Tuesday, June 04, 2013

What is the basic mechanism of homeopathic healing?

After a work of more than decade after the realisation that homeopathy might be understood in TGD Universe, I still find that I have not given an absolutely convincing answer to the question "What is the exact mechanism of homeopathy?". The basic rules is that "like cures alike". Why should this be the case? Let us go our arguments through once again.

  1. Certainly the imprinting of water using molecules causing the illness - call these molecules just I for brevity - must be an essential part of the healing mechanism. The imprinting means imprinting of water with some frequencies in the low frequency spectrum of I. The TGD inspired idea is that the magnetic body of appropriate water cluster or even dark nucleon sequence representing DNA sequence, call this entity I*, is able to mimic I in the sense that its cyclotron frequency spectrum is same.

  2. This in turn strongly suggests that the molecules in the organism to be healed - call them P - have a long range interaction with molecules I induced by dark photons with cyclotron frequencies but having energies above thermal threshold. The interaction involves a formation of a magnetic flux tube accompanied by a parallel topological light ray/ "massless extremal" (ME) along which dark photons at specific resonance frequencies propagate and induce resonant interaction between P and I. Thus both the formation of flux tube bridge and the resonant interaction made possible by it, would be essential for the homeopathic healing to take place. In fact, in TGD inspired theory of consciousness, the formation of resonating flux tube connections makes possible the quantum coherence for the combined system I+P and serves as a correlate for attention between I and P.

  3. The presence of the entities I* able to mimic the cyclotron frequency spectrum of I and forming resonant flux tube bonds with molecules H is however not enough to explain the healing effect (I have already considered some answers but they do not convince me). To understand this, one must be able to understand how I causes the illness. The answer of the standard medicine is that the mechanism is chemical and thus requires contact interaction between I and P. It is easy to believe this. Standard medicine also tells that in order to prevent the chemical interaction between I and P , one must use some medicine molecules M, preventing this chemical interaction. It is easy to believe also this.

    In TGD Universe there is indeed a very natural mechanism preventing the chemical interaction between I and P. The reduction of the value of the effective Planck constant associated with the flux tubes connecting I and P leads to a contraction of the flux tube length (proportional to hbareff). This indeed makes possible a chemical contact interaction between both I and P causing the illness. In fact, I have proposed this mechanism as a completely general mechanism of catalyst action allowing biomolecules to find each other in the the dense bio-molecular soup. But this holds true also for I* and P! Using terms of "molecular psychology" , the entities I* mimicking I steal the attention of molecules P so that molecules I cannot cause the illness anymore!

This indeed looks extremely simple and natural and thus also convincing. What is important is that the proposed mechanism is not in conflict with standard medicine: it only makes possible the miracles of bio-chemistry and provides a completely new mechanism of healing. It is easy to imagine that a new kind of medicine using only water imprinted by the cyclotron frequency spectra of molecules responsible for the illness. This medicine would be completely free of the negative -basically chemical - side effects of the ordinary drugs. This mechanism would also use all the knowledge gained by ordinary biochemistry based medicine: if the relevant molecule I is known, it can be used to imprint water to get I*.

Also the effect of vaccines could rely on the "like cures alike" mechanism albeit in different form. Now the molecules or organisms - call them just B - causing the disease would be injected directly into the body rather than water. Water memory could give rise to a mimicry of B:s and give rise to primitive immunity. A more refined mechanism proposed earlier would involve dark DNA mimicking B:s and translating to ordinary DNA sequences coding for proteins able to catch B:s by the same flux tube mechanism.

The proposed mechanism of homeopathic healing leaves open the exact mechanism behind the cyclotron mimicry. The entities I* could be water clusters with magnetic bodies mimicking those of I, they could be water clusters which have stolen the magnetic bodies of I, or they could be even dark DNA accompanying water molecules and able to mimic I. Of course, the least science fictive option is that the possibly existing dark DNA couples only with ordinary DNA by the flux tube mechanism.

The interpretation of biophotons as decay products of dark photons in energy conserving phase transition hbareff→ hbar suggests that the dark photons involved with the communications have rather large value of hbareff given by hbareff=fh/fl. The simplest working hypothesis is that dark photons have same energy spectrum as biophotons. The prediction would be that biophoton spectrum from a homeopathic remedy - in particular its fluctuations - should correlate with the spectrum of the cyclotron frequencies. A weaker hypothesis is that the energies of dark photons are above thermal energy at physiological temperature.

For background see the chapter Homeopathy in Many-Sheeted Space-time of "Biosystems as Conscious Holograms".


Anonymous said...


anything to do with TGD?

L. Edgar Otto said...


Lubos cites ERP=ER new paper... the wormhole as entanglement... Does this not sound familiar to you? Oddly the diagram there connects to another "universe" Wormhole mouths and so on... concepts in similar terminology.

Why is there alternative medicine and is it an issue that end the end is part of science as biochemistry. If we follow things down logically the issues of your concern with consciousness does suggest a deeper definition of living systems than we have that matches such alternative physics mathematics.

This morning I am considering a deeper definition on what was he moral equivalent of war 40 yrs ago on cancer as in Nixon's speech. I expanded my own assumptions more into a dynamic picture (not sure of the name yet but something like Polymorphogenesis Implications or The Social Implications of Biochemical Systems.) If we apply some of these ideas we can see the hidden structures of the mechanism and reason environment for cancer. it is too soon to apply this to the brain itself but parts would fit.

We cannot think outside the box when the concept of a box is not a clear concept. On social implication is the dangers we do not see in the old physics and what it would me for cures and yes the fall of the toxic drug stance industry - perhaps.

L. Edgar Otto said...

Oh, and Steven

I could not read more than the summary of the paper on that site but that is enough to show (mathematically and philosophically) you can look very deeply at these issues and possibilities.

Of course the ideas meet with TGD and other alternative theories to which we may care but the state of research is so much money driven there is no hope to guide or control the directions- blindly as they move on... I think if this was understood we might just be able to correct the damage we have done to ourselves and nature.

Thank you for the encouragement. And very kind and honest consideration in viXra remarks


Matpitka@luukku.com said...

To Stephen:

I thought that quantum Zeno effect might be relevant to NMP and generation of negentropic entanglement and Akashic representations. It became however clear that situation is much simpler.

Assume just quantum measurement of density matrix in general case and NMP in the intersection of realities and p-adicities, where life resides.

Measurement of density matrix (no NMP yet) implies that final state has density matrix which is NxN unit matrix if there is N-fold degenerate eigenspace of density matrix. The number theoretic negentropy is positive for this. This in both real and p-adic sector.

The real-to-padic transition defining cognitive representation is possible only for the largest prime power factor of N by NMP. Hence one can assign unique p-adic prime to the state. This is very beautiful and solves an old problem.

N-fold degenerate density matrices are not generic except when one has special N-fold degeneracy for states. Entanglement between states of this kind yields density matrix which is unit matrix.

hbar_eff=Nhbar states have this degeneracy: there are N space-time sheets physically equivalent as N-furcation of extermal for Kahler action (by the failure of string determinism due to vacuum degeneracy). There negentropic entanglement and hbar_eff and dark matter are aspects of one and same thing. As also quantum criticality which is just the degeneracy.
Also p-adicity emerges naturally and only for N>1. Ordinary matter corresponds to N=1 and does not cognize.

There is also a problem how to end up with criticality which is by definition something unstable classically. Quantum measurement of density matrix saves the situation: it leads to NxN degenerate state!
This show the hidden beauty of quantum measurement!

Anonymous said...

Matti, very interesting, in retrospect of course TGD involves nearly everything so it was a bit of a rhetorical question. I think I get what you are saying! I am re-reading your paper on NMP. Nice! I stumbled across another interesting paper involving Nevanlinna theory, it can be found at http://vixra.freeforums.org/0s-of-higher-derivatives-of-meromorphic-functions-n-cplx-pln-t69.html it is *extremely technical* and I am not of the mindset to follow it, but interesting anyway.