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Gravitational Mother Gaia and life

In an earlier posting I have told about considerable progress in understanding TGD inspired quantum biology. The basic result is that the gravitatational Planck constant hgr inspired by Nottale's observations and heff inspired by the effects of ELF radiation on vertebrate brain can be one and same thing at least in elementary particle scales where hgr is defined for a pair formed by elementary particle (say) and Earth, or Sun or some massive body. It is of course possible that heavier objects than elementary particle can appear as second member in the pair. The objects are connected by gravitational flux tubes mediating gravitational interaction.

The big surprise was that hgr is indeed of same order of magnitude as needed for the energies of EEG photons to be in visible-UV range so that their decay products can be interpreted as biophotons. Dark cyclotron photons with universal energy spectrum in this range would control bio-chemical reactions by resonance mechanism in living matter.

This picture generalizes to other interaction and the notion of hem= Z1Z2e2/v0. Now the surprising numerical accident is that for ATP synthase which is motor with rotating shaft rotating with velocity v0 and generating three ATPs from ADP during single turn hem seems is same order of magnitude as hgr(particle,Earth) for elementary particles.

These findings lead to fascinating speculations about the role of quantum gravitation in living systems.

Negentropic entanglement (NE) is one of the key notions of TGD inspired quantum biology. For instance, it would seem that NE would look more natural metabolic resource than energy. Nutrients should carry it. NE is however not single particle property but between nutrient and some other system in the recent case. What can one say about this system? Can it be part of nutrient? Could it correspond to oxygen molecules? Or could it be gravittional Mother Gaia identified in some sensible manner?

If one believes on the presence of gravimagnetic flux tubes and their role as generator of macroscopic quantum coherence in biology then one is forced to consider seriously also NE between its ends. If this is the case then the view of religions about life might be nearer to truth than that of hard-born materialists.

To make this more concrete, let us first look what the transfer of NE could mean.

  1. Suppose that nutrient N has NE with unknown system A which a priori could be part of nutrient. Assume that the transfer of NE of nutrient with A is formed by reconnection of U-shaped flux tubes associated with N (or glucose G produced from it) and A so that two parallel flux tubes connecting N and A are formed.

  2. The basic operation allowing transformation of N-A NE to P-A NE is following. The two flux tube portions of U-shaped flux associated with the receiver R are reconnected with the two parallel flux tubes connecting N and A so that two flux tubes connecting R to A are formed. NMP strongly suggests that the entanglement remains negentropic in the process.

  3. NE is first transferred to P using this process so that P and A are now NE-connected. After this P attaches to ADP to yield ATP and ATP attaches to B and the transfer process leads to NE between B and A.

    For ATP synthase the hem consisting two elementary charges is of the same order as hgr. This is probably not an accident. Could this mean that this kind of flux tube can reconnect with gravitational flux tube? Could this make possible a reconnection transforming N-Earth NE to P-Earth NE? This looks plausible.

Consider now the identification of A.
  1. If one assumes that the negentropic entanglement corresponds to gravitational flux tubes for N-Earth system then A should be gravitational Mother Gaia, whatever its precise definition might be. N (and glucose) molecules would be alive in the sense that they have
    NE with Mother Gaia.

  2. Could oxygen have some deeper role? For instance, could O2 molecules serve as analogs of cell membrane receptors for Mother Gaia meaning that gravitational flux tubes go through O2 molecules? This does not look plausible since metabolism is possible also as fermentation involving no oxygen.

  3. In this picture the role of breathing and fermentation would be to make possible the transfer of NE from nutrients to the living system.

This picture allows to imagine about what might happen in biological death. Biological death takes first place only at the highest level of self hierarchy assignable to the our biological body. Cells continue for some time their life even after the last breath. The notion of hgr together with Equivalence Principle suggests that the living biological body has negentropic flux tube connections to both electromagnetic magnetic body (personal magnetic body) and to gravitational Mother Gaia (MG) (especially during sleep) representing collective consciousness in the scale of Earth. Also connections to higher levels are possible. Also personal magnetic body and MG have connections. At the moment of biological death the negentropic flux tube pairs connecting the personal magnetic body to biological body are split and only those with MG remain or are generated in this process. This would happen later at lower levels of biological self hierarchy such as organ and organelles and eventually for cells and biopolymers. The magnetic bodies of the resulting decay products have negentropic entanglement with MG and and can be used as nutrients to transfer this entanglement to bio-molecules.

The quantum model for metabolism allows to understand life as a process in which negentropic entanglement of gravitational Mother Gaia with nutrients is transformed to that of molecules of biological body with personal magnetic body and further processed and enriched. At the moment of biological death this information returns to the personal magnetic body which now connects only gravitational Mother Gaia or higher levels in the hierarchy. By NMP information is not lost but increases steadily giving rise to "Akashic records". This view conforms with the core ideas of spiritual and religious teachings.

For the details the reader can consult the article Implications of strong gravimagnetism for TGD inspired quantum biology.


Ulla said...

Have y seen this? Also about John Wheelers thinking.

Also about LTP and
Can one say that longterm memories are trasferred to magnetic body with magnetic relaxation forming knots and information in that way?

Ulla said... said...

To Ulla:

The braiding of flux tubes resulting from motion
of systems with respect to each other automatically stores the motion patterns to memories realised as braid invariants. Dance metaphor describes the idea elegantly. Fix the dancers by threads to wall. As they dance the threads get entangled and form braid describing the dancing patter. This is perhaps the fundamental memory representation.

This requires 4-D space-time. Also 2-braiding of string world sheets in 4-D space-time is possible and generalises the ordinary braiding. I think that this is what living matter applies. The orbits of magnetic flux tubes idealised as strings define indeed string world sheets and reconnections are the new element in 2-braiding. What they mean concretely is that strings can pass through each other.

Anonymous said...

You should see my tango... it's a work in progress ;)

Massless Electrons(ME)? Any relation to Massless Extremals(ME)?

From the Bakerian lecture 1987 by Berry... said...

Massless extremal and magnetic flux tube or pair of MEs accompanies every elementary particle: its wormhole contacts connect the MEs. They are the correlates of particles in longer scale. The direction of light-like four momentum varies and this corresponds to average momentum which is timeline: massivation classically.

Ulla said...

Can the braidings be conserved as topological islands, relesed with gaining of energy/entropy? That is like forming a knot that is temporarily more entangled with itself than with surroundings, and in that way conserved like a 'particle'-like substance?

At least I think this would be a very natural way to describe 'conserved memories' and distinguish them from the other braiding processes of 'running memories' or short time memory.

Leo Vuyk said...

Ulla: Kugelblitz black holes, parallels found under:

Ulla said... non-local memory cannot be in massform? said...

Memories coded to braiding would be conserved if braidings are space-like and do not change with time. If flux tubes representing braid strands cannot go through each other this is the case. If there are no Alexander the Great's hanging around and opening knots with their methods, they are are conserved. Reconnection of flux tubes is what happens in this kind of violent opening of knot/braid. said...

In Zero Energy Ontology the memories can be in geometric past as braidings there. The time evolution of magnetic body which is what matters in ZEO: brain is 4-D, magnetic body is 4-D, society as collective conscious entity is 4-D. This is very important distinction from standard neuroscience based on positive energy ontology.

Vacuum functional is proportional to exponent of Kähler action and preferred pairs of 3-surfaces at opposite boundaries of causal diamond CD define the preferred temporal evolution patterns also for magnetic body.

Kahler function associated with Eucldiian space-time region defines the real part of Kähler action and is maximum and its imaginary part coming from Minkowskian regions is stationary saddle point as the analog of action of quantum field theory.

This is very different from positive energy ontology in which 3-D time=constant cross section of brain corresponds to its state. Now entire 4-D space-time surface corresponds to the space-time correlate of brain state and conscious experience.

This allow to understand why EEG temporal patterns correlate with consciousness: time= constant snapshot of EEG are not enough.

Anonymous said...

I had totally forgotten that I had studied Kuramoto networks numerically (what seems like) ages ago