Thursday, July 10, 2014

Does DNA understand speech or should you sing to it?

There is an interesting popular web article about the work of Peter Gariaev with whom I have written a couple of articles. One of the findings of Gariaev's group is that the intronic portion of the DNA has a statistical resemblance to the structure of language (words of language correspond to DNA codons and Zipf's law appears to be obeyed). The question whether introns could code language at molecular level comes to mind.

It is also reported that the connection with language is much more concrete. The words of spoken language generate response at the level of DNA: DNA "hears" and maybe understands language (or is it us who understand the language in this manner?). If one accepts that even water has memory and reacts to signals inducing emotions in living organisms, this would not be so surprising. In fact, in TGD framework water would be primitive life form with dark DNA consisting of protonic strings such that proton states would be in 1-1 correspondence with DNAs, RNAs, amino-acids and perhaps even tRNAs (see this). Vertebrate genetic code follows from natural assumptions between dark counterparts of DNAs and amino-acids.

So the claim is that spoken language modulating em radiation has effect on DNA. In standard physics context it is difficult to see how this could make sense. The energies of phonons at audible frequencies are simply so low that understanding the effect in terms of phonons does not seem to be possible. Could it make sense in TGD inspired quantum biology? One can at least try and this is what is done in the sequel. The explanation relies on the basic assumptions of TGD inspired quantum biology distilled during last 10 years.

  1. Dark matter corresponds to a hierarchy of phases labelled by the values of effective Planck constant given by heff= n×h (see this). This hypothesis can be reduced to the failure of strict determinism for the basic variational principle of TGD and is consistent with the the notion of gravitational Planck constant defined as hgr= GMm/v0, where v0 is characteristic velocity assignable to the two particle system consisting of masses m and M (see this). This formula holds true at flux tubes mediating gravitational interaction in terms of gravitonic "massless extremals" (MEs) topologically condensed at them.

    For elementary particles,ions, atoms, even biomolecules this formula is consistent with heff=hgr. Equivalence Principle implies that the formula for hgr must be assumed only for them to explain approximate Bohr orbitology for planetary orbits. For Earth-charged particle system the formula predicts Planck constant for which dark cyclotron photon energies in endogenous magnetic fields are in visible and UV range at which also biophoton energies are. Gravitational Compton length does not depend on the mass of particle - essential for macroscopic quantum coherence and consistent with Equivalence Principle. For Earth-Sun system the gravitational Compton lengths is of the order Earth radius, which suggests that at dark matter level Earth is macroscopic quantum system.

  2. This picture conforms with the hypothesis that biophotons are ordinary photons resulting in heff changing phase transition (see this). Since the energy levels of biomolecules belong to visible and UV range, dark photons could control biochemistry by dark-to-bio-photon transitions. This would give the missing interaction link between biochemistry and magnetic body. The standard hypothesis is that biophotons are side products of biochemistry: in TGD Universe biophotons would become active controllers of biochemistry and would be used by magnetic

  3. Living matter as a random soup of biomolecules is replaced with a highly organized structure. Dark matter can be seen as a library of Akashic records realized in terms of negentropic entanglement (see this). Each dark particle, atom, molecule, etc is at its own magnetic flux tube characterized by heff=hgr. One can say that each book in the Akashic library resides neatly at its own book shelf labelled by the value of magnetic field strength and heff. The communication between levels of dark matter hierarchy (book shelves) would take place by using heff changing transition of dark photons having a universal energy spectrum independent of the particle mass and depending on the strength of magnetic field at the flux tube. Visible photons correspond to single energy octave which suggests connection with music discussed in the earlier posting (see this).

In this framework it is not too difficult to understand how DNA could "hear" and maybe even "understand".
  1. DNA codons carry -2 units of em charge per single nucleotide due to the presence of one diphosphate in the sugar backbone. The ratio Qtot/Mtot= 2N(tot)e/Mtot=2e/M(ave) to which cyclotron frequency is proportional, is inversely proportional to the average mass M(ave) of the unit of DNA sequence. Hence DNA sequences are coded by cyclotron frequencies and to "wake up" given unit of DNA it is enough to irradiate it with dark photons at this cyclotron frequency. For long sequences of DNA cyclotron frequency becomes essentially constant if DNAs obey statistical a distribution with single Gaussian peak. One can consider the possibility that the distribution is many-peaked and fractal.

    This is not the only one possible option that one can imagine. Cyclotron frequencies could be also assignable - not to DNA itself but - to charged particles at the flux tubes associated with the basic units of DNA.

  2. There are two ways to "wake up" DNA: frequency resonance at the level of dark matter and energy resonance at the level of visible matter. The first manner to wake up DNA is by a transformation of acoustic signal to dark photons at cyclotron frequencies which are also cyclotron frequencies of DNA molecules. DNA units would be analogous to the frequency specific hair cells in cochlea. The TGD inspired model of hearing indeed assumes that the hair cells carry out this transformation. Second manner to wake up DNA is to transform the dark photons first to biophotons with a transition energy of DNA molecule and thus inducing the chemical transition. These dark photons could then excite the DNAs resonantly at cyclotron frequencies or a chemical transition energies after transition to bio-photon. This mechanism breaks quantum coherence.

    If the excited DNAs correspond genes or to a portion of DNA inducing gene expression, acoustic signal (say speech) would be transformed to genetic expression and thus generate a physiological response. Introns could also generate em signals transformed to acoustic signals giving eventually rise to internal speech. Here the cyclotron resonance mechanism could be at work. This mechanism respects quantum coherence.

  3. Right brain sings - left brain talks metaphor suggests an interpretation for these two mechanisms. For the singing right brain the cyclotron resonance for dark photons could dominate. For the talking left brain the chemical excitation using biophotons could dominate.
Gariaev's experiments suggest that amplitude modulation of light signal by acoustic signal, say speech, is enough.
  1. The carrier wave with single frequency modulated by single frequency would consist of a superposition of signals with frequencies which correspond to sum and difference for the frequencies involved. They could naturally correspond to parallel space-time sheets (MEs) (but this is not necessary): the test particle touching both sheets indeed experiences the sum of the effects caused by the two signals. The naive expectation would be that these signals are detected as such. This would not however allow the proposed mechanism.

    Another possibility is that the resulting photons at either or both space-time sheets having frequency and energy of (say) visible photons are transformed to dark photons with the frequency of phonon in the frequency range involved with the speech. This condition fixes the value of heff to be essentially the ratio of visible and audible carrier frequencies and fixes also the value of the endogenous magnetic field strength from the condition that cyclotron energy scale is same as the energy of visible photon. The MEs in question should be topologically condensed at the magnetic flux tubes.

  2. These dark photons transform to biophotons inducing a response both at the level of biochemistry and at the level of DNA sub-units (talking and singing) : heff in question is correct, the DNA sub-unit corresponding to flux tubes with the value of heff associated with dark photons is excited and can induce protein translation or some other form of gene expression so that the incoming signal finds expression.

  3. One can consider also acoustic signals transformed directly to dark photon electromagnetic signals propagating along flux tube-massless extremal pairs to DNA since living matter consists of piezo-electrets performing these transformations. These would correspond to communication by "singing": singing could correspond basically frequency modulation induced by the modulation of magnetic field strength ("whale's song"). The variation of membrane voltage by waves and by nerve pulses induce similar frequency modulation.

For details see the chapter Quantum model for hearing of "TGD and EEG" or the article Pythagoras, music, sacred geometry, and genetic code.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating, singing manifests in many creation myths. But what about visually perceived signed and written languages and binary computer languages - in which we are discussing here? I don't see grounds for presuming that only acoustic language could be directly comprehended by DNA. Rather, synaisthetic phenomena hint that external senses are just aspects of more general level sensing, which combined with internal body senses (proprioception) become more general. Perhaps most general level with strongest link with consciousness and energy metabolism is what we call "attention"? Attention associates with 'flux tubes' as it most often experiences itself channel-like, but when focused in body sense can feel also field-like. Also what some call "chackras" function as sensual organs/bodies, each with its own peculiar flavor. Could "DNA-waking" correspond with holistic organism level attention waking/redirecting, giving momentum to enter through filters of conscious experience, and chackra level sentience with "dark" phases of hbar?

I strongly feel that for a more comprehensive theory of sentience it is necessary to address and include also the "chackra" level. Which also can be consciously experienced and can wake up and guide attention and inform biological body (give it form).

Matti Pitkanen said...

To Anonymous:

Thank you for interesting comments.

I tend to see the fundamental level as "visual" in the sense that dark photons are responsible for the communications of cognitive information say data about presence and names of the objects of perceptive field to the magnetic body. Brain would be the analyst performing this decomposition to objects with names.

It is quite possible that sensory qualia themselves are at the level of sensory organs and negentropically entangled with the other aspects of experience. NE would be the fundamental mechanism of binding of parts of conscious experience together.

Also in case of hearing sensory organ produces dark photons with various frequencies but magnetic field strengths assignable to the flux tubes associated with hair cells representing frequency spectrum of incoming photon and translates it to biophoton spectrum. Dark photons would be sent to the magnetic body.

Matti Pitkanen said...

To Anonymous:

You mention metabolism - consciousness connection. Also negentropic entanglement with magnetic body (NE) would be in key role. The transfer of the second end of NE bridge - the end at the nutrient molecule - would take place in metabolism. Nutrient molecule would have NE bridge to to somewhere, perhaps Magnetic Mother Gaia (see the Footnote). The end of the NE bridge would be transferred to the phosphate attached to ADP giving ATP results: then to the receiver- Mother Gaia by proving the phosphate to the receiver. The transfer process would be mechanized: ATP synthase would be the machine.

The prediction would be that not any energy can serve as metabolic energy.

As good materialists believing that Universe consists of dead billiard balls, we should see metabolism as a transfer of metabolic energy - something assignable to single particle rather than as a transformation of particle A-Mother Gaia relation to particle B-Mother Gaia relation. The new view goes dangerously near to the picture of religions, it only replaces God with Magnetic Mother Gaia. I hope that this do no induce aggressive behaviours in good skeptics. It does not help much if Mother Gaia is replaced with personal magnetic body having size of order Earth size or even larger.

Footnote: as suggested by the finding that gravitational Planck constant h_gr GMm/V_0 for Earth-particle system could be same as h_eff =nh required by the identification of biophotons as decay produces of EEG dark photons and also suggested by the gravimagnetic anomaly that I discussed in the earlier posting. All this is Sherlock Holmesing- trying to combine some quantitative pieces of data from some anomaly with the general vision.

Ulla said...

Massless extremals as operator? Is it possible to say something about it?

The massless extremal property is destroyed by the presence of charges creating Coulomb fields leading to Maxwell phase..

Say a photon, carrier of em-force; what does this mean for the energy conservation and invariance?

Ulla said...

Chakras are in much just nerve plexuses.

Ulla said...

A principle that has to be added is the cluster decomposition principle, which requires that distant experiments give uncorrelated results. p 5

This is the symmetry breaking or decoherence, measurement that yields information. Max Tegmark asked if information itself as a result of decoherence could 'feel' or does it need a discreate structure? Can information also be non-local as seen over a cluster or in tensgreity? It should be possible?

In this case with singing it is about tensors as massless information. But the tensors needs to have ends or centers of action.

Also the formation of different rings/toruses/loops are interesting here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I had to struggle a bit to find more closer example of the kind of metabolism you are talking about: how mycelium networks collaborate and connect through mycorrhiza with Tree A, tree B, tree C, feeding them with water and minerals to holistically grow light gathering and sugar giving forest as efficiently as possible. Wiki on mycelium has this interesting quote of how mycelium can also intentionally kill forest to grow faster the fertile layer of soil to give itself more space to grow and create bigger forest to get more sugar:
"Is this the largest organism in the world? This 2,400-acre (9.7 km2) site in eastern Oregon had a contiguous growth of mycelium before logging roads cut through it.Estimated at 1,665 football fields in size and 2,200 years old, this one fungus has killed the forest above it several times over, and in so doing has built deeper soil layers that allow the growth of ever-larger stands of trees. Mushroom-forming forest fungi are unique in that their mycelial mats can achieve such massive proportions."

Human civilizations & Mother Gaia seem obvious parallel to forests & mycelium metabolic systems. Let us have confidence that this one has now reached it's adolescent peak growth phase and is starting to stabilize as mature phase forest on global level.

Ulla said...
food change DNA expression in bees through methylation (vitB and light?) and presence of CpG islands (loops) in DNA.
From Rado.