Monday, July 25, 2016

Biophotons and evolution of intelligence

It is gradually becoming clear that bio-photons have a role in brain function. An interesting claim is that the biophoton spectrum is shifted towards infrared as the intelligence of the species develops (see the article published in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of USA). The idea is that biophotons are involved with the communications between parts of brain and biophotons with lower frequencies are favored: one reason could be metabolic economy since biophotons have energies in visible and UV range mostly and in humans the extends to near infrared. The observation is that glutamate-induced biophotonic activities and transmission in brain slices represent a spectral redshift feature from animals to humans.

Could TGD based model for biophotons as decay products of dark cyclotron photons help to understand this? In TGD framework dark photons would be involved with communications of biological body with personal magnetic body (MB). Bio-photons would result from dark cyclotron photons with heff=n× h= hgr= GMm/v0 (see the explanation of the formula above) in energy conserving transformation to ordinary photons reducing the value of heff to h. Both dark cyclotron photons from MB to brain and analogs of Josephson photons from cell membranes to MB would be involved. When dark photons transform to ordinary photons they can induce molecular transitions. MB would control biomatter by inducing these molecular transitions. This explains the range of biophoton energies. Also EEG would consist of dark photons in this energy range but frequencies in EEG range and wavelengths of astrophysical size (7.8 Hz corresponds to circumference of Earth).

Dark cyclotron photons have cyclotron energy heff× eBend/m = (GM/v0)*(eBend) independent of the mass of charged particle mass, which is essential for the universality of bio-photon spectrum. The value Bend of the "endogenous" magnetic field introduced by Blackman should vary by say two orders of magnitude to explain the range of biophoton energies. The value of heff should be rather high.

The redshift of biophoton energy spectrum for humans as compared to lower animals could mean that the spectrum for the values of Bend extends to lower values. Cyclotron periods would be also longer at lower end for the spectrum. Could the higher intelligence could be achieved by better metabolic energy economy? Or could the presence of flux tubes with lower value of Bend extend the spectrum of biophoton energies and bring in molecules with lower transitions energies (down to near infrared)? It should be possible to identify the molecules in question. They should be involved with the "glutamate-induced biophotonic activities". The communications between brain slices could be also indirect: first sensory signal to MB is sent and response comes as control signal to other part of brain.

Bend in Blackman's experiments (I have identified it as lower end for the spectrum of the values of Bend) for vertebrates was 2/5 of Earth's magnetic field BE. Why 2/5 rather than 1? Could this reflect that gradual reduction of Bend from BE during evolution? Should one repeat the experiments of Blackman and other pioneers for non-vertebrates to find whether BE is higher for them?

See the chapter Are dark photons behind biophotons? of "TGD based view about consciousness, living matter, and remote mental interactions".

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