Thursday, July 17, 2014

Do electrons serve as nutrients?

The New Scientist article about bacteria using electrons as nutrients is very interesting reading since the reported phenomenon might serve as a test for the TGD inspired idea about metabolism as a transfer of negentropic entanglement (NE) at fundamental level (see this and this).

  1. NE is always between two systems: nutrient and something, call it X. The proposal inspired by a numerical co-incidence was that X could be what I have called Mother Gaia. X could be also something else, say personal magnetic body. The starting point was the claim that the anomalously high mass of electronic Cooper pair in rotating supercounductor (slightly larger than the sum of electron masses!) could be due to a gravimagnetic effects which is however too strong by a factor 1028. This claim was made by a respected group of scientists. Since the effect is proportional to the gravimagnetic Thomson field proportional to the square of Planck constant, the obvious TGD inspired explanation would be heff≈ 1014 (see this and this).

  2. Gravitational Planck constant hgr= GMm/v0, v0 a typical velocity in system consisting of masses M>>m and m was introduced originally by Nottale. I proposed that it is genuine Planck constant assignable to flux tubes mediating gravitational interaction between M and m. In the recent case v0 could be the rotating velocity of Earth around its axis at the surface of Earth.

  3. For electron, ions, molecules, .. the value of hgr would of the order of 1014 required by the gravimagnetic anomaly and is also of the same order as heff=n× h needed by the hypothesis that cyclotron energies for these particles are universal (no mass dependence) and in the visible and UV range assigned to biophotons. Biophotons would result from dark photons via phase transition. This leads to the hypothesis heff=hgr unifying the two proposals for the hierarchy of Planck constants at least in microscopic scales.

    Thanks to Equivalence Principle implying that gravitational Compton length does not depend on particle's mass, Nottale's findings can be understood if hgr hypothesis holds true only in microscopic scales. This would mean that gravitation in planetary system is mediated by flux tubes attached to particles rather than entire planet, say. One non-trivial implication is that graviton radiation is dark so that single graviton carries much larger energy than in GRT based theory. The decay of dark gravitons to ordinary gravitons would produce bunches of ordinary gravitons rather than continuous stream: maybe this could serve as an experimental signature. Gravitational radiation from pulsars is just at the verge of detection if it is what GRT predicts. TGD would predict pulsed character and this might prevent its identification if based on GRT based belief system.

  4. In the recent case the model would say that the electrons serving as nutrients have this kind of negentropic entanglement with Mother Gaia. hgr=heff would be of order 108. Also in nutrients electrons would be the negentropically entangled entities. If the model is correct, nutrient electrons would be dark and could also form Cooper pairs. This might serve as the eventual test.

Electrons are certainly fundamental for living matter in TGD Universe.

  1. Cell membrane is assumed to be high Tc electronic superconductor (see this). Members of Cooper pairs are at flux tubes carrying opposite magnetic fields so that the magnetic interaction energy produces very large binding energy for the large values of heff involved: of the order of electron volts! This is also the TGD based general mechanism of high Tc superconductivity: it is now accepted that anti ferromagnetism is crucial and flux tubes carrying fluxes at opposite directions is indeed very antiferromagnetic kind of thing.

  2. Josephson energy is proportional to membrane voltage (EJ= 2eV) is just above the thermal energy at room temperature meaning minimal metabolic costs.

  3. Electron's secondary p-adic time scale is .1 seconds, the fundamental biorhythm which corresponds to 10 Hz alpha resonance.

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