Saturday, September 03, 2016

More Reasons Why for Zero Energy Ontology

Some mathematically almost trivial but physically very significicant findings about zero energy ontology (ZEO) emerged and relate to the twistor lift of TGD. They deserve to be noticed separately.

  1. Twistor lift is possible only in zero energy ontology (ZEO) since the volume term multiplied by cosmological constant would be infinite by infinite volume of space-time surface in ordinary ontology: by the finite size of causal diamond (CD) the space-time volume is however finite in ZEO. This gives further support for ZEO implied also by TGD inspired theory of consciousness as generalization of quantum measurement theory and by the realization of super-symplectic symmetries and precise formulation of preferred extremal property.

  2. The exponent of vacuum functional is of form exp(SRe+ iSIm). The condition that the destructive interference coming from the imaginary part SIm of action does not cancel the vacuum functional implies Bohr quantization for the imaginary part of $action in ZEO: SIm=A0+ in×2π . That Bohr quantization condition emerges was total surprise but very natural since vacuum functional is exponent of Kähler action. In ordinary quantum theory WKB approximation gives this condition.

  3. The scale of CD corresponds naturally to the length scale LΛ = (8π/Λ)1/2 defined by the cosmological constant so that a direct connection between cosmological constant and size scale of CD emerges.

See the article How the hierarchy of Planck constants might relate to the almost vacuum degeneracy for twistor lift of TGD?. For background see the chapter From Principles to Diagrams or the article with the same title.

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