Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some critical questions relating to Maya and Akashic records

The discovery of representations as negentropically entangled states defining approximate invariants under quantum jump sequence and defining "Akashic records" and the idea about reading these representations using interaction free measurements have meant a dramatic progress in the understanding of TGD inspired theory of conscioiusness progress.

There are two basic objections against quantum theories of consciousness. How it is possible to have conscious information about invariant under quantum jumps if only change is experienced continuously? The outcome of state function reduction in standard quantum theory is random: how can one understand freedom of choice and intentional behaviour in terms of state function reduction? NMP and possibility of negentropic entanglement imply that TGD based quantum theory is not equivalent with the standard one, and this allows to circumvent the objections.

There are however two further questions, which I cannot answer yet. Can one really assume that the notion of interaction free measurement continues to make sense in TGD framework? Could NMP allow to make this notion exact or make it impossible? Are the invariants or at least their existence experienced directly without interaction free measurement?

The experiments carried out to test whether 40 Hz thalamocortical resonance is correlate for conscious experience suggests that the resonance is present only when a new pattern is discovered, not when it has become a memory. The TGD inspired interpretation would be that the resonances accompanies negentropy gain and quantum jump is necessary for conscious experience. However, the reports about higher states of consciousness (and also my own experiences) suggest that the invariants can be experienced directly when all thoughts (interaction free measurements) are eliminated. This experience cannot be however communicated: one understands does not know what one understands. Therefore also the original vision that negentropic entanglement corresponds to conscious experience - experience of pure understanding, which is not communicable - and in apparent contradiction with the basic hypothesis about quantum jump, would be correct after all!

For details see the new chapter Comparison of TGD Inspired Theory of Consciousness with Some Other Theories of Consciousness or the article with the same title.


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