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Possible implications of Pollack's findings for pre-biotic life in TGD Universe

I discussed in previous posting the fourth phase of water whose existence is convincingly demonstrated by Gerald Pollack and known with many other names: one of them is Brown's gas known for a long time - standard scientists have refused to admit its existence. In TGD framework the fourth phase of water has nice interpretation in terms of magnetic body and dark proton strings at its flux tubes giving rise to a realization of genetic code. If the fourth phase of water defines pre-biotic life form then the phase transition generating fourth phase of water and its reversal are expected to be fundamental elements of the ordinary metabolism, which would have developed from the pre-biotic metabolism. The following argument demonstrates that the findings of Pollack interpreted in this manner allow to understand what happens in photosynthesis and metabolism at deeper level and also shed light to the newest dramatic discovery related to metabolic pathways.

  1. Cell interiors, in particular the interior of the inner mitochondrial membrane are negatively charged as the regions formed in Pollack's experiments. Furthermore, the citric acid cycle, which forms the basic element of both photosynthesis and cellular respiration, involves electron transport chain in which electron loses gradually its energy via production of NADP and proton at given step. Protons are pumped to the other side of the membrane and generates proton gradient serving as metabolic energy storage just like battery. The interpretation for the electron transport chain in terms of Pollack's experiment would be in terms of generation of dark protons at the other side of the membrane.

  2. When ATP is generated from ADP three protons per ATP flow back along the channel formed by the ATP synthase molecule (perhaps Josephson junction) and rotate the shaft of a "motor" acting as a catalyst generating three ATP molecules per turn by phosphorylating ADP. The TGD based interpretation is that dark protons are transformed back to ordinary ones and possible negentropic entanglement is lost.

  3. ATP is generated also in glycolysis, which is ten-step process occurring in cytosol so that membrane like structure need not be involved. Glycolysis involves also generation of two NADH molecules and protons. An open question (to me) is whether the protons are transferred through an endoplasmic reticulum or from a region of ordered water (fourth phase of water) to its exterior so that it would contribute to potential gradient and could go to magnetic flux tubes as dark proton. This would be natural since glycolysis is realized for nearly all organisms and electron transport chain is preceded by glycolysis and uses as input the output of glycolysis (two pyruvate molecules).

  4. Biopolymers - including DNA and ATP - are typically negatively charged. They could thus be surrounded by fourth phase of water and neutralizing protons would reside at the magnetic bodies. This kind of picture would conform with the idea that the fourth phase (as also magnetic body) is fractal like. In phosphorylation the metabolic energy stored to a potential difference is transferred to shorter length scales (from cell membrane scale to molecular scale).

One of the basic questions of biology is whether metabolism preceded basic biopolymers or vice versa. RNA world scenario assumes that RNA and perhaps also genetic code was first.
  1. The above view suggests that both approaches are correct to some degree in TGD Universe. Both metabolism and genetic code realized in terms of dark proton sequences would have emerged simultaneously and bio-chemistry self-organized around them. Dark proton sequences defining analogs of amino-acid sequences could have defined analogs of protein catalysts and played a key role in the evolution of the metabolic pathways from the primitive pathways involving only the phase transition between ordinary water and fourth phase of water.

  2. There is very interesting article telling that complex metabolic pathways are generated spontaneously in laboratory environments mimicking hot thermal vents. Glycolysis and pentose phosphate pathway were detected. The proposal is that these pathways are catalyzed by metals rather than protein catalysts.

  3. In standard biology these findings would mean that these metabolic pathways emerged before basic biopolymers and that genetic code is not needed to code for the metabolic pathways during this period. In TGD framework dark genetic code would be there, and could code for the dark pathways. Dark proton strings in one-one correspondence with the amino-acid sequences could be responsible for catalysts appearing in the pathways. Only later these catalysts would have transformed to their chemical counterparts and might be accompanied by their dark templates. One cannot even exclude the possiblity that the chemical realization of the DNA-aminoacid correspondence involves its dark analog in an essential manner.
For details see the chapter Meditation, Mind-Body Medicine and Placebo: TGD point of view of "TGD based view about living matter and remote mental interactions" or the article Pollack's findings about fourth phase of water: TGD view.

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