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Chi Energy - master gets animals to sleep

In Thinking Allowed there was an interesting link from Jeff Hall to a video with title Chi Energy - master gets animals to sleep. The video was very impressive and I recommend seeing it. Below I propose an explanation for the feats of the master.

I have constructed a theory of remote mental interactions but always said that I do not believe in them - I just take their possibility very seriously. To be honest, the only reason for this attitude is that they emerge naturally from TGD inspired theory of consciousness. This video made me a believer. I know that skeptic "knows" that the video is hoax and demands 10 sigma statistical proof that every chi master in every corner of the Universe can put animals to sleep under controlled laboratory conditions by weaving his hands. It does not matter: we can laugh together to my gullibility if this helps skeptic to avoid despair in his intellectual isolation.

We had a long discussion about the video and Ulla noticed the similarity with hypnosis: even the word "hypnosis" originally means some kind of sleep like state. In TGD framework hypnosis could be seen as a particular example of remote mental interactions. Simplifying: hypnotizer would in some sense hijack some part of brain of the subject by quantum entangling with it so that it becomes part of hypnotizer and obeys his commands. Note that the social explanation of hypnosis as the desire of subject ot please the hypnotiser does not explain what happens to the animals.

In the discussion consciousness was of course mentioned and consciousness was compared to field. As a philosophically oriented physicist I get worried when one says "consciousness is a field" or something like that. I would prefer to speak about field patterns as correlates for contents of consciousness. To me consciousness itself is an independent form of existence not reducing to a property of physical system as materialist believes. This looks like pedantry but becomes absolutely crucial if one really wants to understand consciousness. Real progress is science is mostly getting rid of sloppy language implying sloppy thinking.

I have explained so many times the basic ideas of TGD inspired theory of consciousness (call it TTC for short) and I am afraid that most readers have not got the message. I think that independently rediscovering TTC is the only manner to realize what I am trying to say. Therefore only few paragraphs.

One needs a new ontology - a vision about what exists. This ontology is neither materialistic nor dualistic and in which consciousness is not a property of physical state as "-ness" would suggest but resides in the nowhere-nowhen-land between two quantum states replaced with analogs of quantum evolutions of Schrödinger equation. I call the new ontology Zero Energy Ontology (ZEO) and it leads to a new view about quantum measurement theory and state function reduction giving theory of consciousness as by-product by transforming observer from an outsider to the Universe a part of quantum physics. Conscious entity is the outcome of Zeno effect - a sequence of state function reductions which would not change the state in standard ontology at all but gives rise to the experienced flow of time in ZEO.

A lot of unexpected predictions follow. Mention only the possibility of exotic unexpected phenomena such as time reversed consciousness, the re-incarnation of conscious entity in different time after biological death, and the predicted hierarchy of conscious entities with mental images identifiable as sub-selves - conscious entities. Also a detailed view about quantum biology and about remote mental interactions emerges.

Quantum biology involves a generalization of both classical physics and quantum physics.

  1. Classical physics is generalized by replacing space-time with space-time surfaces bringing in notions like many-sheeted space-time, magnetic flux quanta/tubes, field body and topological light rays essential for understanding living matter. Magnetic body (MB) becomes what might be called intentional agent. Our MB is the "real us" using our biological body (BB) as a motor instrument and sensory receptor. EEG and its scaled variants mediate sensory information from neuronal/cell membranes to parts of magnetic body having onion-like structure and control commands from MB to genome initiating gene expressions and possible other hitherto unknown genome related functions such as topological quantum computation and communications with dark photons which an decay to bio-photons.

    Magnetic flux tubes accompany and are space-time correlates of entanglement: note that also superstringers have ended up with this idea but talk about wormholes instead of flux tubes.

    Concerning remote mental interactions, the crucial difference from Maxwell's linear and relatively simple theory is that flux tubes make possible precisely targeted communications such that the signal does not weaken with distance. This is like replacing radio station with something sending laser signals along cable: replacing mass communication like radio broadcast with email. The signals - I call them topological light rays - are analogous to laser light beams travelling along flux tubes: also their existence distinguishes TGD from Maxwell's theory where light signals travel in all directions and weaken like 1/r2.

  2. The generalization of quantum physics involves the hierarchy of Planck constants coming as multiples of ordinary Planck constants and identified in terms of dark matter which becomes a key player in living systems. Scaling of Planck constant scales up quantum lengths and gives rise to macroscopic quantum coherence, which is the key property of living matter. p-Adic physics and fusion of real physics (correlates of sensory experience) and various p-adic physics (correlates of cognition and imagination) is an essential element of the theory too.

Consider now what remote mental interactions might be.
  1. Attention is obviously an essential element. This master intensively attends. Magnetic flux tubes are correlates for attention. When I attend something the flux tubes connecting some part of me to this something are formed. This something could be mental image perhaps localizable to my brain or an object of external world - say my cat. Or the animals in the amazing video, which motivated the writing of this posting. Magnetic flux tubes are like tentacles studying the environment and when they find tentacle of another BB, reconnection to a bridge connecting the biological bodies can happen if the magnetic field strengths are nearly the same. This implies that cyclotron frequencies are same so that the reconnection involves resonance.

    This is a good reason to identify the prerequisites/correlates for remote mental interactions as magnetic flux tubes, which are TGD counterparts of Maxwellian magnetic fields but differ from them since they are topologically quantized.

  2. Remote mental interactions are not anything exotic in this world view: the communications from BB and control of my BB by my MB rely on remote mental interactions. What we are used to call remote mental interactions is the same phenomenon except that the target is not my BB but something else: say patient in remote healing or computer in experiments testing whether intention can affect random number generator.

What might happen in the video?
  1. What could happen as the master in the video weaves his hands? Same as in hypnosis, which is also a remote mental interactions. The magnetic flux tubes for a part of hypnotizer's MB reconnect with those for a part of subject's MB fusing two conscious entities single one with chi master serving as boss for the unit formed in this manner. Both supra currents and analogs of laser light signals can proceed along these bridges thus formed. This is the same effect as the fusion of mental images - subselves - producing stereo vision. Fusion can occur also for mental images in different brains: our consciousness is not so private as we think - be cautious with your thoughts;-). Your brain children are not always only your brain children!

  2. What makes a fellow who just weaves his hands "superhuman" - as the video says? How the movement of his hands can have so magic effect? It cannot. MB acting as an intentional agent is needed. The skills of the master in using his MB give him his magic looking powers - he is a master in magnetic gymnastics:-). Yoga trains your BB, meditation trains your MB. Using the tentacles emanating from is hands the master can get a contact even to the MBs of members of different species and make them part of this own MB and give commands to them. As the master weaves his hands he helps the flux tubes to form reconnections with the MBs of the subject animals. I wonder whether the master can "see" the flux tubes of foreign magnetic bodies (not necessarily consciously at his level of self hierarchy). This would make his task much easier.

For a summary of earlier postings see Links to the latest progress in TGD.

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Anonymous said...

In some "altered states of mind" synaisthesia becomes rather the norm than the exception, and it might be worth while to explore also in terms of TGD how holistic sentience differentiates to into particular senses. That said, various people have various "dominant" senses, eg. visually oriented and body sense oriented. Whether the master sees nadis/flux tubes or feels them - or both or neither - the participatory information can be basically same.

Notion of 'field' takes different meanings depending on the sense. "Visual field" is common expression for a two dimensional projective screen, and the point of view (eyes, head) cannot
be seen.

Body sense - on levels of both MB and BB - can and does feel also eyes and head, and TGD picture suggests that (n-dimensional?) magnetic field of MB senses the positions, movements, pains, pleasures etc. of BB, and of course also flux tubes, chakras etc, especially if conscious experience has developed and opened to that level. I'm pretty sure the master feels warmth and tingling in his palm when he focuses Chi, as I do now, and when you read this, kind reader, there is very good chance that you can feel it too if you so wish and allow.

Now, feeling our palm chackras, strong energy centers, we can proceed to question, does TGD allow or even predict also some sort of dynamic holografic relation in this aspect of sentience, in addition to flux tubes aka nadis? We could suggest as hypothesis that the "energy body" where Chi flows through nadis and concentrates in Chacras, could be as whole holographic projection of MB (or various Russian doll layers of various bodies, each holografically corresponding to main Chackras), located in and close by BB in common conscious experience. People often talk about "gut feels" when remote/non local (especially emotional) information is pushing from subconsciousness to conscious level, and many things suggest that there can be also holographic informing/sensing involved.

One additional "body layer" comes to mind, the configuration space of all thoughts and mental images, including TGD, all of math, etc. etc. Instead of "field of consciousness", why not call the configuration space of all mental images simply "mind"? This simple definition of "mind" is not exactly same as ZEO, but their mutual relation may be worth a few more thoughts. :)

PS: No worries. I sometimes hear bits and pieces of random chatter of thoughts of "others" ("voices in head"), and each time I'm reminded why I choose not to listen to the random noise and mechanical repetition of general thinking. You can also hide your thoughts, if you so wish, and if you really want someone or something to hear and listen (In addition to universal mercy and love), think better and more beautiful. As you do. <3