthroposophy, interesting stuff! said...

To Plato:

Thank your for the links. I tried to make comments on your blog but failed. Not for the first time. The procedure is really confusing. So I put my comments here.

The first comment relates to the discussion about arrow of time and is just a summary of what I think in TGD framework.

I think that the failure to distinguish between experienced time and time appearing in field equations is the basic source of confusion related to the notion of time. My own bold proposal for clarifying this mess is at .

Suppose that one takes TGD seriously - for a moment at least;-). And also TGD inspired theory of consciousness as a generalisation of quantum measurement theory. Also number theoretical universality leading to the notion of number theoretical entanglement entropy defined in terms of p-adic norm and well defined for algebraic entanglement probabilities. If so, negentropy maximisation principle (NMP) dictates the dynamics with respect to subjective time (and implies for ordinary entanglement entropy second law at ensemble level). Suppose we even swallow the notion of zero energy ontology (ZEO).

Having accept all this one encounters three different notions of times! Subjective time having quantum jump as chronon, imbedding space time whose arrow alternates since state function reductions take place to the boundary of given CD (causal diamond) and the resulting zero energy states have opposite arrow of imbedding space time (laser beam and its phase conjugate being basic examples), and the Einsteinian time of 4-D space-time surface: if this time is taken to be entropy (assuming that second law holds true) one obtains constant time arrow naturally by analogy of sequence of "quantum average" space-time surface with a towel folded in time direction.

How does this picture relate to what has been observed? The new notion is syntropy as entropy but with non-standard direction of imbedding space geometric time. Syntropy and entropy are both key factors in living matter as Italian theoretical physicists Fantappie realised long time ago. Phase conjugate laser wave would be standard example about non-standard direction of geometric time and second law indeed applies to it in non-standard time direction. The sensory perception-motor action cycle would be much more general than neuroscience would suggest: it would correspond to the sequences of subsequence state functions to opposite boundaries of CDs and appear in all scales. Universe would be living and breathing! said...

To Plato:

Thanks for your first link was about the notion of soul. As I told my attempts to comment failed.

I have considered what soul might correspond physically/ geometrically for long time ago and don't even remember my point now.

In any case, the notion of soul/self has been source of worries. For last years I identified it with quantum jump in conflict with the basic intuition that soul and self should be something that remains invariant in quantum jump sequence.

A more modest approach follows Eastern philosophies and gives up the notion of self and soul altogether and assumes only self model- "soul" - as something approximately invariant under quantum jump sequence.

Negentropic entanglement (NE) - whose change - not NE itself as I assumed for years again erratically - gives rise to experience of understanding, is the key notion. Finnish consciousness scientist Revonsuo demonstrated experimentally that 40 Hz thalamocortical resonance is associated with emergence of understanding and therefore in TGD context would accompany the generation of NE and addition of something to Akashic records.

NE tends to be stable under the dynamics defined by NMP so that self model - soul in this modest sense - can be identified with particular Akashic record. These records make it possible to speak about conscious entity, state of consciousness, etc... Interaction free measurement allows to get conscious information about the "soul". All things have "soul" and it has braiding of flux tubes between parts of system as geometric correlate. This "soul" is not stable and eternal but it is there.

When we are trafficking around in our cities we are generating extremely complex braiding patterns giving rise to Akaschic records. Everything has indeed deep meaning and there is careful book keeping about all our secret sins;-)!

PlatoHagel said...

Thanks Matti,

Matti:Finnish consciousness scientist Revonsuo demonstrated experimentally that 40 Hz thalamocortical resonance is associated with emergence of understanding and therefore in TGD context would accompany the generation of NE and addition of something to Akashic records.

......Everything has indeed deep meaning and there is careful book keeping about all our secret sins

I do find this interesting and from a subjective standpoint could you have realized this at any time in your life? Venturing to say that in consciousness as you observe you could have experienced.....a place between events[self remembering] as much as a location, let's say in between a heart beat? A practical version of your would that look?

Gurdjieff & the Further Reaches of Self-Observation

Do you have source paper for experimentally that 40 Hz thalamocortical resonance is associated with emergence of understanding ?

The commentary format is A much more capable format for viewing of imagery and video in comment sections.


PlatoHagel said...

Just a follow up to say while I find subjective methods always interesting, I cannot say I subscribe to any method, other then to use what I find is most successful in the process of observing one's awareness with events, and our reactions to them. So, "how ever you come to that" is what is most important in my view.

Best, said...

To Plato:

Revonsuo's article tells about what happens in EEG when subject person becomes aware that chaotic looking picture consisting of points and short looking line segments represents 3-D figure. The title is "Is synchronization the direct neural correlate of visual consciousness?" You should find it at

The finding was that 40 Hz appears only when subject becomes aware of the pattern, not after that as the 40 Hz hypothesis originally stated.

Anonymous said...

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The requested URL /ASSC/engel/revonsuo1.html was not found on this server.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to "roll your own" anti-spam system said...

To Stephen:

I would not like to use my time to fight with a troll.
Is is a pity than single (very probably) troll changing his name all the time can cause so much trouble. It is also impossible to negotiate with these nut cases. said...

To Stephen:

Yes, I found that the link does not work anymore.

One can find Revonsuo's article telling about the 40 Hz resonance and its presence only when new percept is created at .

PlatoHagel said...

Hi Matti,

Link strangely enough did work for me.

What I took from that Matti was saying is that once the "observation is made" this correlated to that frequency.....I could be wrong. This suggested to me "a scale" for mapping observation in neurological pathways. Is this correct?

Documentary- Reality and the Extended Mind (1 of 2)
Documentary- Reality and the Extended Mind (2 of 2)

As well understanding the background from which these video was taken.

As I read Persinger came to mind. What are your feelings on Binaural developement?


PlatoHagel said...

Again, just to highlight what you are saying Matti.

"In the field of consciousness research, an ideal study uses human observers so that we can be sure what the phenomenology of the subject is in the experimental situation. Human studies of course prevent us from using invasive
microelectrodes, but noninvasive methods such as MEG or scalp EEG can detect large-scale neural synchronization, for they are sensitive to the summation of activity from a huge number of neurons. Thus, if 40-Hz responses can be detected at such a level, they have to be generated by a large population of neurons firing synchronously at around the same frequency. There are a few studies that have taken this approach."
See: Binding and the Phenomenal Unity of Consciousness said...

To Plato:

To highlight further. The basic difference between TGD and neuroscience beliefs is that 40 Hz and other EEG rhythms would be generated at magnetic body in TGD Universe and magnetic body would contain various representations.

Salamander brain can sliced into pieces, which are shuffled and then put back to the head of poor salamander. Salamander recovers from all this and behaves as it did before the operation. This has been used as a strong evidence for the holographic character of brain: memories are holorams.

One could go even further and argue that this finding is a strong evidence for the fact that various representation are at the long flux tubes and sheets of the magnetic body of salamander. said...

To Plato:

I try to imagine what Akashi records picture could mean in the case of Revonsuo's experiment.

a) In the experiment of Revonsuo the realization that the fuzzy picture actually represents a 3-D meaningful pattern involves resonant interaction at 40 Hz frequency. The meaning comes from association with earlier memories so that recognition as a 3-D picture representing something familiar becomes possible.

b) What this association with earlier memories corresponds to quantum physically? This is the question and answer depends on theory. In TGD framework it would mean a formation of a new subsystem representing the perception - new Akashi record - and most naturally consisting of braided magnetic flux tubes serving as geometric correlates of negentropic entanglement . The flux tubes could be simply the flux tubes connecting lipids of axonal membranes to microtubulins and/or nuclear and or cell membranes to DNA. This system subsystem would negentropically entangle with subsystems representing various features appearing in the 3-D pattern: multiple association would be formed. These feature would be abstractions: quantum superpositions of various instances belonging in same equivalence class with name say "chair" or "lamp".

c) The interaction accompanying the formation of braiding of the flux tubes induced by propagating nerve pulses would involve the 40 Hz resonance frequency. There is a strong temptation to identify the resonance frequency as cyclotron frequency associated with the flux tubes of the magnetic body. said...

To Plato:

Sorry I did not get the gist of your question

"What I took from that Matti was saying is that once the "observation is made" this correlated to that frequency.....I could be wrong. This suggested to me "a scale" for mapping observation in neurological pathways. Is this correct?".

When I speak about scale hierarchies, I refer both to the p-adic scale hierarchy (one can indeed make guesses about p-adic scales assignable to various subsystems of brain: cell membrane would correspond to p=about 2^{151} for instance) and to a hierarchy of quantum scales associated with effective values hbar_eff=n*hbar of Planck constant. Dark photons would have energies E=h_eff*f so that visible photons could have dark counterparts with arbitrarily small frequencies, say EEG frequencies. They could transform to ordinary photons interpreted as biophotons experimentally.

Magnetic body would have layered structure with layers labelled by the value of hbar_eff and the emergence of new level in this hierarchy would mean leap in evolution (or perhaps it is better to talk about "cultural" evolution).

In any case videos were fine summary about the recent state of the research of remote mental interactions. I am personally becoming convinced that these experiments tell something very important about consciousness and that "paranormal", "supernatural", and "non-physical" are wrong words.

I am happy for having opportunity to participate the Global Mind project and also happy that in TGD framework these phenomena rely on same mechanisms as the interactions between biological and magnetic body so that no supernatural needs to be introduced: new physics is enough. said...

Still to Plato:

I have written an article about recently published experimental findings of Persinger's group relating to correlation between EEG and biophotons. See .

The findings of his group support the idea that magnetic flux tubes serve as correlates for attention and that their reconnection for two systems with initially disjoint magnetic bodies generates flux tubes connecting them and binding the systems to single quantum coherent system in some length and time scales. This mechanism would make possible also remote mental interaction and would bind groups of biomolecules to single quantum coherent wholes.

When one directs attention to something these flux tubes are formed: at least at the level of sensory representations and maybe even at the level of the real world. For instance, the videos tell about about conscious and subconscious effects (galvanic skin response) induced by being stared.

Anonymous said...

Matti, this might be a pipe dream, but when I get rich (timeframe unknown) I'll give you the money to hire enough scientists to do TGD research and I promise not to "micro-manage" :)

PlatoHagel said...

Matti writes:a) In the experiment of Revonsuo the realization that the fuzzy picture actually represents a 3-D meaningful pattern involves resonant interaction at 40 Hz frequency. The meaning comes from association with earlier memories so that recognition as a 3-D picture representing something familiar becomes possible.

This does help me to understand the context and the relation of the life lived. How else could any measure be of use if it did not have some basis. I am speaking in generalities.

I was speaking in terms of Binaural Beats. That one is in control of the frequencies designed according to hetero-dyne fabrications. This allows consciousness to move beyond normal constraints?

Some of my question asks that if we could contained the life lived as a resource of what manifests as recognition of the image then what processes allows importing something beyond the life that is lived. That is a Akashic record yes.

This is the question I had had about akashic in that like Meno, how could such information have been retained?

"If the late character of our sources may incite us to doubt the authenticity of this tradition, there remains that, in its spirit, it is in no way out of character, as can be seen by reading or rereading what Plato says about the sciences fit for the formation of philosophers in book VII of the Republic, and especially about geometry at Republic, VII, 526c8-527c11. We should only keep in mind that, for Plato, geometry, as well as all other mathematical sciences, is not an end in itself, but only a prerequisite meant to test and develop the power of abstraction in the student, that is, his ability to go beyond the level of sensible experience which keeps us within the "visible" realm, that of the material world, all the way to the pure intelligible. And geometry, as can be seen through the experiment with the slave boy in the Meno (Meno, 80d1-86d2), can also make us discover the existence of truths (that of a theorem of geometry such as, in the case of the Meno, the one about doubling a square) that may be said to be "transcendant" in that they don't depend upon what we may think about them, but have to be accepted by any reasonable being, which should lead us into wondering whether such transcendant truths might not exist as well in other areas, such as ethics and matters relating to men's ultimate happiness, whether we may be able to "demonstrate" them or not.See: Frequently Asked Questions about Plato by Bernard SUZANNE(bold added by me for emphasis)

It is thus that Meno presents a bit of a problem for me in terms of the Akashic and what Lee Smolin is saying.

Best, said...

To Stephen:

The article about long term memory formation of zebra fishes is interesting. When one speaks about long term memories the basic conceptual problem is however that neuroscience has inherited from behaviorism the identification of long term memory as a change of behavior. Almost by definition conditioning produces unconscious memory, not conscious one.

To my view subjective memories that we experience have very little to do with the changes of behavior due to the modification synaptic contacts. One should talk about modifications of behavior by conditioning rather than formation of conscious memories.

To my conscious memories are something different - they are essentially 4-D in zero energy ontology: causal diamonds etc.. - although the formation of sequences of associations for memories probably involves also a modification of synaptic contacts.

I talked yesterday with a friend about whether it would have been good to receive support roughly 35 years ago when I started TGD. Probably not. Too early success is the worst enemy of thinker: unless one is psychopath, one begins to feel gratitude, and begins to censor out too radical thoughts and at least unconsciously think in a manner which pleases the supporter. When the newcomer has obtained professorship, he/she these debts of gratitude have in practice made thinking impossible.

Super string story is a good example about disastrous consequences of too early success. Superstring hysteria started 1984. Suddenly it was the only game in the town and they got a lot of money. There was enormous competition to write Nobel papers and the whole thing went astray when Calabi-Yaus were cooked up to get connection to 4-D physics in the lack of anything better. It became a dogma: they wanted to calculate masses of elementary particles as soon as possible. Later branes were introduced in order to save the theory.
Landscape was the sad end of the story. Now the funding of particle physics is dropping thanks to forty years of theoretical work producing not much more than a bunch of wrong predictions, mention only SUSY.

With my social kills leading of research group would have made serious work impossible;-). Someone should manage to tell to those who decide about funding that small is beautiful. The development of a genuinely new idea does not require much money: just enough to satisfy the basic metabolic needs and perhaps buy a good book now and then, and maybe possibility to have students. said...

To Plato:

For aeons ago I have written something about binaural beats but do not even remember my point. What happens that you send to right and left year sound with frequencies which differ by say 10 Hz, which is below the 20 Hz threshold for hearing consciously. What happens is that subject "hears" the difference frequency. I remember 10 Hz but not whether just 10 Hz is allowed. The frequency value might be relevant since it define fundamental biorhythm (alpha peak is around 10 Hz).

One might expect that the experience results from simultaneous receival of the two frequencies by some part of brain or magnetic body leading to "hearing "of their difference. If I should model the situation with the recent understanding of TGD, I should introduce as a first step a simple observation made quite recently (within two years or so).

a) In many-sheeted space-time particle topologically condenses at several space-time sheets simultaneously (touches them) and experiences the sum of forces caused by the classical fields at them: the superposition of classical fields is therefore replaced with a set theoretic union of space-time sheets plus topological sum contacts for particle and these space-time sheets. This is also a many-sheeted description of interference: classical fields do not actually interfere: only their effects on test particle interfere. Operationalism becomes here a delicate concept: one cannot deduce superposition of fields from superposition of their effects! Note that without many-sheeted space-time TGD would be a dead theory classically since the dynamics is extremely non-linear and allows superposition only for parallel signals propagating along MEs: see below.

One should combine this idea with other ideas to end up with a model.

b) In a) one speaks about effects caused by classical fields. Living matter is electret and it is perhaps not too dangerous to assume that sound signal is transformed to electromagnetic signal at ears.

c) Pairs of magnetic flux tubes and MEs (massless extremals along which signals represented by classical propagate with light velocity and without dispersion) are the basic communication too in TGD inspired biology. They can connect molecules, cells, ... parts of brain. Even right and left ears can be connected by this kind of bridges and the em signal induced by the sound waves could propagate along the MEs. In a region where the MEs from the two ears have overlapping M^4 projection the fields effectively interfere. This should generate the sensation aural beat. The interference could of course occurs also somewhere else than ears: binaural hearing might take place also at cortex or even at the flux tubes of magnetic body containing dark matter or even outside brain.

Biophotons relate to this proposal. In TGD framework dark photons (large hbar_eff) are assumed to serve as communication tools in living matter and biophotons can be identified as results of transitions of dark to ordinary photons with the same energy.

The idea that biophotons are fundamental for for imagination and vision has been around for some years. This has led also to the hypothesis that biophotons propagate along axons. It has been demonstrated that em signals propagate along axons so that these magnetic flux tubes could be parallel to axons and sensory pathways. I introduced this hypothesis in TGD as "neural window" hypothesis as I started to build TGD inspired theory of consciousness. The photons propagating along ME-magnetic flux tube pairs would be dark photons in TGD framework. This very fast communication tool would have been present already during prebiotic stage and preceded even chemical communications. said...

To Plato:

"Some of my question asks that if we could contained the life lived as a resource of what manifests as recognition of the image then what processes allows importing something beyond the life that is lived. That is a Akashic record yes."

I use "Akashic record" as a short hand "memory representations defined as negentropically entangled states of large number of subsystems repressing memories" with some explanation what negentropic entanglement means requiring introducing of the notion of number theoretic entropy, etc.. ;-).

In ZEO causal diamonds (CDs) are spotlights of consciousness and counterparts for the representative subsystems. Timelike negentropic entanglement of zero energy states for different CDs is possible and could define association sequences defining sequence of associated memories. Conscious reading of memories would be by interaction free measurement by photons, maybe also phonons (internal speech?) or maybe by even Sine-Gordon soliton sequences propagating along axonal membranes associated with the membrane potential.

There is a fractal hierarchy of CDs labelled by the corresponding size scales (proper time distance between the tips of CD). Transpersonal memories would correspond to CDs for which time scale is longer than the typical life span. This kind of "big" CDs can be formed in state function reductions. They imply localization of the either boundary of CD and produce prepared state at it. They do not however localize of the opposite boundary so that superpositions of CDs with common -say lower- boundary but with several size scales result. The higher states of consciousness could be states in which this kind of very big personal CD is created for some (subjective) time and produce memories from very distance past and which cannot be said to be personal.

Ulla said...

PlatoHagel said...

Hi Matti,

Again I have generalizations to make in context of the model building that can take place. In this context what you are developing and "the marvellous book "The Field" by Lynne McTaggart about evolution of ideas about the role of electromagnetic fields in biology and neuroscience"

While I can sense your attempts at the geometrical valuation and movement of consciousness in a kind of toposense, I wonder about what may be missing here.

Science of the Heart I am in a sense being reminded of the "trademarks of the geometer" and how they may approach reality.

While as a biological system, how is it that the heart can be used to incorporate the retention of memory in the akashic record if not to consider the emotive force with which we use our endocrine system? The magnetic field that may have been developed over top of the biological system?

Do you understand this?


Ulla said...

Anonymous said...

Ulla, weird, the word 'elixir' popped into my mind yesterday before I was notified of the existence of this article... said...

To Plato:

I remember of having commented heart memory in some books about consciousness.

The central part of my message is that one *cannot* reduce consciousness to geometry or anything expressible by mathematical formula: consciousness is not a property of state. This is what resolves the basic problems of monistic and dualistic theories of consciousness. The identification of quantum jumps as moment of consciousness serving as building brick of consciousness.

However, quantum classical classical correspondence combined with this postulate allows to talk about *correlates* for consciousness: quantum physical, geometric, topological... For instance, one can speak seriously about say quantum number increments as correlates of fundamental qualia. What can be said about consciousness is about its structure: self hierarchy, subselves as mental images, sharing of mental images, fusion of mental images, associations, abstractions, etc... For the contents of consciousness associated with given quantum jump one cannot give any formula. It is subjective and subjective does not allow formula.

The idea about Akashi records states that memories are not something residing only in brain. These records are realised as negentropically entangled structures approximately invariant under quantum jump and providing representation for sequences of associations as correlations, rules, abstractions. Time reversals of memories are also present: we have used to call them predictions or plans. The generation of memories is guaranteed by Negentropy Maximization Principle.

One highly non-trivial example about time reversed "memory": How the growth of plant is coded in seed? The plan has as physical correlate the magnetic body carrying beams of dark photons (making themselves visible by decaying to biophotons) along the flux tubes. This structure has been shown to be present as "energetic structure" for decades ago! It is a pity that biology has concentrated to the mapping of genome so that breakthrough findings made by the pioneers are still waiting to be taken seriously.

Memories have as geometrotopological correlates braiding of magnetic flux tubes connecting various systems together to form large even macroscopic and astroscopic quantum systems. This makes memories universal. Heart as also other organs have memories, our biological bodies remember and plans for future. Families, societies, civilisations, ... have memories and future plans. Even the matter that we regard as dead has memories. This is actually more or less what Sheldrake is saying.

To be continued... said...

To Plato:


The reading of memories consciously requires the interaction free measurement and it is not completely clear whether reading of these memories is always possible. I would guess that also the reading mechanism is universal.

To my opinion the approach of standard neuroscience deriving from behaviourism is badly wrong. Behavioural changes induced by structural changes at the level of ordinary matter (changes for the synaptic connections) is just biological change inducing change of behaviour: it has nothing to do with memories allowing conscious reading: they are assigned with the magnetic body, which is something totally new physically.

I identify the emotional colours of memories basically in terms of the hypothesis that positive emotional colouring is due to negentropy gain in state function reduction. It is almost non-negative globally by NMP but locally it can be negative: this corresponds to negatively coloured emotions. Information gain/loss and emotions are therefore closely related. The vision about peptides are molecules of information and emotion conforms with this view. More concretely, the changes of braidings for flux tubes connecting amino acids to each other and other biomolecules induce negentropy changes locally and therefore emotions. Emotions at hour level of self hierarchy are assigned with the entire body rather than brain as standard neuroscience assumes. Also neural level has emotions: it is a pity. I would not like to be a neuron in limbic systems specialised on suffering!;-) said...

To Ulla:

Very interesting finding. It would be nice to try to understand in terms of M_89 hadron physics which is my explanation for the earlier results challenging QCD.

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