Monday, April 18, 2016

"Final" solution to the qualia problem

The TGD inspired theory of (qualia has evolved gradually to its recent form.

  1. The original vision was that qualia and and other aspects of consciousness experience are determined by the change of quantum state in the reduction: the increments of quantum numbers would determine qualia. I had not yet realized that repeated state function reduction (Zeno effect) realized in ZEO is central for consciousness. The objection was that qualia change randomly from reduction to reduction.

  2. Later I ended up with the vision that the rates for the changes of quantum numbers would determine qualia: this idea was realized in terms of sensory capacitor model in which qualia would correspond to kind of generalized di-electric breakdown feeding to subsystem responsible for quale quantum numbers characterizing the quale. The Occamistic objection is that the model brings in an additional element not present in quantum measurement theory.

  3. The view that emerged while writing the critics of IIT was that qualia correspond to the quantum numbers measured in the state function reduction. That in ZEO the qualia remain the same for the entire sequence of repeated state function reductions is not a problem since qualia are associated with sub-self (sub-CD), which can have lifetime of say about .1 seconds! Only the generalization of standard quantum measurement theory is needed to reduce the qualia to fundamental physics. This for instance supports the conjecture that visual colors correspond to QCD color quantum numbers. This makes sense in TGD framework predicting a scaled variants of QCD type physics even in cellular length scales.

    This view implies that the model of sensory receptor based on the generalization of di-electric breakdown is wrong as such since the rate for the transfer of the quantum numbers would not define the quale. A possible modification is that the analog of di-electric breakdown generates Bose-Einstein condensate and that the the quantum numbers for the BE condensate give rise to qualia assignable to sub-self.

For details see the article TGD Inspired Comments about Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness.

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