Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Emergence of 3-space or only the emergence of experience about 3-space?

The emergence of 3-space and even 4-D space-time have become fashionable ideas. The motivation is understandable. In string models - or formal string theory as the research field is called after the LHC experience - space-time is replaced with string world sheets in 10-, 11-D or even 12-D target space and the problem is how to get 4-D space-time. Spontaneous compactification believed to lead to Minkowski space with points replaced with Calabi-Yaumanifoled was the first not so succesful dream: landscape catastrophe was the outcome. Branes were the second attempt: 3-branes would give rise to 3-space. They were just added in order to obtain internal consistency but how they would consist of fundamental strings remained completely mystery: hence the dreams about emergence. Landscape catastrophe got only worse but the bonus was that now one had two space-times: when the other one is out of condition, one can use the other one;-).

To me the emergence of space-time does not sound a realistic idea and I have not seen any proposals which would not have been circular and start from the existence of 2-surface in 3-space realizing holography and getting 3-space, which was already there. A good dose of philosophical thinking could have saved us from many fashions of theoretical physics of last decades;-).

A more realistic version of the idea would be that entanglement makes possible the emergence of conscious experience of 3-D space. The existence of 3-space as a geometric object does not require entanglement.

In TGD picture the information characterizing quantum states can be localized by strong form holography (SH) to partonic 2-surfaces (or their light-like metrically 2-D orbits, I am getting pedantic;-)) and string world sheets. However, the possibility of entanglement between partonic 2-surfaces means that it is not enough to give only the 2-D quantum data at partonic 2-surfaces. Also the entanglement between them must be specified. This brings in half-discretized form of 3-dimensionality: not discrete lattice of points but discrete points replaced by partonic 2-surfaces. Strings are accompanied by magnetic flux tubes and the flux tube network gives rise to our conscious experience of 3-space.

In TGD inspired quantum biology biological body (BB) has this kind of magnetic spine, magnetic body (MB) , actually extending far beyond the boundaries of BB and giving rise to third person perspective of conscious experience and explains out of body experiences and near death experiences. EEG makes possible communications to MB and the control of BB by MB.

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