Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Teslaphoresis and TGD

I found an interesting popular article about a recently discovered phenomenon christened Teslaphoresis (see this). This phenomenon might involve new physics. Tesla studied systems critical against di-electric breakdown and observed strange electrical discharges occurring in very long length scales. Colleagues decided that these phenomena have mere entertainment value and are "understood" in Maxwellian electrodynamics. The amateurs have however continued the experiments of Tesla, and Teslaphoresis could be the final proof that something genuinely new is involved.

In TGD framework these long ranged strange phenomena could correspond in TGD quantum criticality and to large values of Planck constant implying quantum coherence in long length scales. The phases of ordinary matter with non-standard value heff=n× h of Planck constant would correspond to dark matter in TGD framework. I have earlier considered Tesla's findings from TGD point of view and my personal opinion has been that Tesla might have been the first experimenter to detect dark matter in TGD sense. Teslaphoresis gives further support for this proposal.

The title of the popular article is "Reconfigured Tesla coil aligns, electrifies materials from a distance" and tells about the effects involved. The research group is led by Paul Churukuri and there is also an abstract about the work in ADS Nano journal. This article contains also an excellent illustration allowing to understand both the Tesla coil and the magnetic and electric fields involved. The abstract of the paper provides a summary about the results.

This paper introduces Teslaphoresis, the directed motion and self-assembly of matter by a Tesla coil, and studies this electrokinetic phenomenon using single-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Conventional directed self-assembly of matter using electric fields has been restricted to small scale structures, but with Teslaphoresis, we exceed this limitation by using the Tesla coil’s antenna to create a gradient high-voltage force field that projects into free space. CNTs placed within the Teslaphoretic (TEP) field polarize and self-assemble into wires that span from the nanoscale to the macroscale, the longest thus far being 15 cm. We show that the TEP field not only directs the self-assembly of long nanotube wires at remote distances (≥ 30 cm) but can also wirelessly power nanotube-based LED circuits. Furthermore, individualized CNTs self-organize to form long parallel arrays with high fidelity alignment to the TEP field. Thus, Teslaphoresis is effective for directed self-assembly from the bottom-up to the macroscale.

Concisely: what is found that single-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs) polarise and self-assemble along the electric fields created by capacitor in much longer length scales than expected. Biological applications (involving linear molecules like microtubules) come in mind. CNTs tend to also move towards the capacitance of the secondary coil of the Tesla coil (TC).

It is interesting to understand the TGD counterparts for the Maxwellian em fields involved with Tesla coils and it is found that many-sheetedness of space-time is necessary to understand the standing waves also involved. The fact that massless extremals (MEs) can carry light-like currents is essential for modelling currents classically using many-sheeted space-time. The presence of magnetic monopole flux tubes distinguishing TGD from Maxwellian theory is suggestive and could explain why Teslaphoresis occurs in so long length scales and why it induces self-organization phenomena for CNTs. The situation can be seen as a special case of more general situation encountered in TGD based model of living matter.

For background see the chapter About Concrete Realization of Remote Metabolism or the article Teslaphoresis and TGD.

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